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Thursday, August 18, 2016

In Rare Move, Bad Cops Who Lied to Be Fired

Several Chicago cops who lied and gave false information about the murder of Laquan McDonald will be fired.

Meanwhile, Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman who routinely lies, could hire the dishonest cops from Chicago as part of her effort to transform the APD into a full force of pansies, corrupt and dishonest cops and gradually eliminate any good cops in Aurora.

We strongly support maximum criminal charges against any police officer, state's attorney or anyone in law enforcement who lies, conspired with others to lie or covers up lies.

The only way good cops will get credit is when we and they root out bad cops within our community.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What If Paul O'Neal Lived in Aurora?

Paul O’Neal, the black teen murdered last month by Chicago police in an incident captured in part on video, sustained a single gunshot wound to his upper right back, the Cook County medical examiner’s office determined in an autopsy made public Wednesday.

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman, who frequently makes excuses for bad cops like herself and her hero Joe Gliniewicz, has failed to speak up about yet another murder by cops but she reportedly wondered if the tragedy could have been avoided by the victim riding a motorcycle through traffic lights and "having Mexican food (an excellent choice!)."

That would have avoided any similar problem in Aurora, where the police are now known as pansies under the wine-sucking, corrupt police chief after they allowed hundreds to break the law and a truck driver to runover a motorcycle without any consequence.

Ziman also noted this situation wouldn't likely be a problem in Aurora because there are zero cops with body cams.

"The best way to avoid problems of accountability is to make sure nobody fully knows what we do" said Ziman.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Correction on Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman

We got it wrong.

As much as we try, we can sometimes make mistakes.

When we do, unlike Aurora's Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman who refuses to admit she's (often) wrong, we have no problem doing so.

During much of 2015, we reported then "commander" Kristen Ziman making around a whopping salary at taxpayer expense of $165,000.

Turns out we were wrong.

In fact, the wine-sucking alcoholic, dishonest, corrupt, sleazeball who got into the APD based exclusively on nepotism and manipulated her way through ranks based upon gender, sex and sexual preferences, actually made more than $188,000 in 2015.

That doesn't include her luxury travel, perks, wasteful expenses, benefits, health insurance, luxury pension, side schemes, speaking gigs lying to people, corrupt spouse's salary, cash from the Dunham Slush Fund or anything dale.

That is just the amount taxpayers directly paid for Kristen to chat on the phone, manipulate propaganda on social media, make donut runs and surf the web about wine and her personal life. We are not aware of any situation where she was involved in "fighting crime" for the $188,000.

Of course, that massive pile of money for an incompetent, unqualified, drunk to play around armed and dumb, was before she was made Queen of the Aurora Police Palace by the corrupt mayor.

She will make even more this year for taking breaks from her many trips to hang out at the palace, drinking at the Turf Room in North Aurora or going backstage at concerts at Mosquito Park in downtown Aurora so she can get photo-ops at taxpayer expense.

Sorry Kristen, we were wrong.

You screwed taxpayers much more than we first realized.

There should be a special place in prison and/or hell for people like Kristen Ziman who exploit the public for their personal gain, wealth and power while knowingly embracing corruption with reckless disregard for the law she swore to uphold.

Cop Arrests Woman for Calling 911

We can't wait to hear the excuse for this by Aurora's Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman, the Queen of Excuses.

Aurora Police have ZERO bodycams.

Newly Released Emails Show Link Between Hillary Clinton As Secretary of State and Clinton Foundation Favors

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, watch the video to understand why Hillary Clinton may be in much bigger trouble than you may have already thought...and it's 100% her own fault.

Newly released emails, part of a lawsuit, show what appears to be links between Clinton's conduct as Secretary of State and favors for wealthy donors of the Clinton Foundation.

Is it too late for Democrats to make Bernie Sanders as the nominee?

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

How Much Do Aurora Police and Fire Employees Cost Taxpayers for Salaries?

Just how much is "reasonable" salary for a police officer or firefighter working the streets and neighborhoods in a city like Aurora with economic deterioration in a state like Illinois falling off the fiscal cliff?

What if that person is not putting themselves at risk on our streets or neighborhoods, but is one of the many layers who "oversee" the people on the streets?

Taxes, labor costs and pension liability have skyrocketed under Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner.

We strongly support "reasonable" salaries and benefits for public employees, BUT leaving aside the luxury pensions many will receive for the rest of their life taxpayers can't afford, there are many layers of employees who are NOT on the "front lines" and/or are renowned for their incompetence.

And, in comparison to other departments we've reviewed, there appears to be plenty of positions that are not necessary.

For example, the Aurora Fire Department has chiefs, assistant chiefs and what seems to be chiefs of chiefs.

It's bad enough the $165 million Aurora Police Palace was built with corruption and it's current chief, Kristen Ziman, is at the top of Aurora's Most Wanted List, but she is only one of many cops who spend their time at the palace instead of the streets.

Kristen Ziman's first act as police chief was to create the position of "deputy chief" which had been previously eliminated as "useless" and a "waste" by previously ousted Chief Greg Thomas (who didn't retire as portrayed, but instead is now the police chief in Darien).

Salary data is for most of 2015, so it doesn't reflect guaranteed increases for 2016 and may not include ALL compensation received for the entire year, such as all reimbursements, expenses, etc and does not include current or future benefits (health insurance, pension).

Remember, it's YOUR money.

NOTE: these salary figures also don't include certain perks for people like Kristen Ziman driving the APD tank, her own SUV, ordering herself a segway for fun, luxury travel for "conferences" and events or "meetings" with other cops at the Turf Room in North Aurora while she gets drunk.