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Sunday, July 17, 2016

When Is Enough Really Enough?

Since the shootings of cops in Dallas, not much has changed.

Protests, divisions and CYA speeches by politicians.

Cops have continued to kill or injure civilians.

More cops have been killed or injured, including now Baton Rouge.

Racism, excuses and lots of outrage but very little, if any, actual change.

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman, the wine-drinking, political slut appointed as "chief" of the Aurora Police Palace, said after this latest crisis in Baton Rouge, "enough."

Not surprisingly, Little Kristen didn't say a word when Baton Rouge cops mistreated protesters in the past week.

She was also silent on the hundreds of people killed by cops last year, unless you count defending the cops in Ferguson or speaking up for her late hero, rotten cop Joe Gliniewicz of Fox Lake.

Most importantly, as the citizens of Aurora were being shot and killed the past couple years with a massive 150% increase, she diminished it all calling it simply an "uptick."

If hundreds of shootings of citizens in our community are just an "uptick" does that mean TWO incidents of cops being shot in Dallas and Baton Rouge are just minor sneeze?

If you follow the idiotic views of Kristen Ziman, then yes.

However, if you have any common sense, you know that ANY act of unjust violence, no matter who is who, is not acceptable.

This is the problem. We choose right and wrong based upon who is who.

Little Kristen operates in a world where cops are "family" and everyone else is not.

We say everyone, including good cops, are family but if you are a bad member of the public or a bad cop like Little Kristen or her corrupt sidekick, Chris Tunney, you are out.

We don't need any further killing of and/or by cops or "upticks," corruption, propaganda and excuses by anyone.

Instead, we need serious change, reform of the criminal "justice" system and a real cop with integrity, competence and common sense running the Aurora Police Department so we get the good cops and good public on the same side before the next shooting in Aurora.

Enough is enough when it comes to the chronic crime and corruption of our community.

Maybe Little Kristen should gulp her next bottle of wine for that on her way out of the palace.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Promotes Killer

Not too long ago, Aurora Police Officer Jeff Weinceck shot and killed a mentally ill individual at a standoff in a hospital.

The dead man was black.

Weinceck claimed he thought the person was shooting at him.

Another Aurora cop, Shireen Long, was also present and her account of the events contradicted Weinceck's story.

In this rare situation, we had a cop not just follow the code of silence and had the courage to speak the truth.

Lawsuits were filed and John Barsanti, the State's Attorney at the time, declined to pursue charges against Weinceck.

Shireen Long was eventually pushed out of the APD.

Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman recently promoted Jeffrey Weinceck, knowing full well he killed a a hospital.

You don't have to live in Ferguson or Baton Rogue, your name doesn't have to Alton Sterling or Laquan McDonald to see the problem of good cops and bad cops.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Who Are the Good Cops and Bad Cops at the Aurora Police Department? Let's Name Names

Bad cops are not just those that shoot or kill people.

They include cops who lie, make false statements, false arrests, use excessive force, cause injury, violate one's rights, abuse their power, exploit taxpayers, are simply incompetent or involve with corruption.

Most importantly, bad cops are those who look the other way on other bad cops.

Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney are very bad cops in Aurora, but they are many others who have done all of the above to be accurately called a bad cop.

Kristen and Chris are unlikely to shoot anyone because they never are anywhere near any danger since they are usually hiding under Kristen's desk drinking wine while real cops are doing the real police work.

We need good cops in Aurora and everywhere to stop being silent and start speaking up to get rid of bad cops. That is the ONLY way for police to get the "respect" they seek and deserve.

If you don't have the courage to speak up about those bad cops you know of, you shouldn't be a cop.

Maybe Kristen should stop drinking, get out of the police palace and start putting herself at risk in the neighborhoods of Aurora where shootings are happening like a real cop she has always fantasized to be.

And, to all other cops or public, please don't "accidentally" shoot Kristen or Chris because we need them alive for their early retirement in prison before they go to hell.

Do you know who are the good cops and bad cops in Aurora? Let's name names.

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Says Stay Silent on Bad Cops

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner says people of Aurora should not react to epidemic of violence involving bad cops. 

Instead, remain silent, don't protest, and don't ask questions like why Aurora cops have zero body cams.

Just continue to pay the highest taxes in the region.

Aurora Corrupt Cop Chris Tunney Carries Big Gun

For years, nobody at the Aurora Police Department has been able to explain what corrupt cop Chris Tunney does with her six-figure salary, other than drink and sleep with the current so-called chief. 

Now, we finally find out Tunney is part of the "honor guard" for the APD, a unit to remind people of the APD's obsession with pretending to be military-like with a $500,000 tank, military titles and displaying large guns in front of the public and children.

Don't worry, Tunney isn't likely to shoot anyone since she is usually hiding under the chief's desk at the $165 million Aurora Police Palace.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Alton Sterling vs Kristen Ziman

Kristen Ziman (aka Kristen Kjendal), the corrupt, dishonest, sleazy and drunk cop from Aurora, Illinois, says cops killing the public are just "isolated" and VERY RARE in America.

When someone says that, is that one, two or three times? TEN?

As you may recall, she defended the murder in Ferguson and the military-like response by civilian cops to attacking protesters.

She also immediately rushed to stand up for her hero, rotten cop Joe Gliniewicz of Fox Lake. (sorry Aurora cops, she won't stick up for you...unless you kiss her ass and/or are named Chris Tunney).

To be fair and in her defense, Kristen spends a lot of her time at taxpayer expense drinking wine, playing games, socializing and doing anything but serving and protecting the public.

Between the partying and politics with the corrupt, she doesn't really have time to learn how to do policing.

Then again, she was only appointed because of her gender and sexual preferences, obviously not because of her 3 brief years of patrol experience or stunning lack of competence.

There are plenty of good, competent cops around us. They are not allowed to be chief in Aurora but they recognize there is a systemic problem across police and it requires massive change to reward good cops and get rid of bad cops.

In case you don't want to be as clueless like Kristen about the facts on cops killing the public, you should see for yourself.

Fatal force: A Washington Post investigation of people shot and killed by police in 2016

Note: Kristen Ziman is at the top of Aurora's Most Wanted List, surpassing corrupt mayor Tom Weisner and political mafia kingpin Bob Vaughan. Any information leading to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of any of them may be eligible to share a reward of up to $100,000. Kristen Ziman should always be considered armed, drunk and clueless.