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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Walmart Closing West Aurora Store As Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner's Decade of Destruction Continues

Walmart will be closing its West Aurora store despite being in an area with high amounts of poverty and no competition.

It's another accomplishment of Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner's Decade of Destruction.

Under Weisner, reverse economic development and driving out business (and taxpayers) has been second to none.

"It will be somewhat difficult for the next mayor to top Tom in failures and economic decline" said a resident.

Weisner could not be reached for comment because he already proved he was a quitter, too.

With the growing number of vacant and dead stores, no word yet on what possibly could replace Walmart, but Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman has been looking at possible indoor locations to drive the half-million dollar APD tank freely while drinking and not being caught.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Corrupt Tom Weisner's Decade of Destruction: East Aurora School District 131

As Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner exits after his decade of destruction, let's look at District 131, the of Aurora that needed the most and bold change to improve.

How did Tommy do?

Corruption, reverse economic development, increased poverty, increased taxes, decreased property values, failed schools, increased crime, more blight and so what else are Weisner's accomplishments across D131?

Well, to be fair, he also entered into schemes (after receiving thousands in campaign cash) with convicted felon Ragu Nayak, central figure in the Blagojevich and Obama senate seat scandals, to make sure Old Copley Hospital, remains a giant eyesore and reminder of the failure of Weisner the past decade.

He successfully helped developer Bigelow Homes destroy the Hi-Light 30 Drive-In Theater in exchange for campaign cash despite protests from the community. His deals for land for a new school for East Aurora School District flopped and so did Bigelow.

He managed to make Aurora even more unappealing to the "city to the east" by pushing for social service and low quality on gateways into the city.

Along with the corrupt crew at the Dunham Fund, he also exploited the District with multiple schemes that were full of conflicts and cronies.

While clowns like corrupt cop Kristen Ziman enjoy a household income of nearly $400,000, she never puts herself at risk in the crime-infested neighborhoods on the east side. She expects kids to thrive in areas she wouldn't let her own kids walk around.

How much crime has occurred within District 131 over the past decade? Lots (sorry, we can't tell you exactly because Corrupt Kristen won't reveal crime stats in an open and transparent way for anyone to see).

And, there is Weisner's biggest flop of all.

Shodeen Fiasco

10 years later thanks to Weisner and all those who exploited, failed and ignored, Aurora is finally second to none. It looks like it will pass Detroit for deterioration and decline.

Way to go, Tommy. As you enjoy your luxury pension, at least the good news is nobody on the east side has to worry about you living there.

Last time Tommy lived there, he beat up his tenant who had a cracked window while Tommy was off smoking stuff on some island.

Note: Stephanie Kifowit, Linda Holmes, Scheketa Hart-Burns, Bob O'Connor, Kristen Ziman, Annette Johnson, Clayton Muhammad, Bob Vaughan, John Cordogan, Terry Bohr, Ragu Nayak, Wally Mundy, Perry Bigelow, Carie Ergo, Bill Weit, Abby Schuler, Marilyn Weisner, Bill Powell, Keith Cross, Stephanie Pfieffer, Brian Caputo, Denise Crosby, Andre Salles, Dave Parro, John Russell, Steve Lord and anyone connected to the Dunham Fund are among many who deserve honorable mention for the decade of destruction for District 131.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

With Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Soon Gone, Can Aurora Be Saved Or Too Late?

Can Aurora be saved?

With Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner gone and under federal criminal investigation and his incompetent staff from so-called corporation counsel Alayne Weingartz to corrupt cop Kristen Ziman on the way out, some say there could be an opportunity for solving several problems.

Weisner stood in the way of progress for a decade and instead sent taxpayers toward the cliff.

Is it too late or still possible to save this city?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner to Resign

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner will resign, effective October 30.

Citing "health reasons" Weisner will leave city government after a decade of destruction and deterioration to the city, including skyrocketing taxes, massive debt, increased labor costs, reverse economic development, crime stat manipulation, wild spending on projects to reward cronies and making Aurora "second to none" for corruption in Illinois.

Weisner and others associated with the political mafia of Aurora have been under federal investigation. If indicted and prosecuted, Weisner's crimes would pale in comparison to former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Bob O'Connor, Alderman-at-Large, wild spending finance chair and Mayor Pro-Tem, is likely to assume the role of mayor to continue to the corruption until a new mayor is elected in 2017.

In one of Weisner's worst and most recent irresponsible acts, he appointed corrupt cop Kristen Ziman ahead of more experienced and qualified police professionals as part of a deal with the political mafia in an effort to make sure widespread crime at City Hall was kept out of the spotlight.

Ziman was fully aware Weisner was under investigation before she was appointed as police chief and intentionally disregarded the crime spree at City Hall because her spouse and close friends all financially benefit from the corruption and political mafia. We encourage Aurora Police and all area law enforce agencies to immediately remove Kristen Ziman from any law enforcement capacity to protect the integrity of the APD.

As we have stated repeatedly since he was elected to this most recent term, Tom Weisner was never going to finish his term as mayor.

Weisner's career has has an extensive history of use of intimidation, threats, violence, racism, bigotry and dishonesty with vindictiveness and bullying.

He even exploited his own late disabled son for political fundraising and later threw his adopted son under the bus after a domestic dispute saying his son was just a "ward of the state."

We hope this begins a chance to save Aurora from its current path of deterioration and encourage Tom Weisner, if he actually has any health issue, to make his resignation effective immediately and to begin removing department heads who have colluded to ruin our city.