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Monday, September 19, 2016

Crime Spree Hits Aurora As Corrupt Cop Runs Away


As Aurora's Corrupt Police Chief Kristen Ziman ran away, drank wine and hid at the Turf Room in North Aurora, citizens of Aurora suffered another crime spree on Saturday during during a seven hour period, including a 10 year old almost murdered, multiple shots fired, armed robbery of teenagers, stolen vehicle, carjacking and more.

Ziman and Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner, who have each exploited taxpayers for hundreds of thousands of dollars along with rewarding their cronies, claim "crime is down" and recently caused the APD to be known as the "PD - Pansy Department" because they knowingly allowed hundreds of crimes to occur by excusing it by saying at least they had Mexican food, "an excellent choice!" said Ziman.

No word yet if all those involved in Saturday's crime spree chose to have Mexican food in Aurora.

We encourage anyone intending to commit crimes in Aurora to instead visit the Turf Room in North Aurora and sit with Kristen Ziman at her table as she gets drunk.

If you have any information that may help solve the many crimes this weekend in Aurora, please contact us so we can coordinate with proper law enforcement authorities. If you instead choose to give the information to the APD directly, good luck because it won't make a difference.

Excerpts from APD's "News Release" are below:

Aurora Police are seeking information on a series of crimes that occurred over an approximate seven-hour period on Saturday.
At approximately 5:27 p.m., police responded to an armed robbery call in the 400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. Upon arrival, they met with three teenage girls, a 13 year old and two 14 year olds, who said they were walking with two teenage boys they had just met. When they crossed the street, a green minivan approached traveling at a high rate of speed. The minivan proceeded to stop just north of the group and a man armed with a handgun and wearing a bandanna over his face got out and demanded their valuables. One of the boys handed over some jewelry and the suspect ran back to the vehicle which then sped from the scene westbound on Plum Street from Pennsylvania Avenue. The ages of the male teens is not known as they left prior to police arrival.
The girls told police the minivan was occupied by at least two other men. One of the 14 year olds was treated on-scene by Aurora Fire Department Paramedics for a minor injury to her leg which she sustained when she was hit by the minivan when it approached.
A few minutes after the armed robbery, an Aurora Police officer spotted a vehicle matching the description of the one in the armed robbery, stopped at a red light heading westbound on Illinois Avenue at Randall Road. When the occupants saw the officer, the driver took off at a high rate of speed with the officer in pursuit. The driver of the minivan disregarded several traffic control devices and the pursuit was terminated when it was deemed unsafe.
The driver of the minivan proceeded to box in a Ford Taurus driven by a 63 year old man with his 61 year old girlfriend as his passenger in the area of Route 56 and I-88. There were a minimum of four occupants in the minivan according to the victims, all of whom jumped out and approached the Taurus. Two of the suspects were armed with handguns and proceeded to order the man and woman out. The couple complied and the suspects entered the Taurus and took off westbound on Route 56. Neither of the victims were injured.
At approximately 5:49 p.m., the Taurus was involved in a hit and run crash at the intersection of Prairie Street and Edgelawn Drive. A 68 year old woman told police she had just completed her turn from southbound Edgelawn onto eastbound Prairie when her vehicle’s rear fender was hit by the Taurus which was also eastbound but at a high rate of speed. Within about three minutes of the crash, police received a call saying the Taurus stopped suddenly in the area of Lake Street and Ridgeway Avenue and its occupants ran from it. Police believe at least three people were in the car at the time it was abandoned. There were no injuries as a result of the hit and run crash and the woman was the only occupant of her vehicle. A search of the area did not turn up any of the suspects. The Illinois State Police assisted Aurora Police in the investigation of the carjacking and subsequent search for the suspects.
The green minivan used in the armed robbery and involved in the chase was reported stolen from the 600 block of Gates Avenue sometime between 9:30 p.m., Friday night and 12:10 p.m. Saturday. The owner had left the vehicle parked on the street, unlocked, with the keys in the cup holder.
At around 10:58 p.m., Saturday, police responded to a call for shots fired in the 100 block of North Ohio Street and learned that several people were fired upon as they sat in an outdoor common area. The suspects, one of whom was armed, approached the group on foot from behind a home in the 900 block of Fulton Street, opened fire, yelled a gang slogan, and the two ran back to what was later learned to be a Jeep Wrangler that had been reported stolen out of Aurora and parked on Fulton. A bullet grazed a ten-year old boy in the head as he sat at a picnic table and several rounds entered the apartment building but no one else was struck. The boy was treated and released by paramedics at the scene. Police do not believe the family was targeted.
Less than ten minutes later, suspects matching the same description and driving the same vehicle were involved in a shooting in the 1300 block of Plum Street.
Upon investigation, it was learned that a 52 year old man had just backed his car out of a friend’s driveway when the same Jeep Wrangler approached from the opposite direction. An argument then ensued between the men before the driver of the Wrangler crashed it head-on into the other car. The 52 year old man was then joined by his 49 year old friend who had witnessed the altercation and the two approached the Jeep where the four men fought. One of the men in the Jeep proceeded to pull out a handgun and fired several shots, one of which hit the 49 year old man in the neck.
The suspects got out of the vehicle and the gunman fired several shots at an SUV that was driving westbound on Plum Street. The vehicle, which was occupied by five juveniles, was struck twice, however, none of the passengers were hit. The suspects ran from the scene northbound through the yards. Police were not able to locate them.
The suspects were both described as Hispanic men in their 20’s. The shooter was dressed in dark clothing. The 49 year old man was taken to an Aurora hospital for treatment and later airlifted to a suburban hospital where his condition was stabilized. He is expected to survive.
The Jeep Wrangler was reported stolen around 10:30 p.m. Saturday from the 600 block of High Street. The owner of the vehicle parked it on the street and left the keys in the ignition.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Pension Scheme Surrounding Temp Mayor of Aurora

An open letter to the Aurora City Council:

As corrupt Tom Weisner quits and a federal criminal investigation dangles over his head (and others), we are excited about the potential to save our city from the past decade of destruction.

There is now an opportunity for the city council to finally do what it should have done all along, protect taxpayers and put public policies that fix the mess instead of rubber stamping the wild spending, corruption, tax increases, appointments of incompetent people to key positions (i.e. Kristen Ziman, Alayne Weingartz, etc) and watching our city decline in the process.

For years, when anyone would raise the issue of the pension liability boiling in Aurora, Bob O'Connor would shift blame to the state for "forcing us" to support luxury pensions without a way to fund it.

Now, as he schemes to become the temp mayor after failing to protect taxpayers as chair of the finance committee, we've learned Bob O'Connor not only wants to exploit taxpayers with the mayor's salary but use the temporary gig to boost his pension far higher than it ever would have been or deserves.

The simple and most basic requirement for anyone to take the temp gig is to agree in writing not take any additional salary or pension beyond what one gets as an alderman.

It's not fair to taxpayers and it's not fair to the rest of the city council, all who are no worse than Bob O'Connor and some, who are far better choices.

With Tom quitting, this is not the time to keep screwing taxpayers further.

Instead, this is the time to show this city council was smarter than Tom and will make sure this situation isn't an opportunity to be exploited.

And, if we simply need a temporary mayor, we like the suggestion to might as well give it Carie Ergo, even if her primary skill is lying.

She already makes a massive salary and runs the mayor's office so no big change and no cost increase to taxpayers.

Or, if you want a temporary mayor that would come and clean up the huge mess for six months, former city council members Rick Lawrence and Chris Beykirch are experienced, understand the issues inside and out and would make it far easier to address the many problems created and left by quitting Tom.

Does anyone believe Bob O'Connor would fix any of the mess he helped create? Yeah, we didn't think so either.

Instead, we suggest if Bob O'Connor really cares about this city, he would step down as Alderman-at-Large and exit with Tom.

Maybe Rick or Chris would be willing to step in since they know what it's like to be an alderman and not just walk around with a title.

It's time to start figuring out how to save our city now, not six months later.

And, given the investigations, don't say we didn't warn you everyone is watching. Curious to know which current city council members are on the list?

Might not be a good idea to make someone a temp mayor who could be joining Tom. Just saying.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Aurora Corrupt Cop and Chief Clown Kristen Ziman Exploits 9/11

Corrupt Aurora Cop and Chief Clown Kristen Ziman plans to exploit September 11th by spending taxpayer funds with the APD's "honor guard" to advance her personal and political views.

Ziman's Daddy first got her into the honor guard back in the 90's as a way for her to be employed as a cop without taking any actual risk. Her Daddy was a cop in Aurora and that is the ONLY way Kristen could join the APD and why she would never have been a cop anywhere else.

Cops say the honor guard has three purposes; parades, PR and perks for certain cops to avoid real work and risk on the streets.

Now, Ziman's spouse cop, corrupt Chris Tunney, is in the cop protection program known as the honor guard.

But, why does a civilian police department need an honor guard at all in today's world?

What law enforcement purpose or crime reduction does it achieve?

And, at what expense?

Why isn't it voluntary, for retired cops and not at taxpayer expense?

In today's society, where some claim guns are the "problem" why is it okay for cops to carry large weapons for PR stunts?

Is the message send that the police are armed and military-like and is that was is being honored?

If the public carried the same weapons at an event, would cops consider that okay or a threat?

9/11 was a tragedy but we don't need it exploited by clowns like Kristen Ziman, fantasy warriors, government and all at taxpayer expense.

Show us how the "honor guard" reduces crime or put those cops to work in our streets and neighborhoods.

It's more important to honor our taxpayers and children's safety than exploiting a tragedy.

Do your fucking job, Corrupt Kristen, stop clowning around.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Thinks Serious Issues of Police Misconduct Are a Laughing Matter

We're sorry for those professional, ethical and good men and women of the Aurora Police Department. We won't name you for your protection and to avoid retaliation against you.

As the nation swirls in scandals, tragedies and public outcry over police misconduct and brutality, our local police have had their own challenges.

From the recent non-arrest of hundreds of crimes when a motorcycle group was allowed to disregard traffic laws through the city, the upcoming change to make bathrooms and locker rooms transgender-friendly at the Aurora Police Palace, the lack of any body cams to protect good cops and good public, to the massive manipulation of crime stats for political purpose, we know this is a challenging period in addition to the usual chaos in a city with chronic crime, corruption and cronies.

When the current police chief herself began her career by nepotism, drinking and sleeping with cops along the way, when more qualified professionals are bypassed for her and when you see her corruption giving her and her corrupt spouse a luxury life while many of you take real risks in a crime-infested city, it's frustrating to watch for everyone, let alone the good cops who entered the profession without Daddy, didn't drink, sleep and manipulate their way up, have worked the streets and put themselves at actual risk for most of the careers.

Kristen's wine-sucking and corruption are well proven and documented but what exactly does she do as "chief" other than use social media, chat with her friends and skip work for her side schemes and politics?

Well, for one thing, she keeps finding new ways to prove why she should never have been a cop, let alone a person in any leadership position.

Let's take yesterday as a example. Instead of working the neighborhoods and protecting the public like a real cop, the narcissist was busy tweeting about her birthday, how much people adore the Queen Cersei of Aurora and how she has extra free time to train for a half-marathon (she does things half-ass all the time so no surprise there).

Then, she tweeted this in the afternoon, while she was "working" with Tonto, (aka "Keefe Jackson" the incompetent and cowardly deputy chief who helped cause the APD to be known as pansies with the motorcycle fiasco):

DC just used the term, "sins of my infancy" to describe past transgressions of officers in their career. That would make a great band name.

Those are her words, not ours. That is her exact tweet. And, if she deletes it, we have a copy.

At the same time Colin Kaepernick, QB of the San Francisco 49ers, has stood up to the "transgressions" of bad cops by sitting down, Corrupt Kristen and Tonto decide problems with bad cops are a joking matter.

Oddly, her tweet was about the same time Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was being forced to fire bad cops for "transgressions" and implement new oversight (Aurora has none, so even Chicago's artificial oversight is more).

Every police officer has an immense responsibility but as a police leader and public official, your words matters even more. And, have consequences (except in Aurora, where incompetence is rewarded, see Tom Weisner as Exhibit A).

You won't find Kristen speaking up on the serious issues unless it's covering someone's ass or kicking them when they are already out. There isn't anyone with less courage in this city. Even the quitting mayor who is running away from the mess he created and because he's under federal investigation isn't as much of a coward as Kristen Ziman.

But, when it comes to how a professional, police chief should behave, this is the best we got?


We know there are far better people, even within the APD.

We know Kristen's drinking problem is bad but could it be possible she was drunk when she tweeted this?

Maybe, but that raises yet another set of problems.

Or maybe will say the Russians hacked her Twitter account?

When we see such irresponsible words coming from the police chief and her sidekick, we realize it's two clowns who should never be in such a position

However, most people see them as cops and throw their behavior into the debate on why there are so many bad cops.

And, that is why we want to say we are sorry for the good cops.

You don't need two clowns sitting atop the $164 million Aurora Police Palace making things harder for you while you are doing the real police work on the streets.

Assuming Kristen isn't removed sooner, the next mayor will need to fix this mess and put a leader who will exemplify what professionalism, ethics, serious solutions for crime and not be a clown, corrupt, drunk or make the department look like a bunch of highly-paid pansies.

Assuming she isn't put in prison first, Kristen's next career should be at the circus, where she belongs and is the one thing she seems qualified for.

In the meantime, when you see Kristen next, ignore the fake cop costume and instead picture her as she deserves and behaves, as a clown.