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Friday, May 22, 2015

Man Shot Dead on Aurora's West Side | Crony Cop Kristen Ziman Says Shootings Don't Mean Someone Gets Shot

Late Thursday night, a man was shot dead on Aurora's west side on the 1300 block of Monomoy.

Davarius D. Reese, 24, was shot in the head.

Aurora Police say they have no suspects and "little to go on."

Meanwhile, Crony Cop Commander Kristen Ziman, says shootings don't mean a person is shot and the 150% increase in shootings is just an "uptick."

Tell that to the victim's family.

And, what's Kristen Ziman's plan for crime in Aurora?

"Let's be gladiators."  Oh, and "call 911."

Note: Kristen Ziman makes over $165,000 and her spouse Chris Tunney, also a police officer, was appointed to a paid position with the Dunham Fund, a slush fund run by the mayor's campaign chief and czar of corruption in Aurora, involved with millions of dollars in taxpayer exploitation.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Winter Is Coming to Aurora, Illinois

Since 2005, the citizens of Aurora, Illinois have been exploited with corruption, crime, taxes, wild spending, debt and harm to real people by political mafia kings, kingplayers, queens, counselors, cronies and commanders.

While mad kings and bad queens want to take their place, people will soon have a chance to take back their land and watch as those who did wrong to them are held accountable.

Winter is coming...stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Defending Tom Weisner

Yes, you read that correctly.

We've noticed that all the punks around Aurora who never said a word for 10 years about the incompetence, corruption and failures of Tom Weisner are now throwing him under the bus since he's made the biggest non-secret official that he isn't running for mayor again.

Linda Chapa-LaVia, wife of Vern "PeeWee" LaVia, is suddenly speaking up that Tom's many development schemes have been a failure.

What she doesn't mention is that some of those foolish schemes used taxpayer funds to benefit her, PeeWee and her family members.

For example, isn't it strange that Linda didn't object to a million bucks for a pizza place that her husband PeeWee screwed up?

When she was taking taxpayer funds, she kept her mouth shut, but when she wants to run for mayor, she suddenly speaks up?

We aren't fooled.  Neither should you.

So, consider this an open warning to Pee Wee and Linda Chapa-LaVia and anyone dumb enough to support their scheme turn City Hall into a freak show.

If you think we've been tough on Tom, just wait until we shred Linda and PeeWee.

And, Tom, listen to us carefully, stop being such a wimp.  Be a man.

It's bad enough to see you dancing for dollars making a fool of yourself.

Get up, stand up, tell those Painter's Union punks like Chuck "Shorty" Anderson prancing around with PeeWee to go jump into the Fox River where they belong (we warned you they would turn on you, but you didn't listen).

Why don't you tell people what Linda's accomplishments are as state rep.

What accomplishments? Exactly.

You have a damn police palace, park and library.  And the Dunham Slush Fund.

So-called state rep Linda LaVia worked with Madigan, pushing our state off the fiscal cliff and now goes to parties with Kifowit, someone everyone knows is incompetent.  Even you, Tom, aren't that stupid.

Linda should take the five hundred small businesses she's supposedly started (and failed at) and start figuring out to make a living in the private sector since she's so bored of driving down to Springfield instead of having taxpayers subsidize her lifestyle.

We know lots of the idiots Tom has surrounded himself with over the years are ready to throw him under the bus, but if he isn't capable of standing up, then we'll do it for him.

One more thing we want to make clear.

We would rather see Tom continue as mayor to clean up the mess he's created than to see PeeWee running around as the first lady of Aurora.

Anyone who joins the PeeWee parade will need to deal with both Tom and us.

That's right folks, hell has frozen over and we're defending Tom Weisner.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Dancing for Dollars

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner dancing for dollars at an event for Indian Americans.

Even though he isn't running for mayor again, Weisner recently took thousands in campaign contributions from Indian Americans in exchange for approving a housing development project at an Indian American temple in Aurora off Sullivan Road.

Previously, Weisner has taken tens of thousands from Indian Americans, including Raguvheer Nayak, the central figure in the allegations of Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich selling President Barack Obama's US Senate seat for Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Weisner worked out deals to give Nayak ownership of the Old Copley Hospital in Aurora and a strategic property in the path of a development near River Street Plaza in downtown Aurora.

Old Copley has sat blighted with the willful ignorance as a direct result of Weisner and Nayak's shady deal.

Aurora is second to none for corruption, wild spending, taxes, debt and fiscal incompetence in Illinois.

Almost all public projects "coincidentally" involve cronies and campaign contributors of Tom Weisner, ripping off taxpayers for millions. Corruption in Aurora is coordinated by Weisner's campaign chief and former chief of staff, Robert Vaughan.

Nayak currently sits in federal prison.

Weisner? Stay tuned...

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner (left) with close buddy and fundraiser, Raghuveer Nayak (right, currently in federal prison).

Note: there is no difference between corruption and looking the other way on corruption. Please contact the FBI if you have any information regarding corruption in Aurora or any community.