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Thursday, January 29, 2015

College of DuPage Trustees Throw Taxpayers Under the Bus to Approve Buyout for Wild Spending President

College of DuPage Trustees approved a massive buyout for the wild spending outgoing President.

We note that College of DuPage and Waubonsee Community College have both been responsible for massive exploitation of students and taxpayers in recent years.

Waubonsee's wild spending President is Christine Sobek.  We don't know yet how much it will cost to get rid of her.

President Barack Obama Throws Citizens of Chicago Under Bus to Endorse Rahm Emanuel, Most Incompetent White House Chief of Staff in American History, for Mayor

President Barack Obama has lowered himself and the Office of President of the United States to get involved in the mayor's race in Chicago, backing political mafia buddy Rahm Emanuel over everyone else.

It's not really a surprise that he would back a political insider when he's surrounded himself with Chicago political mafia since becoming President, including David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Arne Duncan and many more.

And, given Obama's low approval ratings, it's not likely that his endorsement really means much today compared to 2008 or even 2012 when he was re-elected.

However, what is worth noting is what Obama didn't say.  He didn't say how great Rahm Emanuel was as a White House Chief of Staff since even some of Obama's own closest advisors (such as Valerie Jarrett) despise Rahm after his incompetent failure.

In fact, as many observers of the White House know, Rahm may be ranked as the worst White House Chief of Staff in American history.  A close second would be William Daley, another member of the political mafia from Chicago, who also failed miserably.

Of course, doing a radio ad for Rahm at the same time Rahm is giving away taxpayer land to Obama for his library scheme doesn't hurt.  That's the Chicago Way.

Should Cities With Reverse Economic Development and Blight Such As Aurora Be Allowed to Create Right to Work Zones?

Given the mass exodus of taxpayers and business from Illinois after the fiscal irresponsibility of the Madigan era, what are bold ideas and solutions can be tried to fix the mess?

One idea floated by new Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is to allow local communities to create right-to-work zones.

It should be clear he's not suggesting the state implement mandatory right-to-work laws, even though most surrounding states have that.  Instead, he's suggesting that local communities be allowed to create it in areas that may help create an environment that encourages business to invest.

Aurora, which is second to none for all suburbs for corruption, high taxes, spending, debt and reverse economic development under Mayor Tom Weisner, has an epidemic of blight spreading across the city after 10 years of fiscal misconduct.

At the same time, the city's politics is heavily influenced by labor unions that oppose right to work options.  Some unions, such as AFSCME, have concerns over its impact on wages.

We should note not all unions are the same.  In Aurora, Painters District 30 is a mafia-like operation that pays off corrupt politicians with "contributions" and actively participates in sleazy tactics to attack anyone who stands up for taxpayers.  Goons such as Chuck "Shorty" Anderson and Mark Guethle are well-known for the mafia like misconduct that threatens any business or development from investing in the community that doesn't agree to follow their demands.

Aurora is a great example of where a right to work zone could be tested.  Aside from the Madigan-controlled legislature from allowing it, the chances of a corrupt mayor like Tom Weisner who already is in bed with the bad unions going along with it are slim to none.

However, looking ahead, could it work with fiscally responsible and ethical leadership and why shouldn't a community be allowed the option of choosing for itself?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thank You to Our Viewers for 10 Years of Awesome! Special Announcement Coming Soon...

Our team at OpenlineBlog wants to thank our loyal and new viewers for 10 years of awesome!

From asking hard questions, speaking out, taking action and shaking things up, we have together made a difference in many ways.

We greatly appreciate our contributors and partners!

Stay tuned for a special announcement coming soon...

2015 State of the Union Address with President Barack Obama

State of the Union
President Barack Obama
Washington DC
January 21, 2015

Introducing John Fox, Next Football Head Coach of the Chicago Bears

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Despite $165 Million Police Palace and Bonus Scheme for Crime Stats, Aurora Ranked Second to None for Crime in Suburbs By FBI

Despite building a $165 million police palace with massive corruption to enrich cronies and a bonus scheme by Mayor Tom Weisner and police brass, including Kristen Ziman, to exploit a temporary "zero murder" stat, the FBI says Aurora is the top Chicago area suburb for crime.

That's right.  Aurora is second to none for crime.

We can't wait for the press conferences, publicity stunts, photo ops from the same taxpayer-funded fools who knowingly ignored common sense and prudent public policy while real crime was still alive and well with actual police officers dealing with it on the streets instead of the palace.

In a story about the Top 10 Most Dangerous Towns in Illinois by CBS Chicago, Aurora ranks #1 in crime for suburbs:

"For suburban Chicago, Aurora is ranked No. 1 with a crime rate of 601 per 100,000 residents."

Kristen Ziman, a commander at the Aurora Police Department and co-founder of Blue Coward, a scheme to exploit taxpayers with a Weisner campaign crony, argued vigorously during the debate on the police bonus scheme that it was "justified."

She cannot be reached for comment.

We've also reached out to Mayor Tom Weisner.  Neither he nor anyone that he gathered for photo-ops and publicity stunts to exploit a crime stat two years ago can be reached.

Dick Cheney and Kristen Ziman Demonstrate How to Justify Anything

Former Vice President Dick Cheney vigorously rejected the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. John McCain and others characterization of the so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" as torture by justifying, well...everything.

In fact, if you listen to Cheney's interview with Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, everything that was done is justified.

We call it like we see's torture.  And, it's wrong.

For our local viewers, this reminds us of a disturbing pattern we've been observing from Aurora Police Department Commander Kristen Ziman with the justification of everything.

In her case, she most recently justified the police killing in Ferguson while the nation is demanding reform and change to police policy.  With the Aurora Police Department having a half-million dollar tank, she was silent on the military response and attacks on both media and protesters.

Having that tank is justified, of course.  We aren't sure what it would be used for, but if it's used against the public, we assume that would be "justified."

Ziman has also justified a red light camera scheme in Aurora that increased public safety risks and fleeced drivers with a corrupt vendor, Redflex

See: Redflex "bagman" pleads guilty to red light camera contract bribe or watch below to learn more:

She also justified the political exploitation of crime stats by the corrupt mayor of Aurora with police bonuses for a "zero murder rate" and false success claims that crime was down, only to have shootings, murders and crime shoot up.

Ziman has justified the massive corruption at the $165 million Aurora Police Palace by conveniently looking the other way.  Why rock the luxury boat when you can just sail with it and drink lots of wine, right Kristen?

She's also been silent and justified various violations of constitutional rights by the City of Aurora that used police to harm the rights of citizens to enter public meetings or to protest.  Where was Kristen Ziman standing up to protect the public?  She just let it happen.  It's justified.

In her role as the social media czar for the Aurora Police Department (where she conveniently also retweets herself), she's justified censorship against the public and media.  If you don't like someone questioning the police or her, it's justified to just silence them.  That's the communication style of Kristen Ziman.  It's justified.

She also has justified the willful misconduct of the Aurora Police Department under the Weisner regime to prevent release of time-sensitive crime information to all media, including us, that could help solve crimes.

Kristen Ziman's spouse, Chris Tunney, is a police officer at the Aurora Police Department.  No conflict of interest in supervising one's spouse.  It's okay, let's just assume that's justified, too.

More importantly, as Aurora has become "second to none" for corruption, Ziman also justifies her spouse being appointed to a paid board position with the Dunham Fund, a nonprofit slush fund connected to the cronies and crooks of Aurora that has funneled millions to corrupt projects.

And, now we learn despite having a large taxpayer-funded salary and supposedly an important day job as a "commander" at the Aurora Police Department, Ziman has been working with Michael Nila, a campaign crony of Mayor Tom Weisner, who stuffed money into the mayor's pockets and magically came up with a contract to force "Franklin Covey" training upon city employees at massive expense to taxpayers.

Ziman, apparently with lots of free time during her day job, travels to various parts of the country as part of her gig with Nila, to charge taxpayers for "training."

Ziman works with Nila...$$$.  Chris Tunney works with the Dunham Fund...$$$.  That's aside from their combined taxpayer-funded salaries you pay.  Quite the $$$ deal for them by playing with the corrupt and cronies of Aurora.

It's all justified, of course...according to Ziman.  She says she can explain the gig with the Weisner crony...we're still waiting to hear it.

So, are we comparing Kristen Ziman to Dick Cheney?  No, of course not.

Like it or not, Cheney was elected.  Ziman was not.

He had a term limit, she has none.  He technically answered to voters.  She answers to, well, nobody as far as we can tell.

Watching Dick Cheney justify torture reminds us that the fine line between what's right and wrong for those in positions of responsibility must never be blurry.  When you are wrong, you must have the courage to admit you are wrong.

From issues of international relations to local issues, the public must not sit back and allow those who do wrong to justify their own conduct.

We've strongly advocated for Kristen Ziman over the years even when many people in local law enforcement, including rank-n-file officers in her own department, were critical about her mysterious rise through the ranks.

We won't justify our mistake.  Turns out they were right.  We were wrong.

Let's see if Kristen Ziman can be better than Dick Cheney and admit she's wrong...or just continue to justify everything.