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Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump and the Press | Covering the White House

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman's Next Job?

Along with former failed "chiefs" of police Greg Thomas and Bill Powell who supported the political mafia's puppet against Richard Irvin, corrupt cop Kristen Ziman worked VERY hard behind-the-scenes against the new Mayor Elect to insure the status-quo, old-guard control would continue in the City of Aurora and the culture of nepotism and incompetence rising to the top of the $167 million Aurora Police Palace.

With Irvin's stunning defeat of the political mafia, many across the city have expressed Kristen Ziman should resign well before the new mayor is sworn in to avoid having to be fired as Irvin is expected to search nationwide for a serious and experienced leader who can implement true community policing strategies, move cops from the palace to the streets, bring reform, restore credibility, and introduce ethics and transparency.

Given Kristen's obsession with herself, where could she go after her helping crime go up during her brief tenure?

Many have said the Dunham Fund, the slush fund run by political mafia czar Bob Vaughan (under federal criminal investigation) would be the natural choice since her close friends and "partner" Chris Tunney are already exploiting the funds for personal gain with paid positions, from a fund originally intended by John Dunham for "education."

Although Kristen would be with her closest friends at the Dunham Fund, she wouldn't be in "charge" or superior to them. With her narcissism and ego, she needs a bigger title.

She already changed her first name across social media from "Kristen" to "Chief" to make sure everyone knows how important she thinks she is.

So, where could she go before being indicted and prosecuted?

How about the new Chief of Security for the Chicago Department of Aviation?

Given the worldwide spotlight after the United Airlines fiasco, the job would be high profile and could feed Kristen's narcissism.

Aviation cops are not armed and Kristen is too scared to face any real crime anyway.

Chicago's Aviation cops don't generally deal with murders, shootings or violent crime so it should be like any other day for Kristen.

When she veers off for her speaking gigs, donut runs, wine drinking binges and luxury travel, nobody will notice and nobody will care.

Chicago already has a culture of corruption, nepotism and patronage, almost as bad as Aurora, so Kristen can fit right in.

She has worked for a mayor who is part of the political mafia so she already knows how to manipulate the process.

Kristen even has vast experience lying and misleading the media and public.

Most importantly, Kristen Ziman has experience on taking the seats of others, as so many veteran cops and prosecutors have pointed out in her rise up the ranks without competence.

Therefore, we strongly endorse Kristen Ziman as the new Chief of Security for the Chicago Department of Aviation.

If she doesn't get the job, don't worry, she and Chris Tunney have piles of cash and will be just fine.

We hear Fox Valley Mall is willing to hire her as a mall cop but we hope her next gig is outside Aurora for the sake of the community.

Maybe she can drag Greg Thomas yet again from his seat, this time as Chief of Darien and sit there.

Note: Just be careful Kristen if you become chief of Darien. They make the Chief report to the public at every city council meeting on recent crime and what is being done about it. Not like Aurora where accountability hasn't existed since 2005.

Ending Red Tape and Bribery in Aurora

Aurora has been famous for red tape and obstacles for business and taxpayers to invest, work and live during the last decade of destruction under the corrupt Weisner regime.

From developer Lee Fry's sabotaged hotel project on Route 59 to companies that were driven out of Aurora to the River Street Plaza project that was threatened repeatedly to the widespread corruption involving the police palace, park and library, there is an extremely long list of misconduct and blatant crimes by the Weisner regime.

From complex steps for small business to prying into personal information of customers to liquor licenses to permits for the most simple things, the best way to bypass the obstacles was to "donate" (aka BRIBERY) to the corrupt political mafia, led by Weisner and gang leader Bob Vaughan.

In addition to firing and seeking prosecution for those from the Weisner regime responsible for these crimes and misconduct, Mayor Elect Richard Irvin has the opportunity to dramatically simplify interactions with the city, regardless of who you are or where you are from.

The new administration will need to make big changes and reforms, replacing secrecy, corruption, donations who's who and obstacles with transparency, vision, merit, ideas, ethics and the freedom to succeed.

In the meantime, there's still a few weeks left of the old regime. Next time you run into anyone part of the old political mafia, including Tom Weisner, Bob Vaughan, Kristen Ziman, Terry Bohr, John Cordogan, Wally Mundy, Bob O'Connor, Rick Mervine, Carie Ergo, Alayne Weingartz, Bill Wiet, Chris Tunney, Vicki Morcos, Jerome Schain, Bill Donnell and the thugs at the Painters Union looking to extract another penny from you, be sure to show them this video.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Corrupt Aurora Cop Kristen Ziman Said Lets Be Gladiators and Fight | Thousand Teens Fight and Shut Down Fox Valley Mall

As most everyone has heard by now, over 1,000 people were involved with fights and chaos, shutting down Fox Valley Mall, sending a devastating message to an aging and declining retail center (don't worry, Amazon is coming to Aurora and it's only a matter of time when Fox Valley Mall is dead and home to zombies).

7 out of the over 1,000 people were taken into custody. On the bright side, that is 700% more than what happened during the previous chaos involving bikers getting into fights and disregarding laws in our city.

In that situation, corrupt cop Kristen Ziman and Tonto, so-called deputy chief Keefe Jackson, justified the crimes by saying those who engaged in misconduct at least had Mexican food. "An excellent choice!" she irresponsibly said at the time.

No word yet if any of the 993 other people not taken into custody at Fox Valley Mall ended up having Mexican food, but nobody should be surprised by a mass number of citizens getting into a giant fight in literally the closest thing to a public square.

After all, it was Kristen Ziman who foolishly and irresponsibily declared the solution to Aurora's crime epidemic was:


At this point, it should be clear Kristen isn't someone fit to be in law enforcement or any leadership position, let alone police chief with a gun when she couldn't stop a mosquito if she tried.

After Greg Thomas was ousted as chief, Paul Nelson was named interim police chief, but then bypassed for the political mafia's choice, Kristen Ziman, even though Mr. Nelson was and still is the only person in the current brass with any actual law enforcement competence or sufficient experience.

We don't expect career politician and temporary mayoral puppet Bob O'Connor, who sounds like Kermit the Frog when he pretends to be mayor, to have any courage and immediately make Paul Nelson interim chief without permission of City Czar Bob Vaughan, but maybe he will go with someone else named Paul?

How about Paul Blart?

Yes, the mall cop. He's clearly more knowledgable and experienced than Kristen on these matters, even though they are both primarily actors.

And, don't get us wrong, we are thankful Kristen was AWOL and/or drunk during the latest crisis.

The last thing we need in a crisis that could get worse is a clown cop like Kristen Ziman riding like Michael Dukakis into the mall on top of the half-million APD tank, hoisting her wine bottle and a bag of donuts.

Aurora is a joke YET AGAIN spreading across the nation; we have a clown as the police chief and a mayoral puppet.

How fitting. No wonder Aurora is a joke. Even without Tom Weisner who quit to run Rick Guzman's fraudulent campaign.

Enough is enough and it's time to make a change before people get seriously hurt or die.

Or do nothing, the good ol' status-quo way of Aurora, keep Kristen the clown in place and just yell "LET'S BE GLADIATORS and FIGHT!" next time you walk into the mall.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Man Arrested While Walking Black

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Election 2016 | Which Vice Presidential Candidate Are You Ready to Become President of the United States?

Hillary Clinton is corrupt and a narcissist (and see video for her health).
Donald Trump is crazy and a narcissist.
Hillary Clinton is married to a sexual predator who would not be accountable to anyone once back in the White House.
Donald Trump is married to a model who would be make the First Lady an immigrant.
Both candidates are the oldest EVER to run for President.
And, that is why in this election, the VP choice matters much more than the previous 8 years when Barack Obama was far younger than Joe Biden.
Mike Pence trounced Tim Kaine in the only VP debate.
Kaine is a typical career politician and it showed.
Pence has substance over style.
One of them could be President.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

What Should Hillary Do If Bill Clinton Is Back in the White House?

What's worse than having a dishonest person like Hillary Clinton as President in the White House?

It's having her dishonest husband, Bill Clinton, the impeached former President, back in the White House...this time, with no accountability to anyone.

So, we have a simple suggestion for Hillary, which she may even agree with.

Require Bill Clinton to have a GPS tracker and wear a bodycam 24 hours a day to protect all female staff and interns.

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