Monday, June 10, 2013

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RiverEdge Park VIP Opening in Aurora Flops

Politicians and cronies backslapped themselves for the "VIP" opening for RiverEdge Park's opening in Aurora for a narrow strip of land on Rt. 25 (Broadway) that will cost taxpayers over $60 million in in the coming years, take out key development parcels out of the tax base for downtown and already diverted TIF funds away from actual economic development.

Despite the thousands in taxpayer funds and resources on a lavish ceremony, it was mostly an echo chamber of the pols, crooks and cronies talking to themselves.

In defense of the political mafia, city spokespeople, all paid over six figures each, said "this was just for VIP's, there will be a bigger crowd when someone like Buddy Guy performs (non-VIP's will be charged admission for that).

However, if you put Buddy Guy on a stage on a street, he would still attract a crowd without spending an extra $60 million, according to viewers.

One observer noted, "I'm not opposed to a park somewhere, but there's no way this should have cost more than a million dollars to build.  People are getting rich, taxpayers are getting exploited.  That's the Aurora Way."

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Illinois Political Mafia Kingpin Michael Madigan, Daddy of Princess Lisa, Runs and Hides from Public

Note to Aurora viewers:  Stephanie Kifowit and Linda Chapa-LaVia, who supposedly represent portions of Aurora, both voted Michael Madigan as Speaker in January.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

East Aurora School District 131 Blasts City of Aurora and Mayor Weisner for Creating Overcrowding, High Taxes and Ripping Off Children

As taxpayers screamed at skyrocketing property tax bills this week, East Aurora School District 131 struck back at the City of Aurora's attempts to blame school districts for the city's massive taxes.

Even without school district, Aurora's city portion of the tax rate is almost three times higher than Naperville, but to distract taxpayers from the wild spending and corruption with city government, so-called Mayor Tom Weisner has tried to shift the blame to school districts.

District 131 board members say schools are victims of bad city policies, reverse economic development and public housing.

In a district that is landlocked with no significant new residential development, enrollment at East Aurora High School is expected have 400 new students next year.

District 131 will fill in the pool at the high school to create and shift space for more classrooms.

"Affluent communities have pools, we have overcrowding" said board member Richard Leonard.

School Board President Annette Johnson said "it's about time the City of Aurora start supporting the East Aurora School District."

She went on to blast the mayor for "ripping off" the school district, forcing them to stuff millions into the mayor's pockets at the expense of children for the new magnet school in a building that was otherwise worthless and should have been provided for free.

However, in fairness to the mayor, Johnson not only failed to stand up and object to the deal at the time, but ignored warnings that she was allowing the district to be exploited by the mayor.

"Annette Johnson was playing nice with the mayor at that time, but then things fizzled later" said a local taxpayers familiar with the backroom deals.

Meanwhile, as the school population soars in a district that should not be having any increase, taxpayers are getting stuck with the bill.

Johnson correctly points out that public housing by Weisner's Slumlords of the Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) have contributed to the problem.

"Alderman Rick Lawrence was successful in getting rid of the Jericho Circle slum after 40 years of chaos, but none of the elected officials on the east side, including the east side aldermen, aldermen-at-large, state reps or mayor have done a damn thing about getting rid of the slums on the east side, even though places like Maple Terrace have been long approved for demolition by HUD" said an east side resident.

"And, the school district is also to blame...they have played along, got along with the mayor on all kinds of stupid schemes from Bigelow to the property for the police palace to the magnet school purchase to Old Copley to reverse economic development.

"We need District 131 board members not just to talk, but to go down to the city council meeting, demand changes and start kicking them in the ass if they don't."

Neither Weisner nor the city's communication director, former East Aurora District 131 spokesman, Clayton Muhammad, could be reached for comment.

Welcome to Illinois | State of Misery

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's War Against Property Rights, Freedom and Lemonade Stands

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and so-called corporation counsel Alayne Weingartz have had an obsession since first being given keys to the mayor's office to find ways to interfere, hinder or violate your personal, property, privacy and constitutional rights.

From unlawful demands for personal information for public meetings to wacky ordinances such as seeking the customer information of auto repair shops, the list goes on and on.

The latest is Weisner's attempt to tell you what you can and can't do about selling your personal property.

On Tuesday, the rubber stamps on the Aurora City Council approved Weisner's new ordinance to limit the number of garage sales to twice in a calendar year.

Even more strange, overpaid city spokespeople say "residents are limited to selling unwanted personal property, and now allowed to sell new items such as toiletries or new clothing in bulk."

So, let's get that straight.  Not only only the Weisner regime wants to regulate how often you can sell your personal property, but also which property being sold from your property.

The excuse for the ordinance is that "some residents" frequently have garage sales as if they are operating a business with new items.

However, there are already zoning ordinances for business operation that would apply to those situations.

Weisner spokesgirl, Carie Ergo, who is paid over $175,000 per year by taxpayers, says they could make an exception to the two garage sale policy for an additional estate sale, but it would need a special request that would require approval from Weisner.

That's right.  Even if you die, Tom Weisner wants to control your life.

But wait, it gets worse.

OpenlineBlog has learned Weisner and Weingartz want to target kids lemonade stands again.

Previously, they had started down the anti-entrepreneur path when Weisner and Weingartz were allegedly refused service at a lemonade stand on Aurora's west side a few years ago when Weingartz was accused of being "rude" to kids.

In fairness to Weingartz, she is not just rude to kids, but rude to most humans.

That previous attempt to stop children from selling lemonade flopped after being exposed.

However, kids should not worry.  It's not that lemonade stands would disappear.  Weisner would likely find a way to impose large license fees for a lemonade stand.

Ideally, Weisner, the most corrupt mayor in America, would want his cronies to profit as well.

John Cordogan, the crony architect, would design the lemonade stand.  Terry Bohr, head of Wegman Construction, would build the lemonade stand.  Chuck "Shorty" Anderson and Mark Guethle, two union thugs, would make sure the lemonade stand would have union kids.  And, Wally Mundy of Mundy Landscaping, would handle the landscaping.

And, political mafia boss Bob Vaughan would supervise and get a consulting fee.

That's the Aurora Way.

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton Explains Problem with Concealed Carry in Illinois: Wild Women

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton says wild women shouldn't have guns.  We assume he's referring to Political Mafia Princess Lisa Madigan, not Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tornado Safety Reminder

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Stacks City Council Committees to Continue Wild Spending, Corruption and Exploiting Taxpayers

Under the advise and consent of political mafia boss Bob Vaughan, corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner has stacked city council committees.

Bob "Old Crony" O'Connor, who has overseen tax-n-spend policies for three decades, will once again be the chair of the finance committee.  To continue to the corruption and pay-to-play, Weisner has replaced anti-taxpayer Lynda Elmore, who is moving to Virgina, with anti-taxpayer and crony 8th Ward Alderman Dick Mervine.

***Committee of Corruption
Bob Vaughan, King
John Cordogan, Crony
Terry Bohr, Crony
Wally Mundy, Crony
Mike Morcos, Crony
Theodia Gillespie, Crony
Marilyn Weisner, Queen
Chuck Shorty Anderson, Crony

***Finance Committee of Taxpayer Exploitation
Bob O'Connor, Chair
Abigail Schuler, Crony
Dick Mervine, Crony

***Reverse Planning and Development Committee
Mike Saville, Chair
Richard Irvin, Crony
Bill Donnell, Crony

***Building, Grounds and Infrastructure
White E. Peters, Chair
Juany Garza, Crony
Edward Bugg

***Government Operations
Scheketa Hart-Burns, Chair
Ted Mesiacos, Crony
Lynne Johnson

Change You Can Believe In - AP Blasts President Barack Obama for Violating United States Constitution