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Monday, May 02, 2016

Prince | When Doves Cry

In memory of Prince, we look back at his classics.

When Doves Cry

Saturday, April 30, 2016

1999 Interview of Prince With Larry King

An Interview with Prince and Larry King
December 10, 1999

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dennis Hastert Called "Serial Child Molester" By Judge and Sentenced to 15 Months In Prison


That is what most our local viewers in and around Aurora, Illinois have known J. Dennis Hastert for his Congressional career that took him to the top of political power as Speaker of the House of the United States of America.

What took years and decades to build came crashing down in a federal courtroom as Judge Thomas Durkin called Denny Hastert a "serial child molester" and sentenced him to 15 months in prison, almost three times the sentencing guidelines agreed to by both prosecutors and defense.

Hastert was neither charged nor convicted of sexual misconduct. Instead, he was charged and convicted for the "structuring" and cover-up of hush money.

Denny Hastert's rise and fall is stunning, even for those familiar with the disgusting political mafia of Illinois from Daley to Madigan to Blagojevich to local rotten, deviants in Aurora such as Tom Weisner, Bob Vaughan, Kristen Ziman and others.

Most would agree that Denny Hastert was considered better than most, so maybe the question shouldn't be how could this happen with someone like Denny Hastert, but what does it say about all of the other deviants who are still lurking amongst us as mayor, police chief or heading a nonprofit slush fund.

At the sentencing, Individual D, one of several victims took the stand and it turned out to be Scott Cross, brother of former Illinois State Rep. Tom Cross.

Hastert was one of the political mentors of Tom Cross. More recently, Tom Cross was given a political gig at Aurora University as part of a scheme with the corrupt Dunham Slush Fund.

When did Tom Cross know of any concern about Hastert's behavior with his brother?

It's not clear yet and supposedly he never knew, but at the minimum, it points to the bizarre situation where deviant behavior was not recognized by those even by those close to Hastert.

Over the past year, we've heard from many viewers, including some claiming to be victims or aware of deviant or sexual misconduct.

And, not just about Denny Hastert.

Denny Hastert was a public employee and his deviant behavior was at a public place in connection with his profession.

It's time for all of us to take a step back and ask how we tolerate, accept or justify deviant behavior, regardless of the legality.

Sometimes, it's much more simple of right vs. wrong.

Denny Hastert and the Deviants


Highly respected, former Speaker of the House and Congressman Denny Hastert's deviant behavior finally caught up to him.

His deviant behavior was while he was a public employee in a key position of trust, related to his profession, intersecting at the workplace funded by taxpayers.

It's not just that he is a "serial child molester" but he had the audacity to blur the lines between his personal life and his professional responsibility to benefit his deviance.

He didn't just harm those teens. He used and exploited us all, gaining position, power and wealth in the process.

15 months in prison doesn't seem enough except that Denny Hastert's worst fate may be yet to come by earning a ticket straight to hell.

In Aurora, where Denny Hastert rose to prominence as a Congressman, there are many other deviants, even some who are far worse, who are currently and/or previously in public position, who used their profession and intersected their deviant behavior at the workplace.

Who are some other deviants you should know?

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner.

Corrupt Cops Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney.

Robert "Bob" Vaughan, former executive director of the Fox Valley Park District and current czar of corruption and the Dunham Slush Fund.

Each corrupt and dishonest. Each exploiting the public trust, profession and workplace. Each gaining wealth, position and power. Each disgusting and deviant.

Unfortunately, there's more. Many more.

If there is anything positive about this case involving Denny Hastert, we hope some who have been in denial, will stop looking the other way on other deviants who are dishonest, corrupt and exploiting us all.

And, if you don't believe there are other deviants running around today, taking advantage of their positions and power, ask yourself if you could have ever imagined you would hear the words "Denny Hastert" and "deviant" in the same sentence.

Special thanks to the FBI for pursuits the facts and uncovering one of the many deviants among us.

It's not over, it's just getting started.

Election 2016 | Ted Cruz Deserves to Lose By Calling a Basketball Hoop a "Ring"

Ted Cruz deserves to lose Indiana and every other remaining state after calling a basketball hoop a "ring."

Note: the only person we know of more dumb is Corrupt Aurora, Illinois Cop Kristen Ziman who called a hoop a "thingy."

Hillary Clinton PAC Spends A Million Dollars On Trolls To Attack People Online

Election 2016 | Susan Sarandon Slams Hillary Clinton

Susan Sarandon slams Hillary Clinton.

Uptick City | Another Murder While Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Drinks Wine

AURORA, IL - While Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman was sleeping off another night of drinking wine and partying with the political mafia, there was yet another shooting and murder in Aurora, which Ziman refers to as an "uptick."
Aurora Police are investigating the shooting death of a 26-year-old man that occurred early Saturday morning.
Police responded to the 400 block of Beach Street for a report of a person down on the sidewalk. Upon arrival, officers found Luis Martinez of the 700 block of Gerten Avenue in unincorporated Aurora with at least two gunshot wounds. He was unconscious, not breathing and was pronounced dead at the scene at 6:31 a.m.
At this time, police have no suspect information and do not know if the shots that struck Martinez were fired by someone in a vehicle or on foot, police said.
Ziman could not be reached for comment and was AWOL after the murder.

North Aurora Pastor Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges

NORTH AURORA, Ill. -- Kingdom Church pastor Raphael Robinson called his church “the place of strong families” -- but now he’s accused of sexually abusing a child inside of that church.
The parking lot was empty Sunday at Kingdom Church in North Aurora, Illinois. A sign on the door said, “No service today, God bless,” likely cancelled because the pastor is behind bars.
The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office has charged Robinson, 39, with sexually abusing a child. He was arrested on Friday. He’s accused of sexually abusing a girl.
Prosecutors say Robinson knew the victim and held a “position of trust” in her life.
Robinson has a history of sexual abuse. In 2004, he was convicted of sexually abusing a 16-year-old victim in Cook County. Court records show he also has been convicted on drug and armed robbery charges. His next court date is scheduled for Thursday.
Robinson is in custody at the Kane County jail. He’s being held on $100,000 dollar bond. If convicted, he could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Ted Cruz Gets Desperate and Picks Carly Fiorina As VP Choice Even Though He Has No Chance of Winning Nomination

Ted Cruz is officially an idiot.

Prince | American Woman With Lenny Kravitz

American Woman
By Prince and Lenny Kravitz

Bernie Sanders Must Remain a Candidate Until The End; Stay Tuned For The Coming Indictment of Hillary Clinton

Except when they are hacking into iPhones, we usually love our friends at the FBI. After all, thanks to them, Illinois is "second to none" for corrupt politicians going to prison.

And, there's a long list of public officials under investigation and ready to join them in prison sooner or later, from Chicago to Aurora to Springfield.

Hillary Clinton, also from Illinois, even if she claims to be from Arkansas or New York depending on which crowd she is speaking to, is under investigation by the FBI.

Depending on who's numbers are accurate, there's either a dozen or dozens of FBI agents working on her case.

We'll leave the issues of her blatant violations of law out for the moment. It's pretty obvious she not only violated the law, but she has repeatedly lied about it and changed her story.

The bigger question isn't IF she did anything wrong, but what will the Department of Justice do about it.

The same knuckleheads who were in denial about Blagojevich are quick to say "she ain't going to get indicted" or "it's just politics" or other ignorant statements.

FBI agents don't do this stuff for the fun of it. There's plenty of other things for them to do than go after a former First Lady, former Secretary of State and current Presidential candidate.

We feel sorry for Bernie Sanders. The same idiots who continued to vote for Blagojevich even thought it was WIDELY reported he was under investigation are some of the same idiots who support Hillary Clinton today.

But, like Blago or Denny Hastert, sooner or later, there will be a day when all hell breaks loose for Hillary Clinton.

And, that assumes she hasn't done anything else stupid or illegal since or will do in the future.

Bernie Sanders should continue to pursue the Democratic nomination until the very last possible second.

He may be the only candidate standing.