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Monday, August 24, 2015

We Asked Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner About Redflex and Red Light Camera Schemes...Now You Should, Too


We are glad to hear the City of Aurora is finally pulling the plug on the corrupt Redflex vendor, although disappointed to hear you didn't learn the lesson and intend to continue the red light scheme with a new vendor (the same guys you threw out because they apparently didn't pay the right people).

Leaving aside that many cities across America are terminating red light camera schemes while you want to continue to exploit taxpayers in the name of "safety" while increasing rear-end collision risk, we simply want to clarify for the record when you and Carie Anne Ergo became aware Redflex may be involved with corruption.

Was it...

A. Before the contract with the City of Aurora?

B. Approximately (enter month/year)?

C. Today?

D. No concern of corruption with Redflex, just like no concern of corruption with Cordogan Clark, Wegman, Bob Vaughan or the long list of your cronies that "coincidentally" resemble corruption.

Obviously, you must understand our concern when a vendor like Redflex has been involved in corruption in many cities, bribing officials and was even thrown out of Chicago, yet not a single concern by you of corruption involving Aurora, most corrupt suburb in Illinois (second to none!) since 2005.

It would certainly be odd if corruption is embedded across this city but not with Redflex. Good thing we already know when you knew about the corruption but for the benefit of the city council members copied and the regional media who will see this, we can't wait to hear your explanation to them, the public and media.

We look forward to your response. Remember, we (and many others) also want to know when Carie knew.

We never forget.


P. S. Chuck "Shorty" Anderson says hi.

When Did Aurora Crony Cops Kristen Ziman, Joe Groom, Chief Greg Thomas and Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner Know About Redflex Corruption?

Aurora City Council and taxpayers should demand the so-called public officials who forced the red light scheme into Aurora to each explain exactly when they realized Redflex was involved in corruption and what they did about it.

Did Redflex bribe officials in so many cities but mysteriously leave out Aurora, the most corrupt suburb in Illinois (second to none) at the same time those same public officials were building a $162 million police palace full of corrupt contracts that enriched cronies for millions?

It's time for Aurora to reject these misleaders and instead follow the lead of many cities to immediately end red light cameras and stop more rear-end corruption and collisions.

We do find it ironic a public safety scam for red light cameras continues to lead so many public officials to prison. Who's got next?

Stay tuned...

Learn more about Kristen Ziman:

Who Is Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman?

Who is Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman?

While employed and paid over $165,000 per year by taxpayers, Kristen Ziman is also currently working with a for-profit side scheme called "Blue Courage" that exploits taxpayers across the nation for "training" programs, led by another former Aurora cop, Michael Nila, who paid campaign contributions and "coincidentally" received contracts.

Ziman (aka "Kristen Kjendal") also resides with her partner, Aurora cop, Chris Tunney, who collects a paycheck from taxpayers while also "coincidentally" being paid by the Dunham Fund, a slush fund "coincidentally" involved with corrupt deals in Aurora and led by Robert "Bob" Vaughan, corrupt Mayor Weisner's campaign chief, former chief of staff and master of corrupt deals that run through Aurora.

Others involved with the Dunham Fund includes Kristen Ziman's close friends such as Vicki Morcos that have "coincidentally" benefitted from corrupt contracts at taxpayer expense.

Aurora is second to none for corruption under Tom Weisner, Robert Vaughan and "coincidentally" thanks to people like Kristen Ziman.

If you have any information regarding the widespread corruption in Aurora, please let us know or contact the FBI.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Aurora Looks Other Way on Corruption of Red Light Camera Vendor and Increase in Risk of Rear-End Collisions

Aurora Crony Cops Kristen Ziman, Joe Broom, Greg Thomas and corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner forced a deal to exploit taxpayers with red light camera vendor, RedFlex.

Now, after an investigation that shows they knew about the corruption of RedFlex and chose to ignore it, they are trying to shift the contract to another vendor they previously rejected because they can't end the exploitation and increase in rear-end collisions.

Don't let them get away with it. Demand Aurora follow the lead of most cities that learned their lesson and end the red light camera scheme. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

It's Time for Queen Kristen Ziman to Get Off Her Lazy Ass and Work for Taxpayers or Resign

Kristen Kjendal (alias "Kristen Ziman"), congrats on shootings increasing past 2014 levels despite your failed propaganda forums or so-called plan.

Maybe if you got off your lazy ass and started earning your $165,000 salary and benefits, not including the money you make from Blue Cowards scamming taxpayers across the nation, the corruption of the Dunham Fund with the ethically-void Chris Tunney or the luxury pension you will squeeze out of the next generation, you should start working for a change to address the crime epedimic in our city instead of stupid, incompetent statements like "let's be gladiators!" or just "call 911" or our favorite explanation for the crime epidemic "it's just an UPTICK."

We know it's been years since you have put yourself at any risk and sacrificed for taxpayers so maybe it's time for Queen Kristen to step down from the palace and work for a living.

If not, set an example for your kids if not the public and have the integrity to resign and let someone else do the job.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Aurora Is On Track To Become Detroit, Why Not Paris?

Aurora, Illinois has a combination of problems above and below the radar screen.

Since 2005, a decade of massive corruption, wild spending, high taxes, skyrocketing debt, increased poverty, poor school performance, new crime epidemic, reverse economic development and incompetent leadership  across the city are putting it on a path of failure.

Aurora is on the way to becoming the Detroit of Illinois, assuming Chicago doesn't do it first.  Aurora says its second to none.

While some of the blame clearly belongs to corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner, political mafia boss Bob Vaughan and their cronies, there are many more also responsible, including those not so obvious like State Rep Linda Chapa-LaVia, Crony Cop Kristen Ziman and more like them.

So, what could save Aurora?

The answer is not much because it would take a serious transformation and voters are too apathetic or too ignorant to realize they need to act urgently.

However, when we think of great cities that should serve as an inspiration to the City of Lights, that would be Paris.

What would it taken for Aurora to follow the path of Paris instead of its current path of Detroit?

Here is how Paris transformed:

Between 1853 and 1870, Baron Haussmann ordered much of Paris to be destroyed.

Slums were razed and converted to bourgeois neighborhoods, and the formerly labyrinthine city became a place of order, full of wide boulevards (think Saint-Germain) and angular avenues (the Champs-Élysées).

Poor Parisians tried to put up a fight but were eventually forced to flee, their homes knocked down with minimal notice and little or no recompense.

The city underwent a full transformation—from working class and medieval to bourgeois and modern—in less than two decades' time.