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Monday, February 01, 2016

Aurora Corrupt Mayor and Corrupt Police Chief Go Into CYA Mode After Murder

Aurora Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner and Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman have gone into full CYA mode after their "plan" to stop a known gathering of gang members was to "send a letter."

Instead, they allowed a murder, stabbing and shooting one one night while Kristen Ziman was busy drinking wine. They are now trying to throw the bar owner under the bus instead of admitting they screwed up.

If they were as focused on crime as PR, maybe they wouldn't have this problem.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Violates Law on Deputy Chief Choice

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman, who never earned the position of chief and rose at the Aurora Police Department (APD) based solely on gender, sexuality, corruption over competence, has demanded the return of the position of deputy chief.

She has chosen Keefe Jackson. Under normal circumstances, the logic she claims in selecting him could have been used on why he would be a better choice for chief over her.

In fact, all the command staff are more competent than Kristen, who is only competent at corruption, dishonesty and self-promotion.

This is not about Keefe Jackson. We assume he is a better person and cop than Kristen could ever dream to become.

We spoke to multiple law enforcement experts in other police departments and not a single person says it's a good idea to have a deputy police chief after previously eliminating it.

"There's really no need unless you also are eliminating commander positions as well" said a northwest suburban police chief.

"It's like being VP. You are either a figurehead or it's because the person at the top isn't able to do the job" said another.

In fact, this city under Chief Greg Thomas eliminated the deputy chief because it was a "waste."

According to the International Association of Police Chiefs, "innovative police departments flatten ranks and structure" not add a layer back.

And, if there is extra money for anything, why wouldn't we be adding a cop to work the streets in "uptick city"  instead of sitting atop the police palace?

Didn't anyone noticed the crime, including the latest murder, stabbing and shootings?

Is it simply because corrupt Kristen Ziman needs someone to do the work while she goes AWOL on her junkets?

What exactly is the justification, purpose and cost to have a deputy chief?

And, even if we blindly follow Kristen's wish and take a giant step backward by having a deputy chief position, what happened to following the law?

According to that law, the police chief can only appoint a deputy chief from a then-current commander.

The only other current commander is Paul Nelson since Joe Groom died.

Nobody else is eligible to be deputy chief according to ordinance.

The law:

Are we going to just ignore the law when it comes to the police like we do with corruption in Aurora?


Do we just change the rules and law to accommodate corrupt Kristen Ziman's ego?

Or do we follow the law, if not the common sense, used by Greg Thomas?

Sorry Kristen, you are asking this city to violate the law. It's one of your bad habits and rotten excuses for not being able to do your job.

If you need a deputy chief to handle things while you run away to play, you should ask Paul Nelson.

Remember him? He's the one Greg Thomas made interim chief when he left, not you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Texts of Rahm Emanuel Reaction to Another Murder By Chicago Police

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's text messages were made public Tuesday, offering a look at the mayor's reaction to a deadly police shooting in December.

It is the first time Mayor Emanuel has released his text messages. They cover a six-day period following the December 26, 2015, police shooting that killed a teenager and an unarmed mother.

Unlike the Laquan McDonald case - where on paper it appeared the mayor kept a distance - the texts show Emanuel very concerned about how the shooting plays in the media.

Four hours after a Chicago police officer shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones, Emanuel learned about the fatal shooting from Interim Supt. John Escalante. While vacationing in Cuba, the mayor communicated with Escalante through text messages released by City Hall.

At 8:20 a.m. on Dec. 26, the mayor writes, "Any updates I should know about?"
Escalante responds: "Yes sir. Fatal police involved shooting. Can you take a call or call me?"

Emanuel's next text to the top cop is redacted. In the following exchange, the mayor recommends for Escalante to reach out to ministers.

About an hour later, Emanuel texts his chief of staff Eileen Mitchell: "Please be in touch with John E about a fatal police shooting in 11, IPRA must be on the scene."
Mitchell responds: "Yes, am up to speed."
The mayor then texts, "Just tried you. Media acting breathlessly?"
Mitchell says: "Media on the scene."

She went on to give Emanuel a media recap. After more text exchanges, the mayor writes: "Just saw Tribune update. You are positive no public negative reaction?"

The next communication with Escalante is a few hours later when Emanuel learns about another police involved shooting. After being told it is not fatal, the mayor turns back to the LeGrier and Jones shooting.

The next day, the mayor texts his deputy chief of staff about reaching out to Bettie Jones' family. However, the next couple days' texts clearly show Emanuel concerned about how the shooting and new police policies are playing in the press.

In a Dec. 28 exchange with deputy communications director Adam Collins, the mayor writes: "Eileen said Kelly indicated that you all are getting a lot of calls about my trip? Also is that a sense we have a crisis"

On the same day, Emanuel trades texts with senior advisor David Spielfogel, who tells the mayor; "Press is all weather", referring to coverage of a winter storm.

The two exchanged more texts about new policy policies. Two were redacted by City Hall before the mayor texted: "Am I in those stories"?

Additional texts show the mayor concerned about interest from the national media, and in a response to a text about a Chicago Tribune editorial, the mayor responds with the word "snarky."

The text messages come from a city-issued cell phone. The mayor's spokesperson Adam Collins says city employees are only allowed to text message in limited circumstances. Because of online limitations in Cuba, Collins says texting was the best way for the mayor to communicate.

The Chicago Tribune is suing the mayor for refusing to release public business messages on personal accounts.