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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Man Arrested While Walking Black

Election 2016 | Hillary Clinton's Campaign Incited Violence and Interfered With Democracy

Election 2016 | Which Presidential Candidate Is Most Likely To Create Havoc for Foreign Official and Secret Service?

Election 2016 | Which Vice Presidential Candidate Are You Ready to Become President of the United States?

Hillary Clinton is corrupt and a narcissist (and see video for her health).
Donald Trump is crazy and a narcissist.
Hillary Clinton is married to a sexual predator who would not be accountable to anyone once back in the White House.
Donald Trump is married to a model who would be make the First Lady an immigrant.
Both candidates are the oldest EVER to run for President.
And, that is why in this election, the VP choice matters much more than the previous 8 years when Barack Obama was far younger than Joe Biden.
Mike Pence trounced Tim Kaine in the only VP debate.
Kaine is a typical career politician and it showed.
Pence has substance over style.
One of them could be President.

Election 2016 | Which Presidential Candidate Has Proven Record of Going to War and Killing People?

Monday, October 10, 2016

What Should Hillary Do If Bill Clinton Is Back in the White House?

What's worse than having a dishonest person like Hillary Clinton as President in the White House?

It's having her dishonest husband, Bill Clinton, the impeached former President, back in the White House...this time, with no accountability to anyone.

So, we have a simple suggestion for Hillary, which she may even agree with.

Require Bill Clinton to have a GPS tracker and wear a bodycam 24 hours a day to protect all female staff and interns.

Hillary Clinton Throws Barack Obama Under Bus By Admitting Obamacare Costs Too Much

Election 2016 | Healthcare

Hillary Clinton Blames Abraham Lincoln for Her Lies About Wall Street Banks Exposed By WikiLeaks

Election 2016 - Second Presidential Debate
Hillary Clinton blames Abraham Lincoln for her lies about Wall Street banks exposed by WikiLeaks

Election 2016 | Second Presidential Debate Replay

Election 2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Second Presidential Debate

Guantánamo: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Police Accountability | Commentary By John Oliver

For our local viewers in Aurora, Illinois, you already know the Aurora Police Department is currently led by Kristen Ziman, a corrupt, dishonest, drunk, slut who entered the police force by nepotism, rose through the ranks by having sex with cops and became chief by cooperating with the political mafia that has funneled money back to her household.

She's just one of the "bad apples" in Aurora. There are many more, including corrupt cop Chris Tunney.

Yes, there are a few "good apples" as well, but they are mostly silent or afraid to speak up.

Even the $164 million Aurora Police Palace was built with corruption and massive crimes against taxpayers.

From Ferguson to Baltimore, Charlotte to Los Angeles, thanks to the smartphone, we are finally seeing just how many bad apples have existed all along.

Police accountability is rare. Prosecutors and judges have conflicts-of-interest and we have very little data on the full extent of the problem.

Since San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's protest, there have been many more shootings, killings and acts of misconduct by police.

Those are just the high-profile incidents, not the thousands of misdemeanors or low-profile cases that involve false arrests, false statements, false police reports, malicious prosecutions, biased juries or wrongful convictions.

Body cameras are just one of many ways to address police accountability, identify both good and bad cops, but in Aurora, there are no body cameras...intentionally.

Police accountability will only be possible when people force police to change.

In the meantime, if you run into a police officer, ask them if you are free to go.