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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Illinois Recall Amendment Passes House, Moves to Senate, But...

The Illinois House, including all legislators of the Fox Valley area, voted in favor of an amendment that would allow recall of elected officials, similar to California.

The bill moves to the state senate, but that is where it is expected to receive opposition from Senate President Emil Jones (D-Chicago).

State Sen. Chris Lauzen (R-Aurora) is fully in favor of the recall amendment to provide voters with more accountability, but State. Sen. Linda Holmes (D-not sure where she lives) says she has to see the senate version before making a final decision (translation: she has to talk to Emil Jones' office).

Mark Guethle, Chairman of the Kane County Democrats, is against the recall amendment, since everyone knows this would likely be used to oust elected officials like Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

We strongly support recall procedures for all levels of elected officials in Illinois, including municipal officials.


Anonymous said...

With all the important issues in Springfield is this really what you want our legislators focusing on? Does this help bring government together to make important decisions, or is it forcing a wedge between political factions of the same party?

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate blogo and his criminal counterparts as a constitutional conservative I am against recall as much as I am against term limits. We have elections in this country and that is what they are for. If someone sucks don't vote for them. IF they are great and want to keep on running for the rest of their life let them and if people keep voting for them let them stay in office forever.

The fact of the matter is it often takes a little time to become an effective legislator. You can't be effective if you are worried that any mistake you make could end up getting you recalled. However if over the course of your term you don't get with it we already have the ability to not re elect you.

In this case the recall is aimed at blago. So while he is loser and a criminal lets vote him out or put him in jail and elect a quality governor for once. Recall is not the answer.

Anonymous said...

Elect a quality governor. Yeah right! Those days are over. There's no such thing anymore as quality or honesty.
Wise up.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a republican Nit-Wit, any demacrat is no good and only a brother republican can do.

We had a quality Govennor, remember George Ryan, (No wait he is in prison), lets get rid of all the demacrats and go back to the good all day of total coruption with George Ryan's group.

Maybe you republicans think we forget but it will be a long time before we vote for allen keyes from west virginia because the RNC out of washington thinks your (were) a bunch of Nit-Wits.

Anonymous said...

If you know so much on how are currant Govennor is a criminal why have you not gone forward to the states attorney in you county and brought charges.

Its republicans like you that killed a good party, lots of smoke, but no fire when it comes time to stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

Corruption has entered our government at every level and in both parties. It's like cancer now and you can't stop it.

Anonymous said...

I think a full term of Blago is adequate and just punishment to the majority of IL voters who voted for him. Having no recall option should make voters think twice about who they want to give the reins to for any elective office. If there is true crime or malfeasance in state office (which there very well might be) the legal system and impeachment provisions of the IL constitution are available for a remedy.

Anonymous said...

Elections (including recall elections) are expensive--the recent "special election" to fill Hastert's seat cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How many potholes could have been filled for that kind of money?

Anonymous said...

When the lawmakers are complaining about being in Springfield this summer, please remind them that instead of working on a capital bill , they were entertaining useless and destructive conversations that were never going to go any where and they knew it.

Anonymous said...

Openline, I completely understand your sentiments regarding accountability for elected officials. However, I do not believe that recall elections ae the answer to providing that oversight.

Aside from the obvious problem of costing taxpayers additional revenue to cover the cost of even more elections (only NY has more elections than IL in a given year), the threat of recall will cause many legislators to neglect making bold decisions. The best elected officials have to make principled and sometimes unpopular decisions on occasion. While I agree that legislators should be representing the will of the people, I feel that additional threats of being removed from office will undermine legislators' leadership capabilities on certain issues.

IL voters are given the opportunity to remove their representatives already. Those times are during elections. The hard part about democracy is that sometimes the majority doesn't make the best decisions. And sometimes the rest of us are forced to live with it until the next election.

I agree with some of the other posters who have said that it's impossible for an elected official to be effective with the thought of recall hanging over their heads.

If a legislator engages in illegal and/or severely unethical behavior, we can have them impeached and/or indicted.

This is coming from a person who has suffered the brunt of Mayor Weisner and Dan Shomon's poor decision making and vindictive political attacks personally. I think both of them are crooks and liars and bad for Aurora. I would love to see Weisner impeached and Shomon lose his do-nothing, lucrative lobbying contract with the city. I can only hope that the people challenging Weisner in the election next year give him and Dan Shomon a run for their money.

Unfortunately, I risk losing my job and being personally attacked and terrorized if I get involved. Such is the state of Aurora these days, or shall I say "Little Chicago".

Keep on exposing the truth about these monsters, Openline. Do it for those of us who are unable to say anything.

Anonymous said...

Mark Guethle and Beth Penesis are two idiot peas in a pod. They make fools of themselves cavorting all over town together despite both of their marriages to other people.

No one, Republican or Democrat or anywhere in between, believes that either one of these braintrusts has an ounce of credibility.

Anonymous said...

Poster 7:43. I agree. We could fill many potholes with the cost of a special election. While we may be disapointed with election results, there is always next year.

Anonymous said...

Looking back, it seems like we could have avoided the current Blago pothole if we actually had a recall option!!!