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Friday, January 23, 2009

Defending Blago | By Rod Blagojevich

Sunday morning on NBC's Today Show

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich could be a week away from being removed from office, but with the impeachment trial in the Illlinois Senate looming on Monday, he is saying the process is unfair and his attorneys may attempt to stop the process because of the rules.

Specifically, Blagojevich wants to be able to call any witnesses and have subpoena power, but the senate rules have limits. He says, for example, he wants to call as a witness Rahm Emanuel, the new Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama, who has made media appearances saying there was no attempt to sell the senate seat.

Should Blago get the opportunity to call any witness and have due process?

Aside from the allegations regarding selling Obama's U.S. Senate seat, the impeachment will look at a various complaints of "abuse of power."

Blago objects to these and says that if they date back for so long, why are they being brought up now?

Illinois Democrats, including the Daley's, Madigans, Emil Jones and so on, looked the other way for years, so is Blago correct he is being railroaded?

>Listen to Blago's radio interview with WLS-AM on Friday morning:

Blago says during his WLS-AM radio interview...

-Needs to call witnesses like Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, etc
-Illinois Dems are pushing Blago aside for huge tax increase
-Pat Quinn has cut a deal to slam the people of Illinois with taxes

-Impeachment process is unconstitutional and unfair; no due process
-Questions how an end date for a trial while claiming to be fair
-December 9th arrest was his family's personal "Pearl Harbor Day"

-Appointing Roland Burris was his legal responsibility
-Danny Davis was a leading candidate for the U.S. Senate seat

-Having phones tapped "crossed his mind" earlier
-Appearance on The View on Monday
-Says he's done nothing wrong

-Being punished for saying no to Daley, Madigan, Stroger, etc
-Being punished for giving kids healthcare and senior prescription drugs
-Being punisehd for giving seniors free public transportation

-Being punished for closing corporate loopholes and saving middle-class
-Being punished for making political enemies and helping working people

-Will continue to fight for people, truth and what's right


>Chicago Mayor Richard Daley called Blago today "cuckoo" (note: Daley's administration has been under numerous ongoing federal investigations)

>Blago holds press conference and urges Chicago Tribune editorial board to help him and says he's being hanged

>Lt. Gov Pat Quinn, anxious to push Blago out so he can screw up the state himself, says we shoudn't believe Blago's song-n-dance (note: apply the same criteria to Pat Quinn)

>Blago's lead criminal defense attorney Ed Genson says he will quit


ward 9 resident said...

Blago is correct in saying "why is this just being brought up now?"

He doesn't realize the DEMS are throwing him under the bus and offering him as a sacrifice so Obama (and his ilk) can go scott-free...

He is now useless to the Dems and is already considered deadweight hence this kind of treatment...

I say, give him due process and let all those involved be included in the investigation...NOBODY is above the law and if that includes Obama and his be it!!

Anonymous said...

Is Blago guilty of any wrondoing? Probably, but I have to admit he's correct about how this process has been unfair and being railroaded.

There is no reason to bar him from any witnesses or getting the full truth out.

Anonymous said...

Where were the Illinois Democrats in 2006 when everyone knew Blago was under investigation?

Where are the SAME Illinois Democrats now when they know Daley's City Hall has been under even MORE federal investigations?

Anonymous said...

Do not reward incompetence vote ALL INCUMBENTS out nexgt election!

Anonymous said...

Blago should focus on the king of corruption. Mayor Daley. He should ask where everyone has been on questioning the culture of corruption in Chicago that has gone on long before him and will continue.

Anonymous said...

Quinn is a goofball. Lisa Madigan is just going to continue the same old power structure that has screwed up this state. She's an incompetent attorney who gets a pass because she's a woman.

Anonymous said...

The govenor is a walking time bomb. Obama, Emanuel, Daley, Jones, Rezko, Levine, Cosgrove, state reps. state snators, city aldermen, all the cronys better watch their back. When you back a cat into a corner he comes out with claws bared. Desperate people do desparate things. If he tells all, there is going to be a lot of blood on the floor. How much does he know and who does he know about to cut a deal. Why didn't they tell on him sooner if he is the only one that is dirty.

Anonymous said...

Someone should go back and catalogue all of Linda Chapa LaVia's wonderful statements in support of Rod and compare them to what she is saying now. Such a shameless pandering politician. She is the epitome of EVERYTHING that is wrong with politics in Illinois. Turn a blind eye to all corruption and then express shock and sadness once it's exposed.

Anonymous said...

Aw c'mon kids, are you all that naive?

The very witnesses he wants to call in are those that he didn't offer the seat to in exchange for money. Emanual and Jarrett, which wouldn't serve a purpose.

His own lead attorney gave up on him. Blago is in the boxing ring punching air, all alone. He's been crooked since the day he got elected. He'll be sharing the bunker with the last guy that took cash in exchange for favors: the one sitting in Indiana - in his late age. You reap what you sow.

It is embarrasing that the whole U.S. knows Illinois is known for corruption. Since the 1980's I was told you had to "know someone" to get a job for the state, and I was a former government servant!

He has been afforded every right to appear before the senate but bypassed the deadlines.

The guy is dillusional. He got hit from all four sides, and now his own "smelly" wife is under federal scrutiny.

How can you defend yourself when you've been not only had your conversations taped, but did you all miss the media when they said he was being filmed while making the deals?

To hire a media company that promoted the wife-killer - well, he's mentally ill as Peterson is.

It's not what is fair or not fair. The guy never stayed at the mansion, he flew home...rarely while he was even in's about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. He's just plain wrong.

And, in need of mental health. His wife got fired from a 100,000 a year job and he's facing prison. He's nothing but a clown that needs his butt checked in as well as his head in Federal prison. Period.

Now, let's look forward to Stroger....

Anonymous said...

Blago is supposed to be on the "View", Monday, channel 7 at 10:00.
That ought to be good. Blago trying to make like he's the victim and Joy just plain running off at the mouth like she always does.
Barbra will be embarrassed, Whoopie will sit back and ponder, Sherry will be in "space" where she always is when the talk comes to politics.
Elizabeth will try to make something rational out of Blago's blatherings.
The man is desperate--he's all over the place and doing
"The View"!!

Anonymous said...

The View, channel 7 at 10:00 a.m., Monday January 26th.

Anonymous said...

If you follow the link to the Chicago Tribune see the 1-25-09 article by John Kass "As the Stakes Sharpen, Blago Bares His Fangs", connections between Daley, Emanuel, Obama, etc. The Trib also has a list of previous articles called The Obama-Rezko Connection very interesting. You could not make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest travesty of justice to hit the Illinois headlines lately. How can the senate vote to impeach him on hearsay evidence? Has anyone in Springfield heard the tapes that are so critical in this fiasco? THis is just another show of the party of death, Democrats, pushing their agenda regardless of the wishes of the electorate. Just like the US senate pushed a tax evader into the position of treasury sec. The only thing these people care about is their own selfinterest and their own odious agenda of death and destruction.

Anonymous said...

Blago has more against him then just the tapes. Pay-to play, jobs for sale, buying flu shots that never came into the state, bus trips for seniors to Canada to buy illegal drugs and ..... HE MUST GO!!!!!!!