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Friday, January 09, 2009

Illinois House Votes to Impeach Gov. Blagojevich; Senate Trial Next | Illinois Supreme Court Rules Sec of State's Signature Not Required for Burris

Blagojevich's Post-Impeachment Press Conference | 10:41

Friday's Press Conference Audio Clips | WBEZ
Rod Blagojevich | Pat Quinn | Jesse White

For the first time in history, the Illinois House has voted 114-1 to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich on a charge of "abuse of power" and the Illinois Senate will have a trial that could remove him from office.

40 of 59 State Senators would have to vote in favor of convicting Blagojevich to remove him from office. The trial is expected to start January 26th due to various legislators attending the inauguration of Barack Obama.

In other news, the Illinois Supreme Court has issued a ruling that Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's signature is NOT required to make the appointment valid of Roland Burris to the U.S. Senate (Illinois Supreme Court opinion, pdf)

Roll Call Video - 1:09

"(Blago's actions) show a public servant who has betrayed his oath of office, who has betrayed the public trust, who is not fit to govern the state of Illinois."
-Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie

"After six years of enabling and endorsing Rod Blagojevich, the Democrats who run this state waited until Illinois faced national embarassment to act and are now voting to impeach a governor they worked to re-elect only two years ago. To make matters worse, these same Democrats have fed this crisis by refusing to strip the governor of his appointment powers and are helping to seat Blagojevich's hand-picked and tainted choice for United States Senator."
-Andy McKenna, Chairman of Illinois Republican Party


>House vote is similiar to "grand jury indictment" not a conviction. Chief Justice of Illinois Supreme Court will preside over trial in the Illinois Senate.

>Durbin is saying the U.S. Senate won't seat Burris without the signature of Jesse White, who says he won't sign.


illinois supreme court said...

No. 107816 Burris v. White

Original action for mandamus.

JUSTICE KARMEIER delivered the judgment of the court, with opinion.

Chief Justice Fitzgerald and Justices Freeman, Thomas, Kilbride, Garman and Burke concurred in the judgment and opinion.

In giving accelerated consideration to this original action for mandamus filed by Roland Burris, the Illinois Supreme Court held that no further action by any officer of the state is required to make the appointment of Mr. Burris to the United States Senate valid. Therefore, the request for mandamus was denied.

The appointment of Mr. Burris has already been registered in the office of the Illinois Secretary of State as provided for by statute. Secretary of State White has therefore performed the statutory duties required of him. Mr. Burris was turned away when the Senate convened because his certificate of appointment executed by Governor Blagojevich was not countersigned by the Secretary of State, along with the affixing of the state seal. The form of certificate used by the Governor was apparently based on “recommended forms” that are made available in Senate Rule II and which are optional. Mr. Burris sought an order compelling the Secretary of State to countersign and affix the seal to his appointment papers. There is a statute requiring the secretary to perform these ministerial acts with respect to “commissions,” but Mr. Burris received an appointment, not a commission.

State statute provides that, for payment of a nominal fee, a copy of any paper registered with the Secretary of State may be obtained along with “his certificate, under the seal of the state.” Thus, no further judicial action is necessary to prove the validity of the appointment.

Anonymous said...

Blagojevich deserves to be impeached, but how do all the Illinois Dems explain their support of him?

Quinn? Madigan? Daley?

Linda Holmes? Linda Chapa?

Anonymous said...

We should have a special election now for Governor.

Quinn is a goofball and don't be fooled to think he is ethical.

Anonymous said...

Blago is fighting back.

bill foster said...

"It's a sad day for the people of Illinois. The Illinois House made the correct decision to impeach Gov. Blagojevich and move the process forward. Our legislators did this not because it was easy, but because it was the right thing to do. Our citizens' faith in the Illinois government cannot start its restoration process until Gov. Blagojevich steps down or is removed from office."

tom cross said...

“It is a sad day for Illinois. There is a cloud over us.”

linda chapa-lavia said...

“I had to stand up and take a breath before I pushed the button. This is something that you don’t take lightly.”

judy biggert said...

“Clearly, the evidence was as overwhelming for members as the vote. I hope to see the Illinois Senate proceed with all due diligence to ensure that the charges against Governor Blagojevich are dealt with swiftly and justly.”

twcates said...

Gov. Rod Blagojevich is just the tip of the iceberg with regard to Chicago Politics. I for one do not believe that we are anywhere near understanding the full level of corruption in Illinois. Anyone who thinks that someone like President elect Obama whom was basically born of “Chicago politics” is not himself corrupt or at minimum beholding and complicit to this pool of septics are themselves dillusional. The house that impeached him should also impeach themselves if they truly want to rid Chicago of corruption. It is obvious to me that what we are dealing with here is just a vindictive response to a maverick criminal who broke the packs code. He did not abide by the plan allowing for Obamas Pick of the litter. After all it must be made sure that the vacancy left by the “Holy One” is filled by only those worthy of his holiness and reverance. There is only one who could make such and enlightend choice and that would be the holy one himself… Obama

We all need to Wake up and smell the coffee…


G. said...

Once it was confirmed that the FBI had legal recordings of Mr. Blagojevich offering and negotiating monetary rewards in order to determine who he would appoint to replace Sen./Pres. Elect Obama, it should have been clear to any and all standing public officials to unanimously seek impreachment and federal prosecution. This man is a disgrace to our democracy and country! He should be tried in a court of law with a jury of and by the citizens to determine his definitive fate. GBJ

mberenis said...

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Anonymous said...

Illinois has had a dark cloud over it as far back as I can remember some 50 years now. Politiclly it has been a foul ball for generations.

Anonymous said...

All of the politicians commenting on Blago should also been thrown out of office right along with him. Lets start all over with some new blood and get rid of the established and well entrenched bastards that hve been winking at this type of thing for years.

Anonymous said...

Amen to anon 9:21! We need true public servants not self-serving, hypocrites. Frankly, any politician who voted against the capital bill should be dumped.

Playing political games with something as important as people's lives is as bad as all of the Governor's offenses. At least Cross, Jone and the Senate Republican leader supported labor on the cap bill. Can we impeach the righteous commentors who have winked at the descibed behavior and tried to get their family members jobs?

Anonymous said...

Hows this for a novel approch? No politician to elected office will receive any remuniration until the successful completion of his term. I can almost guarantee they will not be able to say I didn't know or its not my responsibility.

Anonymous said...

ILLEGALS WILL BANKRUPT THE U.S. CAME TRUE............OBAMA CLUELESS AND WILL FINISH OFF THE U.S in process.....hope the kool aide was realllllly good! you people are so god dam stupid!

Anonymous said...

playing games with peoples lives hmmmmmmm seems thats what the dems did to fuck up the economy to slide barry in

Anonymous said...

Re:4:56 Exactly right B.Frank C. Dodd, H.Reid,Palooza, Kennedy et al designed this financial failure to insure that Bush would be blaimed for it. The Bush administration not being politicians fell for it hook line and sinker. Now how is it that the same people are left in charge of overseeing the economy that caused the failure to begin with? Lee Ioacoca is right there is no leadership left in this country and the people don't give a damn. There is no outrage. These people in charge should be tared and feathered right before they are lined up against a wall for treason. Yet the bumble f......s in america continue to be enamored of a hollywood rock star with shit for brains and hollywood backing. No outrage no leadership!