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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Political Football | Obama Punts to U.S. Senate; Punts to Jesse White; Punts to Lisa Madigan; Punts to Burris; Punts Back to Illinois Supreme Court

When the legal and political dust settle on the appointment of Roland Burris as the replacement for President-elect Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat, ironically Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is one of the few elected officials who can accurately say he stepped up to do his job and didn't just punt the issue away.

Illinois Democrats ranging Sen. Dick Durbin to Madigan & Madigan to Pat Quinn to the Daley folks to legislators all over flip-flopped on the the question on a special election, which would have given the power of the selecting the seat to the people of Illinois.

Local Democrats, including State Sen. Linda Holmes and State Rep. Linda Chapa-LaVia, didn't want the people to have that power.

In lieu of a special election, Blagojevich made a lawful appointment and the U.S. Senate Democrats have done their own flip-flops, saying they would just need the appointment to be certified by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, who refused to sign it originally.

Now, White is feeling like the fall guy and doing his own flip-flop. He says his signature shouldn't matter, but he would sign it if "forced" to by the Illinois Supreme Court. He punted the issue to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Madigan, who has made legal blunders with her previous motion to shoot Blago out of the Governor's chair, now says it's really not a matter for the Secretary of State, but rather the U.S. Senate, in her response to a motion filed before the Illinois Supreme Court by Burris, who we note ironically was once the Illinois Attorney General himself.

President-Elect Barack Obama is not displaying any political courage either. First, he said he agreed with the U.S. Senate Democrats unlawful blocks, then he says it's up to them to seat Burris and he will work with them.

So, except for Blagojevich, as ironic as this may seem for someone who is about to be impeached, everyone else is failing to do their responsibility.

Now, it's up to the Illinois Supreme Court to exert some sense into this political circus and rule on the motion. Or perhaps it may punt it, too.

The Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court is Bob Thomas, the former Chicago Bears field goal kicker.

Stay tuned...

>Lisa Madigan's response to motion (pdf)

>Roland Burris' response to her response (pdf)


Anonymous said...

Im sure glad Illinois has all these people who can make a decision. Gosh what tallent! Proof that the electoral process is a failure. Proof also that one should be able to read and write before being allowed to vote.

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Anonymous said...

Just like Harry Reid to blame a black man for his refusal to seat a black man in a all-white club.

Anonymous said...

What irony that this case is to be heard by a former football punter.You could not make up this stuff. What a mess. The "change you can believe in" is going national. Taking the 3 ring circus from the Democratic corruption pay-to play machine of Chicago to the national stage in DC. Read the entire Tribune article by John Kass on Jan 4th (which was linked on this blog). The Rezko, Patti Blago, Obama real estate deal, and banker at a Harvey bank connection is interesting. The entire nation and world is watching and laughing while the dirty laundry of Chicago and Illinois politics get aired. Everyone is saying how slick and sly Rod Blago is and how is making a fool out of everyone in this state. Before he goes down he is going to take a lot of people with him. Why are Obama, Emmanuel, Daley, etc. keeping so quiet?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Madigan is a disgrace. At least Quinn fights the Gov on his own instead of hiding behind Daddy. Anyone who thinks she's indep is a fool. All her stepdaddy's tools got her in and all of these tools will be looking for something in return.

Anonymous said...

The Harry and Dick show is embarrassing. The more they speak the dumber they look.

Anonymous said...

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The sad reality is that the actions described appear to be correct and not one comment by anyone.

Anonymous said...

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