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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Roland Burris Turned Away; Sen. Dianne Feinstein Says Burris Should Be Seated; Pressure Increases on IL Sec of State Jesse White; Durbin-Burris Deal?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changes his tune
after a meeting Wednesday morning with Roland Burris,
who is getting closer to being seated as a U.S. Senator.

***UPDATE - Burris, Reid and Durbin meet on Wednesday morning. Senate Dems want White to certify the appointment, Burris to testify for impeachment panel and full U.S. Senate to vote.

***UPDATE - Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says he's being made the "fall guy."

***UPDATE - Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is likely to respond to Burris' motion to Illinois Supreme Court saying White doesn't have to certify.

***UPDATE - Obama continues to avoid the issue, but says he will "work" with Burris if he's seated.

***UPDATE - President Jimmy Carter called Burris today in support of his appointment.

Despite being turned away by the U.S. Senate and most Democrats on Tuesday for the first day of Congress, Roland Burris looks like he's getting closer to being seated as the replacement for President-Elect Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat.

Mr. Burris was rejected in his attempt to present his credentials (the appointment letter from Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich) to the Secretary of the Senate, which lacks the certification from Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

While a motion is pending before the Illinois Supreme Court to force Jesse White to certify the legal appointment by Blagojevich, many argue there is no relevance to White's certification since the law gives the sole authority to Blagojevich and hence, no legal excuse for the U.S. Senate to refuse to seat Burris.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), said Burris should be seated and there appears to be growing consideration that despite the cloud over Blago and Democrats flip-flopping on a special election, the law must be followed to allow Burris his seat in the United States Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) were scheduled to meet with Burris on Wednesday.

We urge Roland Burris to reject any "compromise" or "deal" with Harry Reid or Dick Durbin that pushes Burris to promise not to run for re-election in 2010 with one exception. If Durbin believes its okay for just one senator from Illinois to be in the U.S. Senate for now, he should come back to Illinois and leave Burris in Washington DC.

Why? We note Dick Durbin failed to speak out on Blagojevich until now, has looked the other way on the abuse of power in this matter by Lisa Madigan and Jesse White as well as the usual suspects of corruption in Illinois from Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to Gov. George Ryan.

Burris Press Conference
Tuesday at U.S. Capitol | 4 min

Sen. Harry Reid
on Senate Floor | 1 min


Anonymous said...

It seems that this blog has gone the way of the Beacon, regurgitating old news that has been on all major TV channels for the last week, 24/7.

Are we to believe that the second largest city in Illinois has no issues???

Anonymous said...

This blog is afraid of Tom

Anonymous said...

If I wanted these stories I would buy the Tribune. Since this City does not have a real Newspaper, what happened to focusing on local stories? The only thing you have done in the last month is slam Stephanie, nothing on what's going on in this city. Don't get me wrong Stephanie deserves to be slammed but come on already.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Durbin. First he wants to let Ryan out of prison. Then he wants a special election for Obama's seat. Then he flip flops on that the next day. Now he is against seating the legally appointed Burris. He looks like a guy drunk on his power.

Anonymous said...

Reasons not to vote for Tom Weisner

1. The Police Palace. Aside from the $130,000,000.00 price tag, we will now have only one (YES, 1) station. In a city this large, we should have at least one in each area. We have three ares.

2. The garbage dump/condo site at the old depot on south Broadway. I think we have mortgaged our future for it.

3. The demolition of a downtown River Street block on the river. We will have a non-income producing brick wall on the river front that we gave free to Waubonsee. I think it was over a million dollar gift.

4. The give away of our parking garage to Waubonsee College. They have no place to park.

5. The war chest he has accumulated. Over $500,000.00 in political contributions. Many who have received "favors."

Reasons not to vote for Richard Irvin.

1. Never heard him speak on any issue at City Counsel.

2. Received only half the votes when he ran for alderman-at-large, unopposed.

3. Lied about the water crisis when he ran for mayor last time.

Reasons not to vote for Stephanie Kifowit.

1. Can't think of any.

Anonymous said...

Oh...they'll let the black guy into the all-white club if he promises to go away in two years. Harry Reid is a rascist.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 8:45.

I'd add to the first part of that list "totally and completely ignores the plight of inner-city Aurora neighborhoods."

Also, one more word: ROSARIO. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

If Lisa Madigan were the appointee, she would already be seated.

Anonymous said...

Dems look really ridiculous these days.

I thought Republicans looked bad.

Can't we impeach everyone at once?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could someone ask Barb Katterman or Mayor why there was only one holding cell(it was to be used for males, females, and juveniles) in the new booking area and why there were no wash rooms for the civilians and officers working in booking built in that area.
Any jackass knows, you can't hold juveniles with adults, and you can't hold male with females.
Also OPENLINE find out if the station is already 40 MILLION over budget.

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid is showing just how strong his convictions are in the Burris matter. Shure glad the Democrats have someone of this callibre leading their party. Can't wait for the Al kieda attacks to start and watch Hussein, Palooza, Reid, Bannana nose Pannetta et all lay down and say "Im sorry for upsetting you wonderful muslims. There must be something wrong with america if we upset you that much. Gosh guys bomb us again please it will teach us a lesson."

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, L Madigan was not appointed anon 12:18! You are right. The Gov would not have been challenged if he appointed her. In some ways, although I'd have liked a special election, I am sorry he didn't. As much as I do not to see the Madigans rewarded, I'd like to L Madigan out of this state. How DO we impeach the old man and his goon squad? They've done enough damage. I want to thank Hastert, Cross, Lindner and even Blago for their efforts on the capitol bill. How our own state rep Linda Chapa LaVia could have voted against the expansion of 47 and jobs, I will never understand. Then again, its all pay to play. Look at her D2s. Madigan owns her.