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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

U.S. Senate Dems Flip-Flop Again; Roland Burris Will Be Barack Obama's Senate Replacement Until 2010; Blago Scores Win Over Illinois Democrats

Roland Burris gets his wish to become
Barack Obama's replacement to the U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate Democrats strategy backfires and allows
Blagojevich to do exactly what they insisted he couldn't do

Dick Durbin changes position multiple times;

Illinois Democrats Quinn, Madigan(s), Daley avoided
special election and instead get squeezed out of
decision-making process by Blagojevich

Election 2010 primary election
a little more than a year from now...

Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna reacts:


Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear from Bill Foster on this. As a guy who was elected in a special election, why doesn't he support a special election?

JefferyClark said...

Actually, there is nothing in the state constitution that says Senate appointments must be for the entire duration of the original term.

Which means, if Blago gets convicted and removed from office, Quinn could technically appoint someone else to the seat.