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Thursday, August 13, 2009

City of Aurora Licenses for Auto Repair Shops, Hotels, Towing Companies...And?

What about when a tow truck tows a tow truck?
Do both need a license?

As auto repair shop owners continue to object to a licensing proposal and the Aurora City Council approved a hotel license plan on Tuesday 9-2 (Lawrence and O'Connor voted no), there's another license proposal in the works. This time, it's for towing companies.

According to reports, during the debate on the hotel license plan at Tuesday's City Council meeting, Sue Vos, who heads the Aurora Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau, said she supports the hotel license plan and hopes it would lead to every business in Aurora eventually being licensed.

Alderman Rick Lawrence reportedly called that "scary" for the business community and while Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner implied it's been done in other cities, a city spokesperson clarified that there are no plans and no interest in pursuing licenses for all, but just these few industries.

Should towing companies be specifically licensed by the City of Aurora?


Anonymous said...

What business in their right mind would want to set up shop in Aurora with it's high taxes compared to surrounding communities, it's unfriendly political environment, it's pay to play politics and the real possibility that at any time city council will add new license requirement.

Weisner and his good ol boys are nothing but a bunch of morons and we wonder why we can't get any good business to open shop in our downtown unless of course you are a crony and then we will give you millions to open up your bar, restaurant or just dig a hole in the dirt and play in the mud for awhile.

Citizens wake the hell up already in most countries this type of tyranny would be overthrown with civil disobedience in the streets.

I am beginning to think it is time for that here as well.

Weisener and his gang should be afraid very afraid the people are finally seeing him for the criminal he is.

Rise up!

Anonymous said...

This story stolen from the Beacon.

Anonymous said...

Fits right in with the rise of the COMMUNIST OBAMA and his followers. COnfuse, regulate, take over!

Anonymous said...

Most cities license businesses. Aurora has no control, especially of parking. Any new business should have to present a parking plan and that could only happen if a license is required.

Anonymous said...

City of Aurora is becoming second to none in regulations, fines and wasting resourcses.

Anonymous said...

Alayne Weingartz, the so-called corporation counsel and city's chief jerk, wants to license everyone and get their personal information.

Anonymous said...

Towing companies and auto-repair businesses should be licensed and regulated. I'm tired of the ratty back-yard places in my neighborhood with anywhere from 5 - 10 cars parked in back. It's a joke.

But I wouldn't worry, if I were you. This city doesn't enforce most of it's laws and ordinances, so you're safe.

Anonymous said...

When's this blog gonna do a story on Geneva losing its preservation appeal on the metal vs. wooden windows case? It was a court case that upheld using energy saving modern windows that didn't come over on the Mayflower.

Anonymous said...

This city is trying to drive out investors and business owners so the only people left are social service agencies and social service clients.

Weisner has surrounded himself with stupid people that work for him.

Anonymous said...

License for Tow companies

With regulation on why they tow and when. I would suggest. That apartment managers or business owners who hire tow companies to patrol and tow cars from their parking lots give each Tow company. a list of reasons to tow and authorization to tow.

There are Tow companies that go into a apartment complex hook up a car tow it and when the owner complains He/She (Owner) must pay a fee of over $100.00 and there was never a reason to tow it in the first place.

When the Owner complains to the Police their told it a civil matter and nothing they can do about it. When the owner calls the Manager of their apartment complex there refered to the Tow company or the Police. As this tow occurred at 3 A.M. who is to argue with the Tow Driver as to what happened to make him tow the vehicle.

As all Tow Driver must have the authorization to tow and the reasons for towing. Then all tows occurring within the City Limits must have an Officer called to the scene to verify the reason for the tow, From 8 A.M. till 10 P.M. the Manager must be on the scene and have the vehicle towed after 10 P.M. The vehicle can be towed with verification by the Officer that a violation of the rules of the apartment complex hs taken place.

As for vehicle towed by the Police Department, there is I believe a list of Tow company and an Officer is already on the scene and called for them.

Anonymous said...

I think the tow company license was aimed at A-1 towing, the "pirates of Aurora" for the dirty things they do to people, when they tow their cars.
They cause trouble wherever they tow from. Gouging prices, having lookouts at pancake houses, which is illegal in the state law if the lookout isn't licensed, sneaking cars and stacking them, also illegal, then coming back with a flatbed and towing multiple cars. The Illinois Commerce Commission which regulates these relocators is a shadow agency with only a few people to enforce the rules and can't do justice to the enforcement. A-1 and the dirty companies need to be regulated closer.

Anonymous said...

8/13/09 8:15 AM

Andre go away, you're such a pest!

Anonymous said...

You can regulate them yourself by not patronizing any business that has an A-1 Towing sign, or any others for that matter, in its parking lot. If everyone stuck together and did this, the business owners would soon get rid of the towing companies.

Anonymous said...

Amen! boycott any business that has an A-1 towing sign on the property.

Anonymous said...

Hey,,,when towing companies are operated and owned by 95% illegal aliens, who's going to complain?

Anonymous said...

Do they have valid drivers licenses? Alayne Weingartz should check those too.

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