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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chicago Mayor Daley Attempts to Snub Memory of Sweetness | Walter Payton Statue At Soldier Field Blocked

Everything that happens or doesn't happen in the City of Chicago depends on the whims of one individual, Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago who has 20 years of fiscal failure, scandals, corruption, cronyism and disasters ranging from destroying Meigs Field in the middle of the night, the parking meter fiasco and his Olympic flip-flop on pursuing a bid and taxpayer liability.

After a recent poll by the Chicago Tribune showed, for the first time in his mayoral regime, more people disapprove than approve of him, he disregarded the poll and the public's opinion.

We have a feeling this won't help.

Connie Payton, wife of Chicago Bears and NFL legend Walter Payton, is donating a large statue to be placed somewhere near Soldier Field, but Daley's cronies at the Chicago Park District said "no" under excuses that include how only veterans should be honored at a stadium renovated to be primarily for football.

Just a few years ago, taxpayers paid close to $700,000,000 (million) for Mayor Daley to shrink Soldier Field's dimensions for the benefit of the Chicago Bears to prevent them from seeking another stadium not controlled by the City of Chicago.

That renovation, which has been criticized by both sports fans and architects, also means another $500 to $600 million will have to spent on another stadium for the 2016 Olympic Bid, which Daley has flip-flopped about.

So, if all these costs are being thrust upon the taxpayers of the region, why is up to one person's whims to decide a statute of Walter Payton? Anyone who thinks it isn't up to Daley doesn't understand how Chicago works.

With the contributions Walter Payton has made to the Chicago Bears and the region, this may be one of the worst blunders in sports and civic history.

Public pressure may force the Daley regime to allow the statue, but next time you see a parking meter in Chicago, pay a high sales tax, wonder what happened to Meigs Field, watch a press conference tantrum or hear about the latest corruption scandal, we say give Mayor Daley the credit he deserves.

Shame on Richard M. Daley to snub Sweetness.


Anonymous said...

THe next time you pay an 18% hotel tax in Illinois remember the good time you had at the Worlds Fair in the 80s in Chicago. Didn't happen, and you are still paying it.

Anonymous said...

Walter Payton was the greatest Running Back and one of the Greatest players to ever play the game.

In addition to that he was one of the nicest and most humbly, fun loving people one could ever meet.

He does deserve a statue, as much as MJ has one and the united center. The only difference here is that the city controls soldier field and the united center in privately owned!

See what happens when the Chicago libs get involved they screw everything up.

Walter you will always be remembered statue or not by those who knew and loved you!

Anonymous said...

You will see an Obama statue outside Soldier Field long before Daley ever lets anyone put one of Walter Payton there.

Anonymous said...

I hope the IOC tells Daley, Michelle, and the whole derelict Chicago political machine to piss off on October 2.

Anonymous said...

Put Payton out in Aurora infront of his Brew Pub he shot pool there on many nights.

Anonymous said...

Had the Payton family made a significant contribution to the Daely re-election campaign then this would have been already resolved.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they build or buy a place and make it into a Bears museum. Then they can honor all the past Bear greats together?

Anonymous said...

Bet if little Richie wanted a statue of his crooked, mafia connected, election throwing old man out there it would be there tomorrow morning. You know he is good at working at Meigs field.

Anonymous said...

Only those who kiss up to the Chicago Democratic machine deserve a statue at Soldier Field. That's the "Chicago Way" didn't you know that? If you don't pay-to-play you get "nuthin" from "Da Mayor" of Chicago or Aurora. Just watch as "The Chicago Way" goes national, they already threatened Humana Healthcare and told them to "shut up" telling seniors how they are going to lose billions in benefits if Obamacare passses or they will come after them with IRS audits to shut them down.

rakeback said...

Walter Payton always played the game with heart and passion and never ran out of bounce or went down easy. As a good a player as he was, most say he was a much better man!