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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Election 2010 | Illinois State Senator Randy Hultgren May Seek GOP Nomination for 14th Congressional District Seat

Rumors have been floating around in recent days that Illinois State Senator Randy Hultgren may run for Congress, specifically the 14th Congressional District seat occupied by Rep. Bill Foster.

Hultgren, a Republican from Wheaton, was previously a State Rep. Others that have announced or expressed interest in running include Ethan Hastert, Mark Vargas, Jeff Danklefsen and former Aurora Alderman Bill Cross.

Some have said that while Ethan Hastert has obvious name recognition due to his father, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, his lack of any elected experience may be an issue, which may be prompting Hultgren to consider the race.

We've also learned a high-profile potential candidate from Aurora, the largest city in the 14th Congressional District, had considered the race and would likely have had strong support, according to sources.

Foster had previously narrowly won over John Laesch, then won the general election against Jim Oberweis.

State Sen. Chris Lauzen had also run previously in the Republican primary for Congress against Oberweis.


Anonymous said...

See ya later Denny junior

Anonymous said...

Hastert will beat Foster in the general. Then denny will get even. look out all of you who have strayed.

Anonymous said...

Now Lauzen has a Republican he can support. I was thinking he might turn democrat.

Anonymous said...

Algore: left congress with one million and now has over 100 million thanks to phoney global warming and political connections. Joe Biden: son a lobbyist so joe profits from both his congressional salary and benefits. Denny Hastert becomes wealthy land holder at taxpayers expense while touting expressway and now wants son to profit from politics. Harry Reid profits from realestate transactions that were a bit sketchy. Nancy Palosies husband profits from political deals. And the list goes on and on...VOTE THEM ALL OUT NEXT ELECTION CYCLE.

Anonymous said...


That's fine, I think we should but the problem I see is replacing them. How does one go about determining which among the candidates will lie, cheat and steal less than his opponent?

Anonymous said...

who's the mystery candidate? Just name the person!

Anonymous said...

My guess would be Cisco Cotto of WIND 560am. He grew up in Aurora and considered running for the US Senate and wisely backed out. The 14th would be a better race for him.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same senator that voted for the candy soda tax? Voted for video gaming state wide? Now he wants to go to DC? PLEASE!!!!