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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Illinois Tax Talk | Quinn Wants Cigarette Tax Hike Now, Income Tax After Primary Election

Illinois temp Governor Pat Quinn wants a cigarette tax increase of $1 per pack to fund a shortfall for grants to college students, but there may be a political purpose as well since Dan Hynes, his primary opponent for Governor, has proposed a similar tax hike to raise revenue to deal with a backlog of past due bills the state owes.

Quinn also appears to be postponing his 50% income tax hike proposal for Illinois until after the February 2010 primary.


Anonymous said...

Like I said another lying tax grabbing politician. Vote them all out next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

When will the state government spending cutbacks be announced?

Anonymous said...

What happens when people really start giving up smoking with all these tax hikes? Where will the money come from then?

Anonymous said...

Then there will be more increased taxes on beer, pop, candy and driver license and plate registration. Don't worry about how the state will find tax money. They do that well.