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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kane County Given 30 Days to Pay Back Rent for Clerk Building

Kane County was given 30 days on Monday to pay $166,000 in back rent for use of the former Montgomery Ward building on Randall Road in St. Charles, which is the current home of the Kane County Circuit Clerk's office.

The dispute is over an option to purchase the property and whether additional rent was due. The county says they didn't owe any additional rent since they were proceeding with a purchase and the owner says that in lieu of an agreed purchase, they owe the rent. The lease expired and the owners want the county to sign a new lease with higher rent.

Now, the question is whether or not the county will be evicted from the building or pay the additional rent. Kane County was given 30 days before an eviction can be processed.

While there are often landlord-tenant disputes, in this case, the impact on the public and legal system could be significant, although most agree it's unlikely it will reach the point of an actual eviction, which would be interesting to see the Kane County Sheriff overseeing the eviction of Kane County.

The county is also pursuing eminent domain proceedings to acquire the property, but some say the building may not be the final destination for the clerk's office and they may eventually want it to be at or near the Kane County Judicial Center on Route 38.

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This story stolen from the Beacon.