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Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet the Press | Health Reform, Jobs


Anonymous said...

Guess What. The Democrats won the election. Guess why. Republicans don't have any answers for the important issues facing our country.

The "TEA BAGGER" TANTRUMS are a distraction to the real work to be done to get our nation healthy.

Anonymous said...

What good is a job if you have cancer and no health care?

Anonymous said...

So hopey changey voters where are you going to find that "promised land job" that the great Liar promised so many times on the election trail. Its getting close to a year now and abosolutely nothing but job losses month after month. If this is what you perceive as getting our nation healthy lord help us. Oh yes he is still getting our troops killed in a war he was going to quickly end. MOre promises. BS.

Anonymous said...

The GREAT LIAR says your health care won't start for another four years could be dead by then so why worry?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the people are waking up to the fact that he is nothing but a LIER. Ie: George WIlls question.

Anonymous said...

Little farie George Stephenopolous and his handling of these questions is a perfect example of why journalism is nothing but fraud. Expect more losses in print and national TV channels as more and more people realize how tainted they are with the GREAT LIARS minions.

Anonymous said...


Let's see. Obama has been in office just 8 months. Bush was in office 8 years. You still want to compare the number of troops killed under Bush to those under Obama? You finally found a president you're infatuated with and can't stop talking about mainly due to your racism.

Anonymous said...

9:03 OBAMA made the promises not Bush so whats your point? Oh I see its on the top of your head.

Anonymous said...

See where Pat Quinn has now recruited THE GREAT LIARS allies, the communist leaning SEIU, to help him in his run for GOvernor..I guess ACORN will come along for the ride to support their sister communist organization. We now will have community organizers on a state level as well as a national level. Want the truth on SEIU just google im sure you will be impressed with their phlosophies...if you are a lefty.

Anonymous said...

Wow we went to Geneva's festival of the vine this weekend, my gosh was it wonderful. Clean, polite people, a beautiful downtown, no degenerates, no profanity in the air, good food, in a CLEAN environment, ample parking, you felt safe walking to and from the activities even late at night, appropriately dressed young ladies and a minimal police presence.

Contrast this to the last festival I attended in Aurora.

We do not drink so we wondered what this festival could hold for our family, and boy are we glad we went. We have never had a positive experience at any Aurora celebration over the 40+ years we have lived here, far too many drunks, the young ladies are dressed like hookers, profanity laces the air, the vendor are in general filthy with low quality carnival food, the streets are dirty and you have to be cautious where you walk when you return to your car. After going year after year we found our excursions to downtown Aurora reduced to once maybe every two years with each experience worse than the last.

Last year we went downtown for some rock and roll feast and the people were disgusting, way too much alcohol, profanity, and inappropriate behavior.

In contrast Geneva provides a clean wholesome family environment; we will return to Geneva and eagerly await their next festival.

Anonymous said...

10:53am -No one talks about Obama as much as you do. You keep playing the same old song over and over and over. You're like a broken record.

Why don't you just admit you have a man-crush on the guy?

Anonymous said...

Now, why don't you tell us how many Blacks and Mexicans you seen at the Geneva festival compared to those at any Aurora celebrations. There's your answer.

Anonymous said...

There were two Mexicans we noted, and one black woman. The black woman was very nice, the two Mexicans were degenerates and quickly attracted the police and departed in short order.

However my observation was the white people were simply different in attitude.

For one, for the most part cell phones were off and when they were being utilized it was in a quiet dignified fashion, not center stage trying to over shout the band, a few people appeared to have a pleasant buzz and were amusing rather than obnoxious, and once again, for a warm day they women were dressed as if they were in public and not at the beach.

My observation is Aurora's reputation attracts degenerates to its festivals and would be debauchers from the surrounding communities where they feel they can come and immerse themselves in a degenerate sub-culture in an environment that condones permissive behavior.

My experience is Aurora could learn a lot from Milwaukee about how to control riff-raff at your festivals. I have always found Milwaukee feast to be a clean and wholesome family environment, unlike the Taste of Chicago or those events Aurora puts on.

Anonymous said...

Are they doing healthcare reform at the festivals now?

What the hell has that to do with the topic?

Anonymous said...

Not getting healthcare reform is increasing the deficit.

Costs have tripled in the last 5 years.

Triple that in the next 5 years.

Could anyone afford that?

Anonymous said...

You want to attend downtown events in Aurora without attracting gobs of Blacks and Mexicans?...just bring in some country and western bands.

Anonymous said...

If you review the thread you will see nothing of substance was being stated about health care reform, by either the posters or the entity some of you call President.

Ans btw, there were several discussion of health care reform at the festival, I engaged in several. The general consensus is there are too many bills, speciifcs are not being debated, the so called President repeatedly lied, Congress is not listening to people and a few peopel had ideas on how to reform our current system that was less draconian.

Anonymous said...


Where did you get your education from?....the ghetto?

Anonymous said...

8:08 - the answer is MIT.

Anonymous said...

"and a few peopel had ideas on how to reform our current system that was less draconian."

What sort of ideas?

Anonymous said...

"and a few people had ideas on how to reform our current system that was less draconian."

What sort of ideas?

I only remember 9 ideas but I bet there were 20 or so mentioned as we had a sidebar combined with an overall good time. Bear in mind I never met these folks before we were just all out having a good time and chatting, listening to the music, and having a rational conversation. There were many points of agreement, primarily that the Government was not to be trusted and was incompetent in general so the conversation centered around how to lower the cost using the ideas below to make insurance more affordable.

1) It has been discussed before but the idea of the States obtaining a catastrophic insurance policy for each citizen that kicks in at a predetermined amount. For instance let’s say it is 1 million or 3 Million. This would but a cap on what a normal health insurance company would have to absorb for risk, and at the same time insulate the individual from catastrophic financial loss due to illness. The cost would be bore by all citizens of a state of a voluntary consortium of States. This will lower cost by limiting an insurance company’s exposure.

2) Allowing cafeteria insurance plans rather than States mandates on what policy should include. For instance fertility drugs are mandated by some States as is Viagra etc.

3) Eliminate mandating insurance companies pay for pseudo science quackery. Therapeutic massage for example. A whole lot of money is wasted on pseudo medicine that is the equivalent of a placebo effect.

4) Allowing you to buy health insurance policies from other States.

5) Pain and suffering caps.

6) More effective use of Nurse practitioners and non-medical doctors to provide first line care for minor illnesses.

7) A cultural shift to allow for successful implementation of stress management techniques that do not put your health in conflict with career aspirations.

8) Empower medical tourism and rate foreign hospitals for quality of care and work to improve standards worldwide in order to bring more competition into the system.

9) Consider institutionalizing the severely handicapped and retarded outside the U.S. where labor to care for them is much cheaper.

10) Agreement that majority of the uninsured can be traced to recent immigrants, therefore reform of our immigration system to raise barriers and mandated health insurance sponsorship needs to implemented.

Anonymous said...

9/14/09 11:08 PM

While we have incompatible assumptions about government, I think several of the ideas you mentioned would be very beneficial.

Anonymous said...

I especially like the idea of offshore camps for the retarded. Very humane!

Anonymous said...

Since this idea surfaced I looked into it some.

As long as the U.S. foots the bill they can enforce standards and have U.S. overseer on site. The difference is 120-300 a month for one on one attention verses group attention at around 3000 a month in the U.S.

The difference is the labor rate. For those that need continual care this is more than humane it is imply superior to what we can offer in this country.

That is also why medical tourism has benefits.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some of the largest U.S. banks will remain caught in the government's financial bailout program for months, as officials do not expect to grant the next wave of exit approvals until near the end of the year, according to a source familiar with the matter.

This is why I do not trust the Government in HealthCare or anything for that matter. It is always endless expansion, once you get these people in your lives you never get them out.

To believe that you are going to get Government involvement in healthcare without losing control is foolhardy.

Anonymous said...

9/15/09 1:15 PM

What about those with mental disabilities who have family who want to be able to visit them?

Leonard said...

Has anyone noticed that the Obama plan is nowhere to be seen in writing? To date it exists only in his head and is talked about in speeches.

Take a look at HB3200 and you will see that this bill does not even begin to resemble the "plan" Obama talks about.

Does he know this? Has he read HB3200? Does he care that they are different?

HB3200 has nothing to do with health care and has everything to do with control. How much more control can government have than decisions of life and death importance to one of the most intimate parts of your existence, your health and care thereof?

Anonymous said...

6:14 - there are airplanes. I mean that seriously. Have you ever had anyone you loved in an institution? I have.Even with great financial resources the care is not what is desirable. It is simply a cost issue. In countries with an excess labor condition you can find qaulity care at very affordable processes, and what I am getting at is a level of care that is not available in the U.S.

If you go on-line and check out ex-patriot forums you can find some talk of this from seniors who are able to live on their own terms abroad in their declining years because the can afford a cook, a housekeeper and a personal care assistant.

My brother-n-law, until he passed on was autistic and required care. Given this idea, we have now discussed this as a family and agree we certainly would have investigated sending him to a place where he could have the type of attention that would have increased his quality of life.

It is something to consider and far more practical than yet another program that cannot ever deliver what is desirable within a on going cost structure society can afford.

Anonymous said...

9/15/09 10:44 PM

I have not (my grandmother had Alzheimers, but was placed in a private facility) but my wife worked in an institution before we moved abroad.

Airplanes exis, but that's not saying much. The majority of people who could visit their relatives once or twice a week, something my wife saw frequently, could not afford to fly internationally to visit them nearly as often, whether because of finances, time off of work or similar problems.

Putting the institutions in other countries seems like it would open them up to plenty of abuse, even with American-born observers. Look at what happens in those camps for "troubled" teenagers for an example.

Anonymous said...

6:14 - btw, I would say make it a choice. I am very sure that the desire for U.S. dollars would equate to superior care in other countries with an excess labor supply at a very good price when contrasted with the care you can get in the U.S. at a high price.

I base this in part with my mother's nursing care. even at 6000 a month is was just institutional care with little warm human interaction.

So those who want to see their loved ones go over seas can, those who want them bound to the U.S. can have that. Let competition for the best service rule the day.

Anonymous said...

11:15 - While I understand and appreciate your concerns, I find it hard to fathom the idea that the current structure which does not generally allow for proactive protection measures for your loved one, due to antiquated facilities that lack competition are a preferred solution. Given the state of today's technology I can rapidly envision web cams that allow you to see the care your loved one's receive 24x7.

In fact this is how I review the operations of my stores - i.e remotely so i am very comfortable with the reliability ans suitability of this technology.

I would much rather have seen my brother in law in activities that gave him fulfillment then to see him planted in front of a television set in a rec room with no interaction.

But like I said, I think this should be a matter of choice.

I do think that as a matter of course, any out of the U.S. care should involve remote surveillance and I fully support it within the U.S.


Anonymous said...

9/16/09 3:45 PM

Oh, I see. I though the plan you mentioned involved making it mandatory, or a least strongly ecouraging it. I certainly don't have a problem with making it available as an option. It's not something I would do if I had to make the decision now, but I don't speak for everyone.