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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oprah Causes Disruption to Chicago and Michigan Avenue | Should Mayor Daley Have Put Public Ahead of Promo?

As most Chicago area media fell over themselves to show fans of Oprah singing the praises of hosting a television show in the middle of Michigan Avenue, not everyone was pleased.

Thousands of commuters were disrupted at Oprahpalooza, which shut down Michigan Avenue between Wacker and Ohio.

Mayor Daley, who's track record of using public streets for private purpose this year ranges from the parking meter fiasco to a private party by Oprah, is only interested in showcasing Chicago to the world.

But, with all the other possible locations (Millennium Park, Grant Park, Soldier Field, etc) that would not have disrupted the public, was this an appropriate and responsible decision by Mayor Daley and her excellency, Oprah?


Anonymous said...

Not sure what this is all about. Why did she choose to do this.

Anonymous said...

8:41am,,,to prove she has money and power.

Anonymous said...

They needed to close off the Mag Mile just so they could fit in her lunch buffet table.