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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video Gambling Bans Sprout in Illinois | Evanston Says No, Naperville Preparing to Reject

Temp Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and the Illinois General Assembly turned to an expansion of video gambling to fund their wild spending habits, but it appears there is growing resistance from municipalities and counties as video gambling bans continue to sprout.

DuPage County had already said no to video gambling in unincorporated areas. Kane County is considering the issue. Evanston has officially banned video gambling and Naperville unanimously voted to ask their staff to draft a ban for an October 6th vote.

While some say the proliferation of the machines would generate revenue, others say it will generate more problems than benefits.

Aurora, the second largest city in Illinois, is also home to Hollywood Casino.

What would you like to see Aurora do about video gambling?

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