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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cedric Benson's Revenge | Rushes for 189 Yards and Defeats Chicago Beas 45-10

Former Chicago Bears running back Cedric Benson helped
Cincinnati crush Chicago 45-10. Benson rushed for 189 yards.


Anonymous said...

Chicago Beas? This blog is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This blog must be written by someone from the beacon... haha

Anonymous said...

I think you know they meant Bears. I'm sure you people have been guilty of making typos too.
Grow up.

Ron Mexico said...

It was nice the day that they traded Cutler, but the honeymoon needs to end. If he wants the fanfare and money that comes with being a franchise qb, then he needs to actually come to a game prepared. Get in the film room and learn something. I don't think that Brees, Brady, or Manning would be chucking the ball to the opposite team on such a regular basis.

Bears = Epic Fail.
Lovie should be handed his walking papers, and the Bears should look at hiring Holmgren or Cowher.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cutler wouldn't be chucking the ball to the opposite team if he had an O-line that would give him some time without being pressured on every passing play.