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Monday, October 19, 2009

Chicago Bears Blow Opportunities and Lose 21-14 to Atlanta Falcons

Chicago Bears had plenty of opportunities to defeat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night, but blew it with costly mistakes in the 21-14 loss.

Lowlights include:

* Bears QB Jay Cutler threw an interception at Atlanta's 9 yard line

* Bears RB Matt Forte fumbled twice at the 1 yard line, second time turnover

* Less than a minute to go at the 5 yard line with 4th and 1, Orlando Pace jumped too early for a 5 yard false start penalty, changing it to 4th and 6; Cutler then threw an incomplete pass


Anonymous said...

This team shows glimpses of being a competitor. But Lovie has no abilities to inspire anybody to do anything. Change should start at the top, do not blame the players for this mesh.

Anonymous said...

(sp) mess

Anonymous said...

Maybe there's a good reason why Rod Marinelli wasn't wanted in Detroit! Detroit! Fuck! Why? And a head coach running the D? Was Chico Rivera soooo bad?
This team is fucked.
Go Bulls.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Hurricane named Coach Ditka said...

The offensive line could use some help. Hopefully Cutler stops trying to force the ball to Olsen. He should stop givening him 10 targets a game, when Knox and Hester are threats to take it to the house every time they touch the ball.

Is it possible to get a filter to cut out all the profanity. Every post is littered with foul language. Personally I don't care, but there are some people who are offended by vulgar language.

Anonymous said...

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