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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chicago Cubs Exploit Bankruptcy Law to Make Sale Easier to New Owner; Controversy Over Rush Limbaugh's Bid to Purchase St. Louis Rams

In what could be one of the shortest bankruptcies ever, the Chicago Cubs have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy basically to make it easier for the new owner, Thomas Ricketts, to buy the team for $845 million and keep creditors away.

Previously, the Tribune Company, which owns the Cubs, had filed for bankruptcy, but had not included the Cubs as part of its filing.


Peyton Manning is the best QB in the NFL said...

If he wants to buy them, go ahead. I'm 100% positive there are other NFL owners who have said worse things than he did on the air. Players know this, and I'm sure that if they were given a better opportunity in St. Louis they would jump on the chance. Rasheid Davis said in an interview that he would have no problem playing for the Rams if they offered him a good deal. That being said...

The Rams??? Uggh, the worst team in the NFL by far. Even if he decides to spend a boatload of money with a potential uncapped season there is nothing that can turn that team around anytime soon.

I don't think Rams fans would want him as an owner as well. When it comes to football and pretty much everything else he talks about, well, I will just say that most people with a degree of intelligence question his motives and reasoning. His McNabb comment were so stupid. Donovan took his team to multiple NFC championships, the Super Bowl, he won a freaking game with a broken leg, he's been to multiple pro bowls, had to put up with T.O., has fought through numerous injuries(torn knee, broken leg, sports hernia, broken ribs,...) and still lit it up on Sunday with a set of broken ribs. There is a reason he is Philly's franchise player. He will probably be a legitmate Hall of Fame candidate someday.

Yet the liberal media is responsible for the credit that he obviously does not deserve. Please!! Go pop some more pills.

Anonymous said...

New ownership to save the Cubs? Not anytime soon unfortunately, the have a left fielder who really can't play, not much of a bullpen, no true leadoff hitter, and besides the two corner infielders, they have no defense. I don't think that the current core of players will yield any division championships if the Card's rotation stays healthy over the next few seasons.

Hurricane Named Coach Ditka said...

As for Mr. Limbaugh I would say, good luck in your quest to become an owner. You get the right package together and can afford it fair and square, go right ahead.

If you get the team Mr. Limbaugh, I would say that as a fan of (a certain franchise that resides in a certain city by the name of Chicago, with a certain former coach by the name of Ditka)you get the idea. Well Mr Limbaugh I would like to borrow fom you what you previously said, "I hope he FAILS". "FAIL" is all that I hope you have to look foward to if you get that pitiful franchise.



Anonymous said...

11:46 has it right about Mcnabb. Limbaugh made a stupid remark about him and it proves just how biased he is.

Anonymous said...

He said, "They will boycott playing, if I am an owner in the league."
Not one player said they will boycott playing, but many have said they will boyctt playing for him. Another twisted fabrication he uses to his favor.
He's loving this attention. He makes a play to own an NFL franchise. The worst that happens is he is not awarded the team, and he gets to play the "victim" card, and whine and cry about how those elitist libs are trying to stop him from earning a living, when it's just a publicity stunt to begin with. How can anyone not see right through this clown?

Anonymous said...

They say Limbaugh made racist remarks. Hey, what about rapper Jay-Z who is part owner of the New Jersey Nets. At Obama's Inaugural Ball, he stood up and ranted, "My president is black, in fact he's half white, so even in a racist mind he's half right. If you've got a racist mind it's alright, my president is black, but his house is all white! I never thought I'd say this shit, baby I'm good, you can keep your pussy because I don't want no more Bush, no more war, no more Iraq, no more white lies, my president is black."

I sure didn't hear any complaining about that. Maybe blacks can't be racists or either it's ok to be racist if you're black.

Anonymous said...

The sooner this country moves beyond watching a bunch of idiots, both black and white, rubbing each others butts and throwing around a damn ball like a bunch of children the sooner we may elevate this country out of the intellectual abyss it has fallen into.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm glad Rush is out as part owner of the Rams. As one of his BIGGEST fans I think in the long range it will save him lots and lots of dollars and embarassment owning a losing team. He doesn't need the distraction from his primary mission. This was all brought about by the same low lifes that brought you OBAMA. Hows that new job working out for you this week bunkey. Another half million new jobles claims filed last week.. now thats change you can beleive in. OH well just keep voting for the DEMOCRATS and you will never find a job. But take heart, you will get to get on the dole, and sit on your lazy ass and complain about all the rich guys. Keep voting for Obama you stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Previous poster listens to Limbaugh. Big surprise. His "primary mission" is selling advertising on his radio network and creating publicity for books, appearances, speeches, ect. I'm sure he will claim that it is unconstitutional, creat a huge rabble, and blame Obama that he didn't get the team. The fact is a bunch of fellow conservative owners who probably believe some of the same things he does shot his bid down. You know that he's loving this though.

How's that DOW, back up above 10,000. Sweet baby!!! $$$$$$$$$$$Cha-ching$$$$$$$$$$