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Monday, October 05, 2009

Chicago Mayor Daley Throws President Obama Under Olympic Bus...Will Obama Have Courage to Change Chicago?

On Friday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the 2016 Olympic Games to Rio as Chicago was eliminated in the first round. No U.S. President has previously lobbied in person for a private Olympic bid.

Reports are now surfacing that the reason for President Obama's flip-flop on his decision to participate in the presentation to the IOC when he said a week earlier he had to deal with the priorities of the American people and health reform was because he was told Chicago had close to enough votes to win.

That was not true.

Turns out the Daley regime, desperate to use the Olympic bid for political gain, knew that without Obama, there was no shot and falsely conveyed the chances through Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel in the White House. The three top aides to Obama are all former top aides to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Instead of looking out for the best interests of Obama, America, the Olympic Movement, international relations and even what's best for Chicago, the Daley cronies did exactly what the dictator-in-chief demanded. Convince Obama to go even if it means twisting the truth.

Obama should know better. After all, Daley came late to the Obama bandwagon. He opposed Obama in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

The question now is if Barack Obama is going to learn a lesson when it comes to Daley and the cronies he controls. Will this international slap in the face wake-up Obama to recognize that before he can truly change America, he needs to have the courage to speak out against the 20 years of corruption, high taxes, incompetency and tantrums associated with the Daley regime?

Does Barack Obama have the courage to change Chicago, prove he's not about politics as usual and hold Mayor Daley accountable?


Anonymous said...

Now he knows what it feels like to throw his "white" grandmother under the bus. He deserves whatever he gets!

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to slap Daley back and show who's in charge. They obviously misled Obama.

Anonymous said...

The president was not misled, he was trying to bring jobs to Chicago area.

Not everything tried, succeeds, that shouldn't make you stop trying.

Anonymous said...

The issue isn't about jobs.

The issue is whether the Daley people LIED or MISLED or DECEIVED the President.

It appears that's what happened.

Anonymous said...

When has Obama spoke out against Daley's culture of corruption?

Anonymous said...

Rahm Emanuel was against Obama going. Why does the blog list him in favor??

Anonymous said...

The "change you can believe in" got suckered by the "Chicago Democratic machine" and thrown under the bus by Daley and his pay-to-play cronys? Say it ain't so. It can't be true. The same "Da Mayor" who has had how many of his city bosses end up indicted and sentenced to prison and never knew anything about the corruption, wouldn't do such thing. The "Chosen One" who promised the most transparent WH ever, who promised "no more business as usual", to work for bipartisan solutions to our problems but who NEVER once went after the corruption in his own state or city and then transplanted "The Chicago Way" to DC with him Valerie Jarrett, Arne Duncan, David Axelrod,(who all worked for Da Mayor) and a host of others. Let's not forget Rahm "Dead Fish' Emanuel, the enforcer.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his amazon wife got what they deserved by getting in bed with Daley.

Anonymous said...

The president and the first lady sleep alone.