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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chicago Mayor Daley's Fiscal Crisis and Failure Causes Raid of Parking Meter Funds and End of Venetian Night

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley is in such deep trouble these days with a fiscal crisis, crumbling transit, increasing crime and no solutions in sight, he's raiding the funds from the parking meter fiasco and hitting things like the popular Venetian Night, which was started by his father, Mayor Richard J. Daley.


Anonymous said...

Last month all we heard was how great a host Chicago would be to have the Olympics. The CTA would be able to handle all the riders, the city would be able to protect everyone. Now, no Olympics, city going broke, CTA begging, again, for more money. Daley raiding reserves.
Guess the nay sayers were right. The Olympic panel made the right decision not to give the games to Chicago. All the lies came home to roost!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a more crooked politician except for OBAMA.. this is great the skunks are finally beginning to stink. Maybe he can use the tolls from the skyway or even parking meter income oh thats right the greedy bastard sold those assets oh well there is always the airport and the parks and the lakefront and maybe Meigs Field. Oh thats right he destroyed that along with his friend Rhom. Tough shit Chicago you are now getting what you deserve for keeping the DEMOCRATIC crooks in power all these years...wait for the fire dept lay offs and the police dept layoffs. What an administrator oh yeh he doesn't know anything just ask him. I guess there's always the Daley compound in Grand Haven. But he will need that for hiding from the people.

Anonymous said...

No mention about closing "The Taste". Where else can you spend $12 worth of tickets on one chicken wing, a small drink, a pickle on a stick and still be hungry. What a ripoff. (to the customer that is)