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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

East Aurora School District 131 | Mary Anne Turza Fills School Board Vacancy

With the vacancy of Carol Farnum, the East Aurora School Board will add Mary Anne Turza on November 2nd.

Ms. Turza retired in 2003 from Northern Trust, specializing in human resources for 22 years.

The business background may be helpful for a school district that needs to reverse its status, scores and future.

With Ms. Turza's addition, most of the school board has been changed since most of our viewers declared a crisis for District 131. We hope this will be another step in the bold changes ahead.


Anonymous said...

Good job, ladies! Ms. Turza will definitely be an asset to our new, improved School Board. Not only does she have business experience and "people skills" (as a former HR executive); she has been a PTA president and successfully raised 4 children to adulthood.

Welcome to the Board, Ms. Turza--and thank you for being willing to help our district move forward!

Anonymous said...

This story stolen from the Beacon.

Anonymous said...

Haven't we now completely changed over from the old guard school board or is there anyone still left?

Anonymous said...

No, you still have Dee and Rayanne.

Anonymous said...

Juanita Wells is the only truly "old guard" School Board member (although Stella Gonzalez may as well be, according to her voting record).

The issue now is the old-guard administrators, specifically those who were responsible for rubber-stamping "Serial Bully" Radakovich's disastrous decisions several years ago. Two that come to mind immediately are Marin Gonzalez and Joseph Harmon.

Anonymous said...

Finally the a well educated board member.
If only Wells would resign then the board will finally turn in the right direction. As far as Gonzalez she is a professional educator I am hoping she will start acting like one.
It is interesting Weaver & Wells stated they are working together and pushed for a meeting to stop the fighting on the board. All I have heard is they debate tough issues. Why does Weaver want to return to the rubber stamp days of Farmun.

Johnson had very good points about the way meeting are run. She did stop Weaver and Wells from returning to the rubber stamp day The only problem with Johnson is she is always praising the schools. Does she not see the problems. I have seen her at Simmons but only for a social function. I have also heard she is Roberts new best friend. Johnson did you ever think Jerome only wants you to see the good side of the school. It is interesting that she is also going to represent the board as the board member with the union. That is a interesting choice and a position that is given to the member near and dear to administrations heart. She is very smart and did fire the lawyers. I had hopes for her but the people she hangs around with say plenty about her as a person.
Wells and Weaver are only holding on the each-other for support. Johnson does run that board the only difference is now Jerome needs to look not to the side of him but to the far end of the table. So at least he sits up a little more. My guess is Johnson probably squeezed a few unions in her day.

Anonymous said...

professional educator

Professional Educator please. Education is not a profession no matter how they want to spin it. First they have a Union, not aboard of ethics, it more analogous to a trade plumbing or brick laying. The day we stop treating these over paid low talents as Professionals will be the first step in elevating children's educations.

Anonymous said...

Most of these board members don't have a clue about ethics either. Don't know the first thing about the open meeting act or really care about the education of the children of our district or about the taxpayers. Some on the board just want to fight with what others say and break the rules of how a board should really work and Roberts helps with this. The State or someone should take over this district.

Anonymous said...

How does this board run any different than other government bodies. Try working for the city Jerome Roberts is a angle compared to Tom Weisner. At least know one was laid off or fired because they did not donate enough to Tom's war chest. Look at the township if you are not Latino you will loss your job. Look at D129 several teachers were laid off and now work at east. So don't complain 131 you have it good and you are the only government body not in trouble. Congrads to Roberts I wish you were my boss.