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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Planned Parenthood Controversy Returns to Ground Zero Aurora and City Hall Next Tuesday

Perhaps the most controversial topic of this century for Aurora has been Planned Parenthood's facility on the far east side on New York Street, which was built to be the nation's largest abortion clinic.

Protests, rallies, investigations and the controversial opening have been followed by litigation on various levels on multiple issues.

Next Tuesday, the Aurora City Council will consider an agenda item request by Planned Parenthood to add additional parking spaces. The reason given is for security, but the parking spaces are at the heart of ongoing litigation about how the facility was built.

Questions continue to linger whether the facility should have been under a special-use permit since it's a non-for-profit medical facility.

With litigation still being considered and pending, we say hold off on any parking questions until the underlying issues of whether the facility should exist in the first place are determined.

>Aurora City Council meeting | October 27th, 6pm - City Hall
To sign-up to speak, call City Clerk at 630-844-3615


Anonymous said...

This story stolen from the Beacon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should bring an aborted fetus to the city council meeting.

Anonymous said...

how about aborting Weisner as our mayor - there's a start

Anonymous said...

The way to stop this is to mandate what the Beacon does. They should publish the pictures of the women who have abortions in the Beacon (exception for rape/incest)for all to see. What is worse, a drug dealer or drunk driver or a baby murderer? Publish their pictures. Make them suffer a little public shame for taking a innocent life. It is little enough for this, the greatest injustice in human history, this holocaust against the unborn.

Anonymous said...

Access to healthcare is a right to life issue.

Over 22,000 deaths a year due to lack of healthcare. Some are infants, some are children and some are adults.

Let's care for the born as well as the unborn.

Anonymous said...

Let's publish pictures of slumlords that rent to drug dealers.

Anonymous said...

No one in this country who is young is denied health care - period. Stop your stupid Obama rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

And why should I care fro anyone else? You are not my responsibility. It I have to care for you then I should have my say in how you conduct your life including sterilization because there is obviously something wrong with your line if someone else has to assist you or your parents.

Anonymous said...

The level of morality and intelligence of this country is frightening.

America is in big trouble.

Everybody should just watch Fox "News" and drink the Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

So you think it is moral to impose your existence or that of your children on another human being?

If times are rough, do not reproduce. Intelligence - it is really very simple. If you want higher wages reduce the population.

Take a look at history, everytime there has been a growth in the middleclass their has been a labor shortage - no matter if it was the plague, the war, of physical barriers. the poor continue to breed to their own detriment. they key to upward ability is not education it is scarcity of labor. Education among a labor shortage is a great hing, but an education in a surplus labor market simply lowers wages. Supply and demand, simple as that.

It is not moral to steal from you fellow man.

I have no problem with the genuinely handicapped receiving assistance form me on a voluntary basis, but the vast majority of so called needy are there because of choices they made. Not my problem!

Anonymous said...

btw, the above is not support for abortion. It is support for self control or alternative methods of physical gratification. You can have an enjoyable time without running the risk of pregnancy 100% of the time.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember that stupid documentry about the drive in that was supposed to be released in the Summer of 2009. The Hi-Lites Last Gleaming. Isn't it the Fall of 2009. Where is that stupid thing.

Anonymous said...

So what?? It's a legitimate business. Focus on the real issues like turning the economy around and getting rid of all the illegal aliens.