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Monday, November 30, 2009

Brett Farve Launches Almost 400 Yards and 3TDs in Minnesota Vikings 36-10 Smackdown of Chicago Bears | 1-6 Last Seven Games...Should Lovie Smith Go?

Chicago Bears not only lost their 4th straight, 6th out of 7 last games, a critical division match-up with Minnesota, but if there was any doubt before, the idea of any playoffs is basically over as they drop to 4-7 with five games left (St. Louis, Green Bay, Baltimore, Minnesota, Detroit).

Future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre smoked the Bears defense for 392 yards and 3 TD's while future franchise QB Jay Cutler had another challenging day, including more interceptions.

What went wrong in the season for hope? Was it simply Brian Urlacher's injury? Or has the love for Lovie Smith worn off and is it time for a change?

How will the Bears finish the season? Should the Chicago Bears seek a new head coach for 2010?


Anonymous said...

They should seek a new coach for 2009!

Anonymous said...

haha- good call 7:35.
Lovie, the offensive line, Bob Babich, Ron Turner and Angelo need to hit the bricks!!

rakeback said...

Brett Favre is slapping around every NFL defense he faces this year, and I havent read one experts take that suggested he isnt the MVP so far. 24 touchdowns and 3 interceptions is just absurd.