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Monday, November 23, 2009

Can You Have a Zero Property Tax Bill?

While most area municipalities have various levels of property taxes, levies, rates and EAV, some cities and towns in the Chicago area not only can boast about low property taxes, but NO property taxes, according to the Daily Herald.

Gurnee, for example, had a property tax, but eliminated it when its commercial tax base grew substantially due to their outlet mall.

Just recently, Schaumburg, which had no property tax levied in its 53 year history, enacted it for the first time.

Other communities without a property tax include Oak Brook, Carol Stream and Vernon Hills.

There are other property taxes assessed by various entities ranging from the county to school districts to park districts.


Anonymous said...

In the mentioned communities, the property owners may not pay a real estate tax for village services, but they do pay a real estate tax bill for other local governments including county,, community college, school districct, library district, fire district, park district etc.

Don't think that they get away without paying any real estate tax.

Anonymous said...

True, but in Aurora we will continue to be victimized by a out of control city council, and we are all co-conspirators in this. For example how many of you will be at the city council meeting tomorrow? How many signed up to speak?

Anonymous said...

Aurora should CUT their property taxes if they have any sense

Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere that the great state of illinois has more taxing bodies than anyother state in the union. So all you hopey changey voters just keep the DEMOCRATS in power and keep paying your taxes.

Anonymous said...

So, can/should we band together to sue the Kane county assessment office and it's employees to assess our properties' worth according to actual real estate broker's values? We know we can't rely on the banks' valuations.

If someone could just suggest one real solution which could be applicable so that I don't lose my home to taxes in 2010.

An East side historic district two family nearby sat at $115.000.00 for eight months before the owners gave up. They purchased it three years ago for over $176.000.00 and the county says the "equalized assessed value" is over $250.000.00.
How do you fight this? I'm desperate.

bobdegae said...

Kane County has a class to help you fight your taxes. It is coming up in a couple weeks. I fought my assessment last year and they took about $18,000 dollars off my assessed value. Unfortunately, I have to do it again this year. The value of my home on this years assessment went UP $24,000. Approximately $70,000 over what the bank appraised it at when I refinanced. The county also adds $30000 to your assessed value. Next election we as voters need to pay more attention when they ask for more for the schools, library, parks, police stations, etc, etc, etc.