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Friday, November 20, 2009

Chicago Mayor Daley Throws Another Tantrum and Attacks Fox Chicago Reporter for Asking Hard Questions

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is clearly on a roll...going backwards.

Daley's latest tantrum was an attack on Fox Chicago television news reporter Tera Williams for asking a question at a press conference. That's what press conferences are ask questions, but apparently only if Mayor Daley deems them worthy.

Williams had interviewed a group of African-American clergy in relation to the story of Daley crony Michael Scott, who allegedly committed suicide on Monday. Those clergy said the death of Scott, who is one of the few trusted inner circle people Daley relies on, would have significant impact on the political future of Daley, who relied on Scott to get things done (and swing votes to Daley).

When asked for his side, Daley instead attacked Williams (see video above). Most people believe Daley's inner circle is shrinking due to unusual deaths and indictments of many of his closest friends, so it seems to be a legitimate question if the loss of Scott's clout will have impact on Daley's political future, which is at an all-time low.

Daley's personal relationship with Scott is so clouded (with clout), he even justified Scott's use of thousands of dollars of school board funds for a personal trip for Scott and his wife to Copenhagen to join Daley and his group of cronies to support the Chicago Olympic Bid, which went from an independent effort to a city-controlled flop, getting ousted in the first round.

Even in Copenhagen, Daley caused an uproar internationally with offensive comments directed toward Rio 2016 that threatened ethics complaints to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Next time you travel around the world and say you are from Chicago and hear something negative about the politicians from here, you can thank Mayor Daley for making an international fool of himself.

Just a day before his attack on Ms. Williams, Daley went on the attack at the Cook County Medical Examiner for daring to speak in public about her opinion, something Daley does all the time, but apparently that's different because he's the king.

Thursday evening, upon learning of the exit of Oprah from Chicago in 2011, Daley blamed the media and public for being critical of her (and him) for her September 2009 party that disrupted Michigan Avenue. According to Daley, being critical of that or any decision by her or him must be wrong. And, when it comes to Daley, everything is always someone else's fault.

Daley's tantrums and rants are becoming more frequent as Chicago plunges into a deep fiscal crisis, perhaps the worst in over 50 years. From the parking meter fiasco to snow plowing to increased crime to failing schools to the Olympic debacle to the mismanagement of transit that costs the entire region, there are many more potholes than flower planters.

Most of the region, much of the nation and some of the world have realized how Mayor Daley has gone over the edge, but will the people of the City of Chicago finally have had enough and throw the bum out?

They will have a chance in 2011, which may explain why Mayor Daley is depleting all of the parking meter funds now to keep himself in power and letting a future generation suffer when he is long gone with the bills to pay for Daley's numerous debacles.

We say Mayor Daley owes the apology, not the other way around.


Anonymous said...

Throw all the bums out next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Daley was totally wrong on this (and other similar incidents).

Anonymous said...

I really am starting to think Daley has a psychological disorder or something. He's nuts quite often.

Anonymous said...

Go to Y-tube, and search "Arne Duncan + Michael Scott". You'll find a 3-part video, recording a meeting of Duncan, Scott, Davis, Hendon, and other elected officials at a west-side restaurant in violation of the open-meetings act. Here in Chicago, nobody believes Scott committed suicide - he was far too cool..

Anonymous said...

I truly believe you are seeing the onset of senility in King Richard.