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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

City of Aurora and Local 3298 Agree to Raises

The City of Aurora and Local 3298 have tentatively agreed to retroactive raises to October 1, 2008, a salary freeze for a year and then another 2% raise on October 1, 2010.

Local 3298 includes full and part-time customer service representatives, inspectors, clerical workers, telecommunication operators, accountants, building maintenance and various technicians.

According to the Daily Herald, health insurance contributions would increase from 2.75% to 3.25% of gross pay for HMO family coverage. PPO coverage would range from 3% (single) to 3.75% (family).

The City Council is expected to vote on approving or rejecting the agreement on November 24th.


Anonymous said...

Alayne needs a raise before she loses her home. What a great attorney we have she can't even pay her mortgage. The Mayor is a great one for picking talent.

Alayne, pay your mortgage.

Anonymous said...

Here Alayne, the Beacon has an article written just for you. Maybe you can get the money before some pain in the a_ _ family which really needs help. That would fit your M.O..

Agency gets $440K to help with foreclosures

November 18, 2009

From Staff Reports
AURORA -- An Aurora agency has received a $440,000 grant to provide more counseling to area homeowners in danger of foreclosure.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service, a program of Family Counseling Service of Aurora, received the federally funded grant from the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program.

The National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program is administered through a competitive application process by NeighborWorks America within guidelines defined by congressional legislation.

For more information about the grant and how it will affect Aurora's foreclosure prevention efforts, contact Bettye DeRamus of Consumer Credit Counseling Service at 630-844-8209.

Officials said that last year, Consumer Credit Counseling helped more than 1,200 area families stay in their homes, avoiding foreclosure.

Anonymous said...

Check Kane County Recorder of Deeds doc # 2009K074090 regarding BAC Home Loans Servicing VS. Douglas Scaterday, Alayne W(eingartz) Scatterday.

16th Judicial Circuit Case # 09CH3643.

She owes them $318,000.00.

No payments since March.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable. Hands up if you got a raise retroactively and a future increase guaranteed to you. This is nuts. This city is very, very irresponsible. Where are those raises tied to increases in productivity?

Anonymous said...

It's OK with me as long as they eliminate 4% of these jobs. The local county and state employees unions are ruining this country with their lazy union jobs and benefits.

Anonymous said...

There's at least a 4 miiliom dollar shortfall....and the City is spending 2 miilion for a bar in a rundown part of town and now they're giving pay raises to some Union. Hello !!! YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME !!!......does this make any fiscal sense ?

Anonymous said...

Only teachers and government can be this spoiled while thinking they are being abused. Economic Implosion soon!!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is how it's done. That's what unions are for ~ they aren't there for the public, they are there to support their paying members.

My family knows a teacher in 129. When your last referendum failed, some after school (read stipend) activities were cut, including hers. The cut was to save on the costs (read stipend) of running the program.

My understanding is that she and the other teacher who would lose the stipend went very publically to the board to complain about the loss of the program for the kids that would lose out. And I agree that it is too bad that the kids would lose. The program had many benefits for these kids, and they got the worst of it.

But I also understand that neither teacher attempted to look for grant funding, pay reduction, use of volunteers or other creative options to keep the project alive for the kids. My sense was once the teachers' were out, the program folded.

Your board didn't flinch and let the program end. To hear this teacher tell it (and in the minds of the parents and kids who lost out), though, they were 'made of stone.'

If everyone on the issue is this entrenched, then no creative options will be found. And that hurts kids as much as cutbacks.

Anonymous said...

You could increase teacher pay by 50% or reduce it by 50% and it would not change the outcome once the Hawthorne effect was discounted. That is because the issues with education have nothing to do with the environment at school, or the salaries of the teachers but everything to do with attitude!

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe that any administration that relies on these same unions to get elected is going to do hard ball negotiations and do what is right for the tax payer?

Anonymous said...

Alayne thinks this is a good idea

Anonymous said...

Alayne will end up living in the dog park.