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Monday, November 02, 2009

Corruption of Illinois | Gov. Pat Quinn Aide Resigns Amid Alleged Probe

In case you haven't noticed, Illinois temp Gov. Pat Quinn has been shifting from his outsider reform persona to a more insider, politics as usual politician. He's even been posing frequently with Chicago's King of Corruption, Mayor Richard Daley. That may explain why his disapproval ratings recently increased to 53%.

After calling Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich a person of integrity until it was convenient to throw him under the impeachment bus, Quinn took advantage of the fall of Blago to ascend to the Governor's throne, lecturing everyone on how corrupt everyone else is in the State of Illinois.

Now, we learn there could be state probe by Office of the Inspector General on Quinn's staff doing political work at taxpayer expense and time. That's the type of thing that got Scott Fawell, aide for former Gov. George Ryan, into prison.

The Governor's office confirms Carolyn Brown Hodge, Quinn's deputy chief of staff, resigned on Friday from her almost $120K per year job. She was running Quinn's Springfield office and reports say the Office of the Executive Inspector General may have seized her computer for an investigation.

Back in May, another Quinn aide was exposed for soliciting campaign contributions with special-interest groups to get "face time" with Quinn.

With his increased efforts to cozy up to Chicago's culture of corruption, Quinn might want to rethink his strategy of politics as usual or end up like Blago...over and out.


Anonymous said...

More crooks in Illinois government..Vote them all out next election. How bout that Stroger giving a plumb job to the state reps wife huh some crooks in illinois have absolutely no scruples.

Anonymous said...

Looks like in your face racism if you ask me.