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Monday, November 09, 2009

DuPage County Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood and City of Aurora Based Upon Broad Scope | Case Will Be Re-Filed for Specifics

A pending lawsuit against both Planned Parenthood and the City of Aurora, who's attorneys have been working together against members of the public, was dismissed based upon the format and scope of the lawsuit rather than the merits.

A DuPage County judge wants the case to be re-filed and it will be before December 4th.

Planned Parenthood's facility on the far east side of Aurora continues to be an ongoing controversy since it was built under the name of "Gemini" to prevent knowledge of the plans for an abortion facility.

On Monday, in a separate matter involving a federal lawsuit against the City of Aurora by protesters for violating constitutional rights, a settlement has been reached pending judicial approval that would clarify future rights of the public and prevent further civil and constitutional rights violations by the City of Aurora.

This settlement will help address some of the mistakes sources say were caused the city's so-called corporation counsel Alayne Weingartz's directives to the Aurora Police Department on the rights of protesters.


Anonymous said...

Weingartz has her own legal issues.
Check Kane County Recorder of Deeds doc # 2009K074090 regarding BAC Home Loans Servicing VS. Douglas Scaterday, Alayne W(eingartz) Scatterday.

16th Judicial Circuit Case # 09CH3643.

Anonymous said...

Nobody really thinks you'll shut them down. If you really want to decrease or eliminate abortions, find something more proactive to do than line the streets with ninnies holding signs and "pictures". You aren't gaining any supporters this way.

Anonymous said...

The problem in this situation is that no matter how Planned Parenthood tries to explain things, it did deceive the city. UNLESS, they can show the city also cooperated in the deception.