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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Election 2010 | Contestants Expand on "Who Wants to Be Governor of Illinois?"

The already crowded race for Governor of Illinois got a little less elbow room as more candidates filed on Monday to seek the position.

Former Illinois Attorney General and candidates for Governor Jim Ryan, who lost to Rod Blagojevich in 2002, filed. Andy McKenna, former Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party and candidate for U.S. Senate, also filed on Monday.

Democrats Ed Scanlan, an attorney from Oak Park and William "Dock" Walls, who previously ran for Mayor of Chicago, also filed.

If you are scoring at home, in random order, here are your contestants on "Who Wants to Be Governor of Illinois?"

GOP: Dan Proft, Bill Brady, Kirk Dillard, Adam Andrzejewski, Jim Ryan, Andy McKenna, Bob Schillerstrom

DEM: Dan Hynes, William "Dock" Walls, Ed Scanlan, Pat Quinn

So, in addition to whom you would LIKE to see in the 2010 general election, who is most likely to WIN the primary on both sides?


RON said...

I would like to see Adam Andrzejewski win. He would do a fantastic job. I am a democrat and will not vote for anyone in office now and that has been associated with anyone who is or has been in politics in the past in either party. it is time for an honest person to hold this office.

Anonymous said...

An honest person to hold office?

Sorry Ron, no such thing anymore.