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Monday, November 02, 2009

Election 2010 | Kane County Board Member Bill Wyatt Challenged for Seat

Kane County Board Member Bill Wyatt, who lives in Aurora, but Sugar Grove Township, is being challenged for his 5th district county board seat by Melissa Taylor, a Sugar Grove Village Board Member.

Wyatt is also Chairman of the Aurora Township GOP. He ran for Mayor of Aurora in 2005 and finished third in the primary.

"Change" appears to be spreading across Illinois, including Kane County, where several challengens and primaries are shaping up for February 2010.


Anonymous said...

Bill Wyatt will not know what hit him after Melissa is done with him.

Good luck Melissa!

Anonymous said...

OL'BILLY BOY.... do you hear the train coming? Just like good ole Jan Carlson BAMMMM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wyatt works 100 times harder than old man Jan...he'll kick ass

Anonymous said...

So what Wyatt wins no matter what. He has his benefits because fools keep giving these folksmore than a single term in all offices, The fiscally smart thing to do if vote them in for one term in all offices so they cannot build up health and pension benefits. Take a look at your tax bill sometime.

Vote them all out!

Anonymous said...

100 times nuttin is still nuttin.