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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fleecing of America | Skyrocketing Debt

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Anonymous said...

The monkey in the RED HOUSE is definately going the way of his cousins in ZIMBAWBWE. If allowed to continue on this wreckless course we will be little more than that totally destroyed country in South Africa. All for hope and change by people who hate this country. Wreck the economy, take from the producers, and give the lazy and useless the spoils of a silent war on the producers of this country. What a shame. Zimbawbwe not too long was a very productive country with the ability to feed most of Africa and now after social experiments just like OBAMA wants they cannot even feed themselves and have to import most of their food..Why you may ask? Answer is an idiot leader like we have now confiscated all the white farms and gave them to the lazy favored natives who didn't have the slightest idea of how to work or run the means of production. Want to see what it looks like now just go 300 or so mile east of Aurora to DETROIT and you will see the same destruction caused by the politicians. I have always been disappointed by the business mogels in this country and their willingness to lay down for a bunch of no good politicians. They have the means to combat it if they want but obviously they don't. But that is no different than the military. Perfectly willing to get themselves killed in some foriegn land at the behest of a stupid congress for a stupid reason, but unwilling to wage a war where it needs to be waged. I can see the tears in the faces of Washington, Lincoln, Adams and Jefferson when they look out from their memorials and see no one willing to take the same stand that they were willing to take. ARE THERE NO MORE BRAVE HEROS LEFT FOR THE DEFENSE OF THIS COUNTRY AGAINST ITS OWN SCUMBAG POLITICIANS? Lord knows there are plenty of stupes that are willing to fight a war in places that no one really gives a crap about.