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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fleecing of Illinois | Temp Gov Pat Quinn Throws Suburban Taxpayers Under the CTA Bus to Bailout Mayor Daley's Transit Failure and for Political Cover

7 Step Public Transit Program of Chicago:

1. Mayor Daley controls public transit in Chicago.
2. CTA is mismanaged and dysfunctional under Daley.
3. A fiscal mess exists as a result.
4. Daley exerts control over cronies and political mafia
5. Threats of service cuts and fare increases
5. Political mafia and cronies bailout Daley and CTA
7. Taxpayers (especially from suburbs) pay for it all and debt increases

Now, repeat Steps 1 thru 7 every year as long as Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago are allowed to control a public transit system that is disconnected from the surrounding and much larger region.

As the State of Illinois plummets into financial disaster thanks to chronic habits of wild spending and refusal to CHANGE the way it does business, Illinois Temp Gov. Pat Quinn proved on Wednesday that an election and politics-as-usual is more important than doing what is right by raiding federal funds intended for Medicaid and increasing taxpayer debt for everyone else to bailout Mayor Daley.

Suburban taxpayers are getting a triple-hit. You are already paying more sales taxes for the previous bailout of Daley's CTA. Now, you will incur greater debt and more taxes to pay for the CTA mess and current bailout.

And, all that stuff from Quinn about how this is to hold the line on fare increases? Apparently, that's only for the Chicago voters he and Daley need. Suburban taxpayers who ride Metra will still see fare increases.

Next time you hear Pat Quinn claiming to be a reformer or outsider or any other myth, be sure to ask him why he threw you, the taxpayer, under the CTA bus to save his and Mayor Daley's political regimes.

It's YOUR money.


Anonymous said...

Quinn has turned into another politics-as-usual, steal from taxpayers to reward cronies politician.

Anonymous said...

Where's the freeze for Metra? Do people in the suburbs just have to pay for Chicago?

Anonymous said...

Stop that stinking free rides for seniors bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, screw the old people. They are just draining the Social Security funds that could be put to a better purpose.

Anonymous said...

Stop their health care, stop their sociial security, confiscate their pensions, and above all stop feeding them. Than they will all die and won't be a burden on the state...isn't that what OBAMAS change was all about? Hiel Obmama.Heil Daley.

Anonymous said...

Soylent Green is on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Soylent Green isn't food........Soylent Green is people !!

Anonymous said...

People turned into food.