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Monday, November 23, 2009

Fuller's Car Wash Boss Asked for Sex According to Workers

Fox Chicago investigated allegations by three former employees at Fuller's Car Wash with claims they were victims of sexual harassment from the manager.

The alleged incidents were at the Westmont location. They also have various other locations, including in Aurora on Ogden (Rt. 34), near Eola Road, which they refer to as their "Aurora/Naperville" location.

The car wash manager, Walter Fuller Jr, denies the allegations. The workers taped the behavior to support their claims, including both audio and video (see above).


Anonymous said...

If these workers are undocumented then why haven't they been deported?

How can someone who does not have the right to work in this country have workers rights?

Fuller is obviously a pervert but why should a criminal who snuck into our country be rewarded monetarily?

Attorney John T. Gallagher may be able to answer these questions. Please respond "Terry".

Anonymous said...

Even if these workers are undocumented they have rights as humans and they should not have been treated like that. He took advantage of them and he should pay.

Anonymous said...

If the workers are undocumented doesn't that mean that fullers is breaking the law just as much as the worker is. Isn't it illegal for a company to employ undocumented workers.

Anonymous said...

If they are in the country illegally they should have no rights whatsoever. If he wants to torture their illegal asses in his basement I am all for it. These illegal scum of the earth have destroyed Aurora and every single community they infest. Mexicans make plagues of locust seem welcome by comparison.

Anonymous said...

Immigration laws must be enforced before this case can proceed.

First, Fullers will be fined for hiring undocumented workers.

Second, the illegals be deported.

If a monetary reward is paid then it can be mailed to Mexico at the illegals "real" address.

The law should always come first.

Vanessa Dominguez said...

All of you with biast opinions and hard-headed attitudes should take a good look in the mirror! There's someone in EVERYBODY's family from a different country. Not ONE person in this world is "100% American"! Trace your family history and you'll see, you'll be suprised. So just imagine if those guys in the video happend to be related to you, or what if that WAS YOU?? I understand they are "illegal" here, but we're ALL human. They aren't working to just take our jobs away. They're working hard to provide for THEIR own families. And I KNOW all of you with those rude comments are way too stuck up to even THINK about working a job as a car detailer or such, so don't even waste your time by saying "illegals are taking our jobs"... BECAUSE YOU WOULDN"T TAKE THAT JOB ANYWAY! So who's job are they taking!? No ones... if you're so worried about people taking "your" job, well then you obviously are qualified or SMART enough for the job anyway. I'm sure ANY company would rather have kind-hearted, hard-working illegals working for them, rather than pompus, head-up their butt Americans! So THINK before you SPEAK. And if you don't have anythink NICE to say, don't say anything at all! Hasn't your own Mother taught you anything? I'm an American myself (married to a Hispanic) but the difference between you and I is that I have a good heart and I would welcome almost anyone into my life. But if you people commenting are going to act narrow-minded, well you can just wait at the side of the road and wait for the Devil to pick you up because you sure are going to Heaven with sinful views as such.

PS- you think you're all so TOUGH with your words...but you don't even have the BALLS to state your own name to back up who it is you are and what you're saying. My name is Vanessa Dominguez and I am a woman with more courage and dencency than all of you!

Vanessa Dominguez said...

**After reviewing what I just posted, I noticed a few spelling errors. So before anyone comments back "oh you mispelled such and such words...". I know. I was just so engraged by all your rude comments, I typed too fast.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Vanessa, you can spell, but you're still an idiot.

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