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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Naperville City Council Considers Layoffs for City Employees; Sales Tax?

To save between $1.9 and $4.3 million, the Naperville City Council is considering layoffs for an estimated 25 to 57 employees.

Naperville's estimated general fund deficit for FY2011 is $11.2 million, which was reduced from a $14.1 original deficit.

With various cuts, including dues, conferences, cell phones, tuition and travel, city officials estimate they can cut $5.4 million in costs.

One idea under consideration is creation of a sales tax for Naperville that would generate $5.8 million.


Anonymous said...

There you go, instead of living within your means they tax more, taking more money from the consumer's pocket so they have less to spend in the economy and less ability to direct their money to companies that makes new goods and services people want, thus preserving the status quo.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Naperville it has too many supervisors supervising supervisors. They need to layoff management not employees who provide customers service. In addition, Naperville has a strong management click which go out for breakfast, long lunch hours followed by drinking at Peanuts and Features after work. They brag about having company cars. They come to work hung-over from partying with each other the night before. They spend most of the work day visiting each other’s offices talking about parties and spreading gossip. They walk around arrogant knowing their jobs are safe because they hang out with top directors of depts., legal dept. and IT/HR dept. This is management! Get rid of some loser management positions !!!!