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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oak Park Joins Communities That Reject Video Gambling, State of Illinois Financial Hole Deepens

Oak Park joined a growing list of communities in Illinois to ban video gambling in establishments that serve liquor and alcohol as a way to raise revenue for state infrastructure.

The $31 billion capital plan appears to be hitting a snag as the funding mechanism continues to be rejected. Meanwhile, the state may have a $11 billion deficit for next year and a reported $79 billion unfunded pension liability. Some of those pensions include political cronies who got various appointments to positions to boost their pensions beyond what any average salary would be.

When you hear about tax increases from politicians instead of changing how government is operated and how to reduce spending, remember, it's YOUR money.


Anonymous said...

I believe the video game law should be repealed in its entirety. Let the few bar owners who have these things go back to the way it was before the big fuss about taxing video income. After paying license fees to every governmental unit from the littlest village all the way up to Springfield, the bar owner is taxed enough already. In addition, all alcohol in the state is sold by organized crime owned companies from which the bar owner must patronize. He cannot shop around for prices. So it will be with the video gaming. The new law allows only companies with certain "qualifications" to own and operate these devices and guarantees them an income of 30 percent of the take. Wouldn't we all like that kind of a deal? Let the bar owners run their business as they always have and forget about the addional taxes.

Anonymous said...

Legalize marijuana and prostitution.

Anonymous said...

They would both be legalized if a way to tax them could be figured out. And yes, guaranteed kickbacks would also be necessary. This is Illinois don't forget.