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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Tribute to Walter Payton aka "Sweetness"


Anonymous said...

Aurora Country Club sues alderman

October 29, 2009

AURORA -- The Aurora Country Club has sued Aurora Alderman Rick Lawrence, claiming $3,477 in unpaid dues and other expenses.

But Lawrence said these claims are "slanderous and absolutely untrue," and threatened to file a countersuit against the club for breach of contract and endangering the health and safety of its members.

Lawrence said the suit stems from a Jan. 31 incident at the club on Prairie Street. Lawrence and his family were there eating dinner, he said, when an inebriated club member accosted them.

"He literally screamed and shouted profanities at them in a manner that would fill any parent with disgust, horror and anger," Lawrence said. After asking country club officials to step in and getting no response, Lawrence said he withdrew his membership in the club and left, never to return.

Lawrence said he paid what should have been his final bill from the club in February but continued to receive bills throughout the rest of the year. These, he said, are the basis of the country club's complaint, and he is confident he doesn't owe them a dime.

Club Manager Robert White would not discuss details of the case. He said the club has filed small claims suits against members who leave with balances due in the past, but it does not happen often.

The complaint, filed earlier this month in Kane County Circuit Court, alleges a balance due for "membership fees, food, merchandise, golf fees and miscellaneous charges incurred while a member of the Aurora Country Club."

Lawrence, however, says he has never been a golfing member and has never incurred golf fees.

His court date is Nov. 10.

"I take this matter very seriously and will be consulting with an attorney to prevent any further harm to my reputation," Lawrence said.

Anonymous said...

If anyone still doubts that Openline deletes comments he doesn't like, just look at the post below this one. An entire thread calling Openline out for the juvenile post about Alayne Weingartz, which has suddenly magically disappeared. I bet this comment and the one above it will be gone soon too.

Anonymous said...

I guess Openline can dish out the immature insults but when it backfired on them, as in the Alayne story, there goes the comment link. I suggest everyone save their comments so they can repost them if they get deleted.
I'm tired of Openline playing big brother and force feeding us only what they want to and deleting what they don't like even when it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Walter was the definition of what class and kindness are. Miss you Walter!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Openline, who has no class whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

May God bless the Walter Payton family. I saw an interview with Connie and Jarrett Payton on the news, Jarrett has married and Connie has recently remarried I wish their family only the best. Connie is a classy, lovely lady who has raised her children well in Walter's absence. It is great to see them doing well.

Anonymous said...

another whining letter to the editor by Rick Lawrence. Get over it, the Mayor's race is over. Try paying your bills first Lawrence.

Anonymous said...

The City of Chicago and it's Park District refuse to allow a free statue of #34 to erected at the football stadium where he played. It's an insult to the Payton family. Chicago is not a world-class city, it doesn't deserve the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Aurora Country Club tees off on alderman
By Justin Kmitch and Josh Stockinger | Daily Herald

Aurora's Fourth Ward Alderman Rick Lawrence was one of several people sued in small claims court earlier this month by Aurora Country Club.

The suit, filed Oct. 6., claims Lawrence owes the club $3,477 for "membership fees, food, merchandise, golf fees and miscellaneous charges incurred while a member of the Aurora Country Club."

The complaint states "that the plaintiff has demanded payment of said sum; that the defendant refused to pay the same and no part thereof has been paid."

Lawrence on Thursday refuted every claim in the suit, especially regarding the golf fees.

"I ain't giving them a dime," he said.

Lawrence said his family maintained an annual pool and tennis membership - at a cost of about $10,000 - so his daughters could swim close to home.

Not a golfer, Lawrence says he's "never even played the course."

He said he believes the lawsuit can be traced to about 9:30 p.m. Jan. 31 when he, his wife, and their two daughters had just finished dinner at the club with another couple and their two children.

As the adults were wrapping up the night and saying their goodbyes, the children were laughing and carrying on "like young girls do," he said.

"Out of nowhere, this belligerent slob of a guy, who I don't even know, came from the bar area yelling 'Shut the (expletive) up. You don't belong here,' to the four girls," Lawrence said. "Stunned, I jumped up to see what was going on and all the guy wanted to do was fight and take me outside."

When the manager refused to intervene, Lawrence said he canceled his membership, telling the manager "we're done" and never stepped foot back in the club.

"I couldn't get my daughters back in there if I had to," he said.

On Feb. 26, Lawrence said he received and paid a bill for $1,014, which he said covered his balance in full through the night of the incident. He has continued to receive quarterly bills but has ignored them.

Phone calls and e-mails placed to club manager Robert White, membership director Gayle Maple and the club's attorney, Jay Wyeth, were not returned Thursday.

The case is set for a hearing at 9:30 a.m. Nov. 10 in small claims court in Kane County, but Lawrence said he hopes to resolve the issue privately before then.

Anonymous said...

I believe Economic Development consultant Mike Turner is also being sued by them.

Anonymous said...

Kifowit gave the story to the Beacon.

Andre sold you out.

Anonymous said...

Kifowit gave the story to the Beacon.

Prove it.

Anonymous said...

Ask her

Anonymous said...

Ask " LITTLE" Dick Hawks

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kifowit!

Anonymous said...

If Kifowit is spreading this crap she is a bigger idiot than previously thought.

That chic really doesn't know who her allies are does she!

Anonymous said...

Well it is obvious that it is not Rick Lawrence. He votes against everything, no one will be his ally nor can I see anyone wanting to be his ally.