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Saturday, November 28, 2009

White House Party Crashers Met President Obama - Power to the People or Did They Do Something Wrong?

Michaele and Tareq Salahi meet President Obama
(photo courtesy White House)

The highlight for President Barack Obama's first official state dinner (for India) turns out to be the national buzz over Michaele and Tariq Salahi's visit.

The DC-area socialites were able to get inside, mingle and even meet President Obama, all without one of the special invitations.

The Secret Service says there was never any danger to the President since all guests have to go through the same security procedures, but many say that the incident still represents a security "breach."

Does going to a taxpayer-funded fancy party for the rich and famous mean they did something ethically, legally or morally wrong?

What about the rest of the guests who DID get an invitation? Katie Couric and her 17 years younger boytoy? What makes them any more important?

Considering the state dinner was for India, we understand CNN correspondent and neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta's invitation, but Oprah's buddy, Gayle King? What makes her more special than 300 million other people?

President Barack Obama said he was going to CHANGE Washington and politics as usual. Maybe this is a good opportunity to learn a lesson. For the next state dinner or fancy event at hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer expense, how about inviting 300 or so random taxpayers to spend time in their White House?

Government at all levels need to remember who the real VIP, the taxpayer.


Anonymous said...


There is NO WAY that ANYONE can EVER be 100% SAFE, but this was an epic BLUNDER.

Anonymous said... ask why Gayle King was there. Ahem, have you notice the color of her skin by chance?
Case closed.

Anonymous said...

I think this goes with the territory of an administration that refuses to beileive there are terrorist, insist that there is no "war on terrorist" and believes that we don't need the CIA or FBI unless you want to use them against those astroturf tea-party protesters. Only the Kool-aid drinkers need apply. If they could figure out a way to get rid of the military they would do so as well, but that might be a tricky deal to pull off.

Talk about an elitist, radical, lefist clique that is determined to "transform America" into the" change you can't believe in", you ain't seen nothing yet, America. You should be careful what you ask for. How's all those new jobs working for ya?

Anonymous said...

The new job is just wonderful. Great fulltime pay and fantastic benefits. I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

I look very forward to the day a portion of the country is mourning the premature death of Obama.

Anonymous said...

You hateful racist people are so ignorant it's pitiful!
EPIC blunder yes, but hmmmmm, wasn't there an epic blunder when we sent our troops to Iraq to find "weapons of mass destruction" that or govt confirmed were there. Bless those Americans of all color that lost their life on that MINOR? blunder.
Bet you never said a word about that.

Anonymous said...

Gee anyone want to guess what color 3:59 is? Not one mention of race in this post and then 3:59 accuses everyone of racism.

Anonymous said...

I am a "random taxpayer" who was not invited to the party. However, I was never invited to any Reagan, Bush I or Bush II parties.

The only way the "random taxpayer" ever gets into the White House is by standing in the visitor's line to get a ticket for the tour.

Anonymous said...

I am really not sure what he big deal is. This idiot gets himself killed and the country will be better off anyways.

Actually it would be funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

3:14 & 6:33
Comments that might be interpreted as threats against the president can draw the attention of federal agencies. They may accidentally let an uninvited guest into the white house, but they do know how to get your e-mail address.

Knock Knock - who might come to your door.

Anonymous said...

Comments that might be interpreted as threats against the president can draw the attention of federal agencies. They may accidentally let an uninvited guest into the white house, but they do know how to get your e-mail address.

Knock Knock - who might come to your door.

They could only be interpreted as a threat by a total moron. Oh, that is who he is hiring to do security now is it not?

There is no threat real or implied. Obama may simply keel over on a treadmill; and that would be dam funny given the femmy food he eats to keep his girlish figure.

Anonymous said...

I like how Barack has brought people together. 90 plus percent of blacks think he is doing an ok job and the rest of the country thinks he is the worst President ever. So he has managed to divide the country into blacks and all others. Very nicely done Barack

Anonymous said...

Actually it is not Barack who managed to divide the country into blacks and all others, it is the blacks themselves. By refusing to acknowledge that Barack is the great deceiver, that he has enacted policies harmful to all Americans, but in particular to black Americans, African Americans have clearly illustrated they are clanish and not really part of the country nor can they be trusted to be responsible with their vote or their judgment.

It is really a shame to, as the country as a whole proved it no longer had race issues, only to reveal that he true racists are people of color.

Anonymous said...

Wait til the PALOOZA-OSAMAOBAMA VAT TAX kicks in and you will see just what these COMMUNIST BASTARDS set up for you. If you don"t know what the VAT TAX is look it up. The education will do you good.

Anonymous said...

Ref: The Fleecing of America post below.

Anonymous said...

3:14 - You... are a jackass.

4:35 - You... are also a jackass.

6:33 - You... are an even bigger jackass.

8:15 - And so might you. And that would be funny as well.

10:04 - Wrong. But apparently you can't read.

12:33 - Name any. Any policy that is harmful. Go ahead. Name one. And when you do, make absolutely sure that you also post verifiable facts (other than Fox News bias) to go along with it.

8:38 - Jackass again.

8:47 - I didn't see the post below. Was is about the Bush II years, since, that's when all this started?

The part that really bothers me about all of this is that any post about anything that President Obama does or doesn't do, becomes a way to post hate and inaccurate open ended crap about what he has or has not done.

And the funniest part? None of you will say who you are.


Anonymous said...

Obama actions that directly negatively impact people of African descent.

1) Abortion, more children of color are aborted than are ever born, this is a holocaust. 78 to 80% of Planned Parenthood (abortion clinics) are located in minority neighborhoods.

2) Obama is against school choice and/or vouchers. Yet his children go to private schools unlike the children in the communities in which he lives.

3) African Americans have suffered more than any other group in terms of wage suppression, decline in housing standards because of the presence of illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

News for you Openline...we the real taxpayers never were, are now not, or ever will be the VIP's. The only way to strike some fear and send a message to these current politicians, are to vote them out. Maybe only then the successors running for office will get the message. Let's not give them a career in office when they quit working for us or it's one term and out the door. Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

I would like to address 3:59

"wasn't there an epic blunder when we sent our troops to Iraq to find "weapons of mass destruction" that or govt confirmed were there."


Like most from the liberal side you assume WMD to be Nukes. They don't have to be. And yes we confirmed WMD to be there as did the top security agencies from all over the world.

Then why did we find very little. Note I did not say none because if you knew anything you would know that we did find some i'll be it little.?

Could that be because the U F'n N got involved and allowed Saddam months to get them out and to hide them?

I also take pause with the fact that you state it was an epic blunder. I fail to see how freeing millions of people from a tyrannical dictator and providing for a democratic government could ever be called and epic blunder.

The real epic blunder was electing this idiot to be the prez and his actions to take the greatest and free democratic Republic this world has known and in such a short time turned it toward a socialistic marxocommunist regime

Anonymous said...

Fuck this blog.
Garbage. When will you ignorant fucks realize that you are all wrong- left, right... Ron Paul all day long you cocksucking pussies!

Anonymous said...

I know Ron Paul, and I really don't think he would appreciate your vernacular. And as a supporter of his I wish you would go to the Democrats where your filth is encouraged.

Anonymous said...

Where filth is encouraged??? haha- it's called openline blog you bukkake festival clean-up man douche of all douches pile of garbage?! How bout that vernacular, cunt.
you don't know Ron Paul, liar.

Anonymous said...

There are some real sick,s on this blog. Get help!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's the sickos on this blog that keeps bringing you back.

Anonymous said...

6:41- yep, have talked to him 7 times over the years. Sorry if you are such a loser you know no one of import or can get them to return your calls. I have also talked to Obama on 3 occasions before he became President, among others. Of course that is the advantage of being a X, naw not going to tell you because that would spoil the fun.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to claim anything when you're anonymous. Now if you excuse me, my two supermodel girlfriends finally finished cooking dinner and setting it up by the hot tub. I have to go.

On topic, a Presidential state dinner with a random cross-section of American society would probably be a good tradition. It might help pull the Overton Window back from the extreme right position it's sitting at now.

Anonymous said...

I see where the Democrats and the Head Read have lied again by leaving the loopholes in the healthcare bill that allows ILLEGAL aliens to obtain healthcare at the expense of the now tapped out US taxpayer. The good representative from so carolina was right when he accused OBAMA of lieing. Nice going you dupes.

Anonymous said...

President Obama has not lied about anything. He asked the Congress to do this work. President Obama did say that he wouldn't sign a bill including certain provisions, and if I remember correctly, that was one of them. If he were to sign it, then he could be called a liar. But. It would seem to me, not until then.


Anonymous said...

Being an "X"? What is that supposed to mean? You paid a shit ton of money for a plate of food to take a picture with these chumps? Wow- you're are real mover and shaker!! haha

Anonymous said...

10:45 - nope, I am a person of merit, unlike apparently you who are a worthless nobody no one ever heard of nor care enough about to go to the effort to make your acquaintance.

By the way, in order to have candidates invite you to private functions you do have to have the means to gain their attention and that normally means you are member of the press, a force in a political organization, or well heeled. In other words they need you. There are some exceptions. And frankly I think it is unfortunate that this is the system.

A closing thought, anonymity is wonderful, you never know whom you may meet.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a lying, thieving, baby murdering scum. Lies - how about the oath that he would uphold the Constitution of the United States? Please show me anywhere in the Constitution authority to create a national health care provision, please show me where the Government is authorized to take over GM or dictate CEO salaries? You can't because there is none, he violated his knowingly and intentionally and that makes him a liar. In hsi case as an alleged constitutional scholar it makes him a giant, gargantuan liar.

Obama claims to have been Constitutional scholar, he has no excuse except that he is a deceitful lying scum!

And don't you dare attempt to counter with a stupid, lame Bush argument(He should have been impeached for violating Article 4, Section 4.) Bush's many transgressions have nothing to do with Obama's transgressions.

Want more lies, what about the transparency he promised? remember how everything would be on line? Face it Obama is low life scum, a liar, a baby murderer and those are probably his finer points.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

haha- yup, thats me- Mr. Nobody boo-fucking-hoo! I ain't got no friends- waaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I cry in my pillow every night cause I dont got any politically connected friends- :-( hahhahahahahah! Yer such a cumstain! Person of merit? You post on openlineblog, you are as much of a douche as anyone else on here!!! Go on home, punk!

Anonymous said...

The same sections of the Constitution that allow Social Security, Medicare & Bush's prescription drug program. But then perhaps you consider those programs unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

I think you are starting to get it- ALL POLITICIANS LIE!
REPUBLICANS, DEMS- the whole freaking lot!!! Worthless. For every one decent thing done- 20 awful things also happen.
Time for the US govt to get a swift kick in the ass and lets start voting these people OUT!

Anonymous said...

3:55 - Not going to spout about President Bush at all. He is retired. He had a chance at a good run.

I would like to ask where in the Constitution it says that there can't be a health care system? Where it says that people that are reaping the rewards of Main Street for Wall Street can't be regulated. Where taking over the General Motors Company to save hundreds of thousands of American jobs is listed there? Can you show me those?

Our forefathers created a rich document that covered what they believed was important and relevant at the time. And the thing that has amazed me, as well as most Americans is that to this day, it still is. But they never knew that there would be 300 million of us in the United States. They never knew that we would sell our jobs overseas. They never knew that money and power would be as relevant as it is. They believed in common things. Rights, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Transparency. It's coming. There is certainly more of it than in prior administrations. Well prior to either of the Bush Presidencies.

But again. What amazes me is the outright defamatory remarks that people, like you, make about our President.

If you have better ideas, then share them.

I know that I am not for everything that he is doing. I wish we were out of the Middle East. But that was started well before he became president. And I understand the reasons that we must be there.

But. He has killed no babies.

He is certainly not scum.

Nor a Liar.

Stop slinging and start suggesting... real valid and useful ideas.


Anonymous said...

5:09 are you black?

Anonymous said...

3:55 you are immature. Why is it every liberal Obama butt kisser's counter to everything is to reference OTHER corrupt politicians?

All of Bush's mistakes and crimes have nothing to do with Obama's mistakes and crimes. Pointing to Bush as a defense of Obama is childish.

Why can you simply not admit your President is a liar, has violated his oath of office and is a baby murderer? The record is crystal clear on all three points.

And to Shawn, the OCnsitution is a limtiatio on powers. It specifies wha tth eFederal Governemnt can do, anythign else that is no listed it cannto do withut amending th ocnsittution. tha tis th eprocess. Look it up for gosh sakes> In IL we require yo uto pass a Consittuion calss for gosh sake.

Obame is a baby murderer. He fought for the right to terminate the life of children who were born alive. That is murder and Obama is the king of all murderers. he makes Hitler seem tolerant by comparison. Obama's law was viewed so heinous that the Supreme Court ruled against it as being cruel.

If you knowing swear that you will uphold the Constitution and then work to undermine it you are a liar. Obama is a liar. And anyone who denies it is a liar.

And Shawn you are either diigenusous or ignorant. You don't think our founding fathers knew what wealth and power were? Are you nuts? Go read a history book. Actually read several becasue there is not one word of truth in anythig nyou have wrote. You views are based on wither ignorance or deception. Since you refuse to admit Obama is a liar and a baby murderer I would assume you are another liar.

Crack a real book sometime and stop with the liberal talking points.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry for the typos above. I guess my cut and past from the edited version did not take.