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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Are Urban Area Township Government Units Clout Farms and Taxpayer Waste? Time to Say Goodbye to Township Government?

ABC7's I-Team and the Better Government Association (BGA) took a close look at the role and waste of township government units in Cook County as clout farms.

While suburban townships such as Aurora, Naperville and Wheatland have a more relevant role for the township assessor, is it in the taxpayer's best interest to have township government in urban areas?

Should the assessor's role and road responsibilities be shifted to counties and cities with township government eliminated?


Anonymous said...

I think most would agree that township govt is a joke...look at it's leadership!!

Anonymous said...

Ah come on. Whitey Peters cut his teeth at the Township and look what all that experience has done for him as an Alderman. Why he is nearly a Statesman for well did he craft hi trade at the Township. ROTFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Speaking of taxpayer waste

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would agree all it is in Aurora is a Linda Chapa Lablago welfare agency. Run by that half of brain Christina Campos. Lablago gives free rent vouchers and food to all the illegals. That is all the Township is get rid of it.