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Sunday, January 17, 2010

West Aurora Upsets East Aurora 72-66 in Illinois High School Basketball's Oldest Rivalry | Game Played at Northern Illinois University

At the "neutral" site at Northern Illinois University (NIU) for Illinois High School Basketball's oldest rivalry, the West Aurora Blackhwaks upset favored East Aurora Tomcats 72-66 on Saturday evening.

Despite dismissing its leading scorer from the team a day earlier for undisclosed reasons, West Aurora's victory puts them in the lead 127-86 in their basketball rivalry with the 213th game.

The crowd at the NIU Convocation Center in DeKalb was 4,272 for the high school basketball game.


Anonymous said...

it is sad that in a lousy economy West Aurora could have the game in Dekalb. Area businesses could have benefited by people going out after the game. Same with graduation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please area businesses. This game is not that important.

Like McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell- I think they will do just fine

Anonymous said...

No one has money to go out and eat after the game. As I hear more people where able to go to the game since it was there.

As far as graduation being there I bet families can bring more family members to watch the graduation that is always one thing that people complain about.

Anonymous said...

It's just stupid to think that people are going to go out and spend money after the game at "Local Business." You know what most people do, go home. The game is over and everybody gets in their car and goes home.

Anonymous said...

So instead of encouraging scholarship society once again gives accolades to someone for putting an orange globe through a hoop. Seals at Sea World have much the same talent.

Ant wonder we get our asses kicked academically on the world stage?

Anonymous said...

So 3:34, you suck at sports eh?

Anonymous said...

Hey, after the game I did use a local business. I went by 7:29's moms house and fucked her for a dime.

I know how to spend money in Aurora.

Anonymous said...

5:57 - no I am a rather talented physical specimen who excels at all physical endeavors. However the amount of time children and young adults waste in pursuit of sports is time not spent advancing society as a whole or acquiring practical skills.

Anonymous said...

Kids learn a lot about LIFE by playing sports! They learn how to function as part of a group (team). They learn how to support and encourage one another. They learn to read and interpret non-verbal cues (any basketball player is constantly evaluating what an opponent's next move might be). They learn to integrate physical and mental coordination.

It's no accident that many of our most successful CEO's and politicians were outstanding athletes in high school and college!

Of course, kids also need to achieve scholastically. But sports and academics (arts, too!) are not either/or--they're both/and. My own grown children benefited tremendously from participating in sports!

Anonymous said...

7:56 - yes, they can learn all this by participating in sport as part of recess or during P.E. It makes ZERO sense to encourage participation beyond that when you have to compete in a globalized society. Sports for exercise, certainly, but sports compete against academics for a students time and energy, of that there can be no dispute.

Anonymous said...

11:44, there CAN be a reasonable balance between students' participation in sports, arts, and academics (depending on their interests and abilities)! My own kids were not in sports, but they did spend quite a bit of time in band activities when they were in high school. Both were Indian Prairie Scholars (top of their class academically). And the valedictorian of my son's class was a three-sport athlete who is financing most of his college education (in sports medicine) with a scholarship awarded based upon his academic AND athletic abilities.

I feel sorry for the high-school student who is expected to keep his/her nose to the grindstone, without the opportunity or encouragement to develop body, mind, and spirit.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain to me what extra curricular sports possibly have to do with education, and why are we as taxpayers forced to subsidize activities that are not related directly to education? P.E. to stress the importance of exercise to maintain a healthy body is fine, but explain once again what a football game has to do with reading, writing, or arithmetic?

And what is wrong with having your nose to the grindstone? Children are literally STEALING from other people to provide for their education, at least the could have the common courtesy of focusing on education rather than sports.

Anonymous said...

1:42, my husband and I paid for the vast majority of the cost of our kids' extracurricular activities (sports and music). We paid for private music lessons, gymnastics classes, and karate lessons. We paid from our own pockets for extras such as band instruments, sports uniforms, and school trips. Our kids grew up to be mentally and physically healthy, God-fearing, productive citizens.

How dare you ASSUME that all parents whose kids compete in sports are doing so at your (taxpayer) expense? How dare you accuse our family of stealing from others for our children's education?

Have you raised children? If so, are they well-balanced, happy adults? And did you raise them with no help at all from any taxpayer-sponsored program such as park districts or libraries?

Yes, some do take advantage of government programs (and could be accused of "stealing" from the taxpayers). But the vast majority of my neighbors gladly accept the responsibility of sharing some of the cost of extracurricular youth activities. It's in the best interests of all of us!

Anonymous said...

Hey anyone see Roberts at the game.

Anonymous said...

How dare you accuse our family of stealing from others for our children's education?

Did you pay for 100 percent of your children's education? If not you are stealing form others. I do not support public education - period. If you have children in public school you are using hte coercive force of Government to take the fruits of my labor without my just consent. When you steal the fruits of another's labors it is called slavery.

You either are a thief or you are not. My guess is you are a thief, you just never before considered yourself a slaver and thief, but that is in fact what you apparently are.

Anonymous said...

Then will you please leave the country. You are a moron if you believe what you just typed. You pay taxes, taxes support the country.

Anonymous said...

5:33 p.m., do you ever use public roads and/or transportation? Do you use the public library? If your neighbor's house were on fire would you call the (tax-subsidized) fire department or expect him to put the fire out himself?

Don't single out the public school system for your criticism--our police, fire department, postal service and roadways are all subsidized by your tax dollars and mine.

You call me a thief because a tiny portion of my childrens' education was paid for by tax dollars. Can you honestly say that you and your family use NO government services? I seriously doubt it!

Anonymous said...

(:05 the difference is when you can trace the benefit to an individual it no longer is for the public good and becomes what are founding father's termed an article of benevolence. Sports as you list them are articles of benevolence and simply the theft of labor (which is what slavery is) and is immoral. Roads serve a very common purpose,that the sweeping vast majority of society benefits from and it has nothing to do with driving a car as much as the flow of goods and services that nearly all use . Your decision to procreate simply creates a burden on others. Apparently you want others to support your decision to have children and feel that you have a right to enslave them. I suspect you are an ethnic minority by your entitlement attitude. Are you Black by any chance, because such an entitlement mentality permeates that subculture.

Anonymous said...

7:10pm - And you'll be spending alot more to treat your STD.

Anonymous said...

No, I am not Black. My husband and I are proudly German-American (although in my personal experience ethnicity has very little to do with having an attitude of entitlement; the Black people in my circle of friends and co-workers are all hard-working and ethical individuals).

And you say that my husband's and my decision to procreate (in our case, to have two children to replace ourselves, and to carry on our legacy) "simply creates a burden on others"? 9;15 p.m., what would happen to the human race if everyone had your attitude?

We humans definitely do create a burden on others! When we are babies, we depend upon parents for our every need. When we are sick or hurt, we depend upon medical professionals. When we are old, we may be unable to do productive work anymore and will again be a burden on those who care for us.

The Nazis had a term for those individuals who were a burden to society--they were called "useless eaters". I like to think that we have evolved beyond seeing our fellow human beings only in terms of their usefulness or productivity. I'm hopeful that my children will learn from my example that we need to care for each other and if necessary help provide for each others' needs.

Anonymous said...

If you are not paying the full freight of your decision to procreate (i.e. putting your children in public school) then you have deliberately burdened the unwilling and are stealing the fruits of their labor which is no different than slavery.

And Germany is now the lapdog of socialism, so your attitude makes sense.

It is really simple, if you spread your legs and you cannot afford to pay 100% of the result of your procreation you are a burden to society as are your children - period! No amount of your wishful thinking will change that fact.

Anonymous said...

Then by your definition more than 90% of people in this country are stealing--if not 99%.

What should happen to my elderly neighbor, the widow of a WWII veteran? She has no children to help provide for her, and now she needs to move into an Alzheimer's facility, subsidized by the state. Is she "stealing" from you?

How about the mother of two preschool children, whose husband is in jail? I don't mind seeing my tax dollars going to help feed, clothe, and shelter innocent children who through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN cannot provide for themselves. Yet you would say she is "stealing".

I shudder to think of a society where we neglect our weakest members because they are a burden on the unwilling. I may be a thief, but you are heartless!

Anonymous said...

Yes - they Government has succeeded in destroying morality and ethics in this nation, making it a common occurrence to enslave your neighbors and to put them under the oppressive yoke of Government tyranny in order to fulfill the desires you have neither the talent or ability to fulfill by taking from others.

Just because 90-99% are part of a crime does not justify it.

As for your neighbor, has it ever occurred to you that historically and correctly private institutions provided fro the needy on a voluntary instead of a conscription base. Please research fraternal organizations and their history and witness how the Government purposefully set out to destroy them and weaken the useful work they did. Not only did it destroy the moral fabric of society but it also took away one of the well established passages into manhood for young men.

I volunteer my time and services to several charities, but not this is of my own free will and my choosing not by the force of Government coercion.

And yes your examples are stealing. You have the right to spend your money as you see fit but no right to vote to deprive me of the just fruits of my labor. Your behavior is immoral and it makes you a THIEF.

Please ready Davy Crockett's "Not your to Give" and Madison's commentary on articles of benevolence to understand these fundamental principles.

Anonymous said...

You and I have something in common: we both choose to volunteer our time and resources to better our fellow human beings. If only private/volunteer organizations could address all the needs of those unable to help themselves!

Until then, I remain a THIEF.

And you remain HEARTLESS.

Anonymous said...

At least you admit to your desire to reconstitute slavery; admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

And I am heartless because I wish to choose how the fruits of my labor are directed? That makes me heartless? Interesting definition.

Anonymous said...

Roberts- and both the East and West Boards- were up in a sky box. Probably got it for bringing the money to NIU for the gram