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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Aurora City Council Makes Changes to Liquor Laws

Aurora City Council approved new changes to the city's liquor laws that include changes for operators and the public.

A new liquor license would be given an automatic one year probation period and could be revoked anytime if any liquor-related law is violated.

One controversial aspect of the licensing relates to the city's liquor commissioner (who is the mayor) from being able to deny a license for someone who with is "not of good character or reputation in the community which he resides."

Another change in laws would make it unlawful to have an open container of alcohol in public.  Previously, that was only if one was drinking from a container.

No word on if the city will arrest itself during special events such as Downtown Alive.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous on so many fronts. There are other ways to deal with problem bars but once again our power hungry city council takes the usurper route.

And given that the ultimate authority on these issues is the temperamental mayor it is simply unbelievable.

More to the point, this gives large amounts of power to the mayor's office to send out agents to shake down bar owners for contributions or support for whatever the mayor desires.

I find it both interesting and unsettling that one Alderman who actually complained about shakedowns when the city passed the unconscionable minority bid process actually voted for this.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the city cant do anything about all the illegals living here, so we take our flustrations out on the working class public again. I think we need the Arizona law here too!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Run the illegals out. Just think of all the problems it would solve.

1) Infrastructure would be far less taxed. Less sewage, far less water usage, less electrical consumption.
2) The crime rate would dramatically drop. So less police action needed.
3) Air quality would improve without Mexicans firing up 30 year old lawn mowers that create a billow of smoke and driving cars with exhaust pipes packed with steel wool.
4) City would save thousands and thousands as there would be less demand for Hispanic festivals.
5) School populations would drop by about 1/2 create a large surplus for the schools.
6) Emergency rooms woudl be restored to their right full purpose
7) General noise pollution would be dramatically lowered as the blacks would not have to compete with the illegals fro the most annoying music in the neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

1) The cost of infrastructure is MUCH higher in new construction areas (as opposed to areas where infrastructure has existed for hundreds of years)...where Aurora's population is generally white, not hispanic and certainly not "illegals." Cost for construction, cost for lines underground; and please don't suggest that developers cover these costs in full...because THEY DON'T.
2) You sure about that?
3) 30-year old lawn mowers aren't the major source of air pollutants. All car emissions (not just the older cars) are a huge source, especially diesel, but all cars; as well as industry emitting sources.
4) Getting rid of "illegals" doesn't mean there won't be interest in, gasp, God forbid, non-white culture based festivals.
5) Where on earth are you getting your numbers from?
6) How so? So "illegals" are the only ones with health insurance problems these days? Open your eyes!
7) Ahh, yet more racist ranting. Charming. What's funny is your anger is based in little numerical fact. But there is one numerical fact that you can't ignore: Soon your ignorant ass will be in the minority nationwide. Looking forward to it! ;)

Your "problems" are far from being solved. Maybe if you'd get your head outta your ass and stop blaming an entire group of people and instead, work on real solutions, your problems might come close to getting solved. But that won't happen. You'd rather sit and bitch and moan all day.

Anonymous said...

Here is a far easier option. Pack up and move you and yours out of this POS city run by a POS mayor and city council. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Leave it up to the mayor? Can you say arbitrary and capricious? That would be unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

There is a county in Virginia that has had a vey similar law to Az. for the last three years. Crime is down, anchor babies are down, cost of supporting these ILLEGALS is down. Check it out yourself at FOX news they have the video.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that we can't drink our Bud Lights in the front yard any more?

Anonymous said...

Once again your representative in washington had the opportunity to vote to save us 30 billion in the budget and reform freddy and fanny but he took the SOCIALIST way out and voted against it...thanks BILL FOSTER for watching out for your constituants so closely as they are surely watching you. Vote them all out next election.

Anonymous said...

Works for me. I'm tired of drunks stumbling down my sidewalk, sucking down a bottle carried in a paper bag. Now if they could do something about the guys walking down Blackhawk smoking pot...