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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Illinois and Chicago Corruption | Daley Henchman and Meigs Field Killer John Harris Testifies Against Blago...Is He Giving Feds Info on the Political Mafia Kingpin, Richard M. Daley?

John Harris, former Chief of Staff to Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who was arrested on the same day, testified against Blago on Monday in the ongoing corruption trial that exposes the Chicago Way is alive and well.

However, Harris is not a longtime state government crony like many others or even a longtime friend of Blago.  He is actually a longtime crony of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and worked for the political mafia kingpin for years and helped execute Daley's midnight murder of Meigs Field, the former lakefront airport that was destroyed by the mayor in a crime that was never prosecuted.

In exchange for doing Daley's dirty work, he expected to be named Chief of Staff, but was passed over.  Sources say he was upset and Blago took advantage of the opportunity and brought him into state government where he could use his connections to the Daley cronies.

Harris, who is cooperating with the Feds in order to get a lighter sentence, is probably doing whatever he can to help prosecutors nail Blago for his own selfish interests, but the much bigger fish that is swimming out there is Daley himself.

For the iron-fisted mayor who controls everything in Chicago, it's hard to imagine he has zero control over the corruption epidemic at Chicago's City Hall, so could Harris be talking to the Feds?

We hope so.  Because all the Blagorama is worth it if the Feds are finally able to nail the most corrupt dictator in modern America in Richard M. Daley.

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