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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Illinois Set to Increase Minimum Wage Above Federal Level Squeezing More From Small Business

If you are a small business owner that has any employees working at minimum wage, you are about to see your labor costs increase beyond the federal level and surrounding states.

Illinois Governor candidate Bill Brady says while any business can pay more, making the minimum wage requirement higher than the federal level may put business in Illinois at a disadvantage in some situations.

Meanwhile, Illinois temp Governor Pat Quinn says he's all for increasing labor costs higher than the federal level and what other surrounding states require.


Anonymous said...

More idiotic ideas from the socialists running this state. Why would anyone want to start a small business here whil be disadvantaged by higher wages? This is equally as ignorant as OSMAMA OBAMA thinking he can spend his way out of debt. Try it at home I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Just remember Quinn when it comes to re-election time.

Anonymous said...

It's nothing more than Quinn pandering for votes from the low wage earners.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad strategy, considering there are a lot more low wage earners then there was a year or two ago.

Anonymous said...

$8.25 an hour is $17,160 a year. That's below the poverty rate.

Would small business owners want to hire some one who has to live under a bridge and eat from a dumpster?

All you "good Americans" get out your pencils and add up how much it costs to live in a house and eat, let alone buy health insurance.


Anonymous said...

I would urge all small business owners to look to other more "business friendly" states to operate in. The communist nation that has become Illinois is just too much to take.

Anonymous said...

Could we have a definition of a Socialist by one of you who thinks that our Governor or our President is one??