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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Linda Chapa-LaVia Blasted By Mark Kirk Campaign and Media for Making False Allegations While Chapa-LaVia's Own Alderman Misleads Public

As State Rep. Linda Chapa-LaVia (D-Aurora) was on a Chicago television station (see video) as a surrogate for Alexi Giannoulias to try and attack candidate Mark Kirk in the U.S. Senate race, back home in Aurora, the irony of her attack was noticed by many of our viewers.

Kirk has been attacked for how he listed being "deployed" as part of training missions in Afghanistan as part of his annual reservist requirements.  Yet, Aurora's Party Girl Alderman Stephanie Kifowit and political buddy of Chapa-LaVia recently claimed she had been "deployed" in an attempt to mislead the public she had been in combat operations, even claiming nobody other than her family was at the airport to welcome her home.

Clearly, if Chapa-LaVia is concerned about Kirk's distinction between a training mission and actual combat, she should be outraged at Kifowit's blatant and misleading statements, right?

According to a press release from Mark Kirk's campaign:

The negative campaign being waged against my 21 years of service in the United States Navy Reserve turned from dirty to ridiculous. Yesterday, WFLD allowed a partisan surrogate for Alexi Giannoulias to make ludicrous accusations without challenge or correction.
According to Giannoulias’ surrogate State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia (D-Aurora), I should “apologize to all the veterans especially the veterans during the Vietnam era because that’s when he supposedly served.” I was 13 years old when the Vietnam Paris Peace Accords were signed in 1973.
Rep. Chapa LaVia was on a roll. She also said “allegations are starting to come out where he falsified that he served in Iraq and Afghanistan too.” I served over Iraq as part of Operation Northern Watch in 2000 and twice served in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Media, including Capitol Fax, have pointed out Chapa-LaVia's statements were a "screw-up" and many are demanding Chapa-LaVia apologize to Kirk for the incorrect allegations she made against him.

We say Chapa-LaVia's problem is a lot closer to home.  If she is truly concerned about someone misleading anyone about military service and thinks that makes someone unfit to be elected, she should join veterans and others demanding her alderman, Stephanie Kifowit, apologize and resign.

Meanwhile, Alexi Giannoulias has plenty of problems from his buddy Tony Rezko to the failed Broadway Bank fiasco and his own "corrections" of his record:


Anonymous said...

I don't know about his service record but he certainly couldn't wait to vote yes on the cap and trade bill to help his buddies at the CCX. If this guy was a real Republican and not a rino he wouldn't have betraid the public this way. We don't need any friends of ALGORE in the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Once again Illinoisians are left with little choice for honest representation.

Anonymous said...

Again Openline spewing lies because they can't handle the truth that Kifowit has every right as a veteran to say she was deployed. But ofcourse Openline can't admit when they are wrong (right Rick Lawrence?)

Anonymous said...

From the Department of Defense’s Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms…


(DOD) 1. In naval usage, the change from a cruising approach or contact disposition to a disposition for battle.

(DOD) 2. The movement of forces within operational areas.

(DOD) 3. The positioning of forces into a formation for battle.

(DOD) 4. The relocation of forces and materiel to desired operational areas. Deployment encompasses all activities from origin or home station through destination, specifically including intra-continental United States, intertheater, and intratheater movement legs, staging, and holding areas.

See also deployment order; deployment planning; prepare to deploy order.

#4 applies here, and Kifowit has every right to state she deployed overseas to Okinawa.

Anonymous said...

She stated that she understands what is like to be deployed and come back to an airport without a welcome party waiting for her. Comparing her office position in Okinawa to those soldiers returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You never hear Leroy Kieth, a Bronze Star recipient speak of his service for political gain. He shows the utmost respect for the Military.

Kifowit on the other hand would not have a resume but for her brief office duty in the Marines. She never misses an opportunity to exploit the Marine Corp. for a political advertisement.

Anonymous said...

I would ask if Kifowit is right in her statements, then why has the Mayors office through the Law department been asked for an apology or a retraction by Kifowit?

Hey Beacon and Herald FOIA the information from the City.

Anonymous said...

Still Openline is censuring and deleting comments. Everyone, start saving your comments so you can repost them. We have a right to express ourselves as long as we believe it's the truth and not using foul language.

Anonymous said...

can't FOIA something that doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Chapa Lablago the big education finance chair should go back to Springfield and worry about that. She has lied about her record on the schools, used her position to get business for her loser husband and shake everyone down in Aurora for him. Lablago is the Tony Rezco of Aurora.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

We call for the immediate banning of posters who type in all Caps.

Anonymous said...

Ward's article just states what everyone thinks. However, Lawrence can't dissassociate himself from a blog he authors.

Anonymous said...

I read Wards comments - is he a fag?

Anonymous said...

I think Chapa LaBlago's "military record" needs to be scrutinized. What's her real record? She certainly enjoys touting her service for her own political gain.

Beacon News Openline said...

Ashamed of officials who make false claims

What I find most despicable in our nation -- of all the veterans who have served in combat or deployed or wounded or did something very special -- is when city officials, county officials, state officials or federal officials claim something that they didn't do in the name of some special glory.
And I trust The Beacon, when somebody mentions something like this, they will thoroughly check it out and expose the truth.

Frank Gordon


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to check on chapa's husbands scam businesses she's a mini blago

Anonymous said...

you mean the Defibulator business that mysteriously got a nice State Contract?