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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Executive Director to Oversee Implosion of Aurora Housing Authority

Jean Federman is the latest executive director for the Aurora Housing Authority (AHA), which has had chronic problems under poor leadership from its board, led by America's worst slumlord board and its chair, Gerry Jones.

Federman, who has been with AHA since the early 1990's, says she first declined the position.  Georgia Butler's reign lasted 8 months after replacing Rick Brace.

Sources say many potential candidates have said no to AHA, partly due to the concern of having to deal with a board that has overseen and created chronic problems.

The most recent example was the confusion created by the AHA board for the demolition of Jericho Circle, the rotting complex on Aurora's near west side.

Federman's contract is for two years, starting July 1.


Anonymous said...

Monica Silva will beat Jerry Jones

Anonymous said...

Jean Federman will be a vital part of the solution the AHA has been waiting for.

She understands the job, HUD regulations and has a viable and flexible staff to implement the needed changes at the AHA.

Yes, there are some chronic problems at the AHA. However, now that the need for change has been identified, the competent and capable team at the AHA will make the needed changes.

We should all remember that change takes time, energy and effort. It cannot happen overnight.

The AHA will try to rise above all of the criticism, reproach, uninformed suggestions, hostility and slurs to properly work on the job at hand.

The AHA and Aurora will be better in the end.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jones is too chicken to compete with Silva and may hope friends will help him with petition challenge...

What a coward.

Anonymous said...

with low home prices, you would think the AHA would be snapping up bargain houses in decent neighborhoods and helping people to assimilate.

This "project" is not only old school but ineffective.

Find the folks some homes and bulldoze Jericho Circle.

Stop the cycle of dependence and failure.