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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outrage Continues Over Aurora's Party Girl Alderman Stephanie Kifowit's Despicable Misleading Statements and Exploitation of Military Service | Commentary By Frank Gordon, Marine

Aurora's Party Girl Alderman Stephanie Kifowit has been exploiting her military service for political gain, but while many politicians who are self-absorbed about themselves make a fool of themselves, Kifowit takes things further.  She misleads people (i.e. lies).

Recently, she boasted about how she had been deployed during her military service and how she didn't have anyone "welcome" her home other than her family.

Deployment refers to combat situation, not clerical duties.  While everyone has a role, to even allow the public to believe for a single minute that one was in combat or harm's way is dead-wrong and offensive to everyone who actually has been in those situations.

We join the public's reaction and calls for Kifowit's resignation and public apology.  For our viewers in Aurora, many are familiar with Frank Gordon, a Marine, who has been one of the leaders on veterans issues in our region.

Here's what he says about this situation:

"What I find most despicable in our nation -- of all the veterans who have served in combat or deployed or wounded or did something very special -- is when city officials...claim something that they didn't do in the name of some special glory..."

On behalf of all veterans, Mr. Gordon asks all of us to "expose the truth."  Let's honor the integrity of military service by making sure those who knowingly exploit it never have the opportunity to do it again.

Stephanie Kifowit, find some integrity and have some respect for veterans, if not the public or yourself.

Resign and apologize immediately.


Anonymous said...

Frank Gordon did not ASK Openline blog to expose the truth...especially as they distort it. He said that the Beacon would print the truth. He did not mention Kifowit at all. He could have been talking about any number of official in politics

OpenlineBlog, you need to have some respect for ???? period. The public.

Anonymous said...

I think he was talking about Chapa LaGungho and her shameless exploitation of her "military service" for political gain

Anonymous said...

Here's a definition of "deployment", from WordNet:

deployment (n): the distribution of forces in preparation for battle or work


How is Alderman Kifowit (and former Marine) discussing her deployment a "despicable misleading statement", Openline? How is she exploiting her military service?

Anonymous said...

Back to bashing Kifowit, huh Openline? Is that the way to get comments so you can delete them,,,, huh? Your viewers are getting sick of your censuring. This story originally had 10 comments and now it's back down to 3. Why don't you resign and apologize.

Anonymous said...

although Kifowit would be the first to buy and wear a faux medal of honor, why don't you point out others in the city? It is my understanding that Irvine may have had had gay sex when he was in Iraq. I think that is a crime in the Army, how did he get past the bar?

Anonymous said...

The name's Irvin you dummy.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice when OpenlineBlog cannot get any responses from any story, how they always come back to dissing Kifowit. Hey Openline, you want your readers back?...then quit deleting their comments.

Anonymous said...

openline, who is this so called marine, Frank Gordan, You list him as for the service man but we never heard of him.

after a tour of duty with the Marine Corp, during the Cuban Crisis.

How about the Man, who was wounded in Viet Nam, spent ten years at Cat, then thirty years with Aurora and his Social Security is reduced for having a government pension which he paid for. Now there is a cause to get behind

Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of God, leave kifowit alone. Shes not the worst of all the aldermen, lets zero in on that Wanny Garza fatass...shes a bigger waste of space. Find some dirt on her for a change.

Anonymous said...

Or how about Abby,,,I know she ain't doing shit yet she gets a free ride.

Anonymous said...

Rick Lawrence should resign for being a part of this dispicable blog. I thought Lawrence was good, but now all he does is write this blog and vote no on everything.

Anonymous said...

I am really trying to wean myself off this blog since they started editing so heavily. But I'll take the bait.

What is wrong with voting "no" given that MOST of the what the council votes on is frivolous spending that leads to a redistribution of wealth and is not related to the intrinsic functions of municipal government such as police, fire, sanitary sewers, water, garbage collection?

Please answer as I would like to understand the perspective.

Anonymous said...


Get therapy. Your obsession with Stephanie is scary.


Anonymous said...

When you put on the uniform of the U.S. military, you are ready for action. There is no backing down from an order. (unless you are a General)

Anonymous said...

Did State Representative Chapia-Lavia serve in the Miltary? and was she assigned to combat? Hearing conflicting stories, what's the real deal?

Anonymous said...

She was Army ROTC and was only a reservist. Weekend warrior, no combat.

Anonymous said...

Guess who's serving in Iraq and afganistan. National Guard, reservists and "week-end warriors. Some on their 4th or 5th tour.

Stop bad-mouthing our military people. If you are in the military, you are ready for action.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Chapa LaGungho looks like she's ready for is another donut.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend in his late 40's that is just back from Iraq. A "reservist". Are you implying he's second rate military somehow?

Anonymous said...

I think the term weekend warrior is meant for the reservist who was never activated.

Ralph said...

open line, I asked a question on who is the so called expert Marine

I know Stephanie, and you coming up with a so called Marine expert, is of the lowest class.

Who is he and what has he every done for the vet.

who is Frank Gordon.

I remember appearing before the Civil Service Board and making the fact known that a past Police Chief won the silver star while serving with the Marine Corp.( Just one star away from the medal of honor).

Sgt Ralph (retired).

Ralph said...

Frank Gordon, The so called expert Marine, has not come forward and Identified himself yet.

There is a lot of garbage on this blog and I applaud open line for deleting some statements. Mr Gordon should be one of them.

As far as Matt Harrington is concerned please stay in Naperville and Mr. Harrington keep your money and stay in Chicago.

Sgt. Ralph (retired).

Ralph said...

I met and talked with Mr Frank Gordan, and found him to be a very nice man working hard to bring about change in how we look at the vet.

Mr. Gordan I felt knew who he was talking too, but I did not tell him I was Sgt Ralph (retired).

Steff, was not mentioned, but living out of town I felt that he should keep out of Aurora Politics.

And there is no question that you are not the poster subject for the 1775 Marines poster.