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Monday, June 28, 2010

Supreme Court Shoots Down Chicago Mayor Daley's Assault of Second Amendment Rights for Self-Defense; Daley Vows New Tactics to Go Around the Law

* New York Times story
* Read the decision (via NY Times)


Anonymous said...

Montgomery tickets 180 for blocking sidewalks.
June 28, 2010

Montgomery police are cracking down on vehicles that block a public sidewalk, after receiving a number of complaints from residents.

Police said they have issued 180 tickets since May 1 for people blocking the sidewalk with their vehicles.

"We've been made aware of several near tragedies when children riding bikes on a sidewalk have swerved out into a street to avoid a parked car," said acting Police Chief Daniel Meyers.

"With people spending more time outside during the summer, it is even more important that sidewalks are not blocked by vehicles. It seems this has become a chronic problem lately."

Vehicles in a driveway must be parked so that no part of the vehicle extends into a sidewalk area, Meyers said.

Anonymous said...

Now why don't the Aurora police do that. They could give the money to the local school districts. If Montgomery issued 180 tickets, Aurora cops could issue at least 10times that many. We would never have to pass another school referendum.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Ritchie Daley that he's not allowed to re-write the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. He must think he's a King or something.

Anonymous said...

What's Richie Daley got to do with the Montgomery cops issuing tickets for cars blocking sidewalks?

Anonymous said...

Read the title of the Blog subject matter.

Anonymous said...

We talk about what we want to, not the BS news that Openline wants to shove down our throats. Openline doesn't realize the majority of comments are on local issues. We will discuss what's important, not what Openline wants us to discuss.
Get it!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the 2nd amendment say "a well regulated militia...?

diesI'm all for them carrying guns, but for the rest of us, not so much.

Anonymous said...

10:55 SO if you don't want to carry a gun don't. But keep your nose out of my business. Maybe I want to and maybe not. Its none of your business period.

Anonymous said...

As long as guns are legally allowed anywhere, you can't just pick and choose this or that city to ban them.

Anonymous said...

Daley is a lawbreaker

Anonymous said...

Happiness is a belt fed weapon.

Anonymous said...

Happiness would be a dead Daley. He should join Teddy and sheets. Notice how a lot of these oldtimers are going quickly now. Daley shuld take heed and just quit now.

Anonymous said...

When guns are outlawed only the communist will have them.

Matt Harrington said...

My friends,

I believe a person’s right to own a gun should be upheld. Now that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed this constitutional right, we must ask ourselves, at what price do we wish to keep this freedom.

The right to own a gun whether it is a hand gun or an AK47 is a personal choice. Unfortunately, I have seen up close the devastation that guns in the hands of gang bangers bring about.

Not just to the family who has lost a child from a random act, but to the community in which chaos erupts. Law abiding citizens fear retaliation if they seek help from law enforcement, and children aren't safe in their own front yards.

Just this year we have had more deaths do to gun violence than we have had in Iraq .

Every day in the news we see the faces of children who where in the wrong place at the wrong time, followed by the anguished faces and tears of the family members who are left to pick up the fractured pieces of their lives.

We ask why does this keep happening. We should be asking where are the guns coming from! Many other states have passed laws for a ballistic fingerprinting.

Why not here? This can be done at the manufacturer’s end before it goes to the retail store.

Customers purchasing guns at lawful retail establishments would not experience any delays.

Many of the guns that end up in the hands of gang members are bought then trafficked by people residing in different states.

These guns are then sold for 3 to 4 times the amount originally paid, with no fear of being caught, and no way to track a bullet back to the owner of the gun that was used in a crime.

We have all seen the TV show CSI where they match the bullet to a gun that was used in a crime. That only works if you have the gun in question.

Today’s technology gives us the ability to link crucial ballistic information to the serial number of a weapon.

Why not do so? We need to be more proactive, then reactionary. We can at last stop chasing our tails and put a real bite into the tragedy of gun trafficking to gang bangers.

We must keep guns out of the hands of gang members and lower the chances of our children being involved in drive by or random shootings.

We should work with all state officials to pass legislation that would make ballistic Fingerprinting registration a requirement. And, we should do it now.


Matt Harrington
Candidate for Aurora 's Alderman at Large
BACK MATT in 2011

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt, maybe we should all push for concealed carry laws like the other 48 states have. That way the nasty gangbangers would never know just who in the crowd would have the option of defending themselves by taking out the gangbanger perp. This way no one would have to wait for the police to arrive and do their thing. They wouldn't have to embarrass the informer by asking if they knew who the perp was. IN short a short cut to justice. Please back concealed carry if you intend to run for office. By the way the other state without concealed carry is you guessed it WISCONSON. Obamas favorite state.

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt

You just lost my vote. I have a better idea. Maybe we should have the park district setup some viable shooting ranges. Maybe the gang bangers would improve their aim and kill each other instead of innocent by standers.