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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

War in Afghanistan and Washington | U.S. General Stanley McChrystal vs. Obama White House

General McChrystal who was given the responsibility to address the war in Afghanistan blasted the Obama administration in an article by Rolling Stones. And, now he's being called back to Washington.

Wrong to criticize or critical wake-up call?


Anonymous said...

Weeks ago I said that McChrystal was being set up for causing the failure of this war. Remember OSAMA OBAMA bowing to the saudi king? Remember all his statements of America's abuse around the world particularly towards the muslims? Remember his tolerance of Iran, along with his bashing of Isreal? Well OBMAMA with the help of SOROS and CO. have now set up McChrystal to blame. What a country!

Anonymous said...

Obama gave the generals additional troops - triple what Bush had there. They still complain that it is not enough. How many troops does it take to satisfy a general that he has enough?

In the article McChrystal never questioned the policy. He just complained about the people that he was working with. He should stop whining and do the job that was given to him.

If any of McChrystal's commanders said about him and his command staff what McChrystal and his staff said about the President and his team, you can bet that McChrystal would deal with them swiftly and surely. McChrystal would see to it that their careers were over.

McChrystal may be a tough as nails military man. However, he has shown that he does not have the common sense to hold the command that has been given to him.

There is no way that he can continue in his current command.

Anonymous said...

If as John Boehner states that Obama has the right to get rid of McCrystal because he lost confidence in him, do not the citizens of this country than have the right to recall a LIEING, SELF CENTERED, COUNTRY DESTROYING COMMUNIST BASTARD?