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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aurora Issues Over 6,000 Red-Light Camera Scheme Tickets So Far

While the City of Aurora has avoided one of the major complaints about red-light camera schemes by not issuing violations for right-turn on red situations, it still has issued over 6,000 tickets so far in experiment city officials allege is to reduce accidents.

Some have complained the hearing process to dispute the tickets is "rigged" because the hearing officer is paid by the city instead of being independent.

Have you received a red-light camera scheme violation in Aurora, Naperville or any other community?


Anonymous said...

$600,000 in fines. Gosh that will go a long way for a new day care center on the east side.

Anonymous said...

Yes why a day care to a private agency. If you look hard enough these people are donors to Weisner.
Does the East Aurora school system not provide these same services so why is the city competing with them. Rumor is D131 was willing to pay for the white elephant called Fred Rogers we call it Madonna. The broke city turned them down only to give it away to this group as well as other Weisner supporters rent and upkeep free.

Anonymous said...

Has the "Urban League's" fingerprints all over it..more $$$for Shitketas friends.