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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Election 2010 Race for Illinois Treasurer | Dan Rutherford Speaks Up for Taxpayers as Robin Kelly Justifies Wasteful Spending

In the Election 2010 race for Illinois Treasurer to replace Broadway Bank boy and Rezko friend Alexi Giannoulias, State Sen. Dan Rutherford and current Giannoulias crony Robin Kelly are vying for the open seat.

How many of you frequent the Office of the Illinois Treasurer in person? In fact, how many of you have EVER visited the Illinois Treasurer? In an effort to spread his name, Alexi Giannoulias opened six satellite offices and intends to open another one before the election, even though most of the information from the office can be found online or by phone.

Dan Rutherford says these are wasteful expenses during a fiscal crisis and not necessary. Robin Kelly justifies the multiple offices, which require staff, equipment and furnishings, saying it saves $30,000 for taxpayers (we aren't sure how she came up with that number). Listen for yourself:

And what about Bright Start? As the chief of staff for Giannoulias, does Robin Kelly have an explanation as to why they ignored the financial implosion of the fund? Does this sound like the type of person taxpayers should entrust billions? Listen for yourself:

With Alexi Giannoulias spending most of his time chasing the U.S. Senate seat and Robin Kelly, his chief of staff, who is actually running the Office of the State Treasurer? Maybe Giannoulias and Kelly should resign and let their staff be in charge. Listen for yourself.

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